100+ Cute Nerdy Boy Names

Geeky baby names are really popular now.

Thinking about a great name for your baby boy on the way?

As soon-to-be parents, hunting for a name for your new arrival can be an overwhelming experience. This article will help you to find some of the cutest nerdy baby names for ideas and inspiration.

Nerdy baby boy names are all the rage. Most of us have an inner nerd within us, and having a nerdy name radiates intellect, insatiable curiosity, and open-mindedness. If you’re looking for cute nerdy baby names this list of geeky baby boy names is the place to be.

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Some Cool Nerdy Baby Boy Names

Are you looking for nerdy names for boys? Here’s a list of some of the coolest geeky boy names that are popular across the globe.

1. Adrian (Latin origin), meaning ''sea or water'', is a popular name today derived from two Latin names, Hadrianus and Adrianus.

2. Alex (Greek origin) is the short version of Alexander, meaning ''warrior or defender''. You can say it is a modern twist to a classic name.

3. Alexander (Greek origin, Latinized version), meaning ''the protector of men''. It is an extremely popular name for a boy.

4. Alfonso (Spanish and Italian origin), meaning ''war ready''.

5. Alfred (English origin), meaning ''wise counselor''.  Also, Batman’s butler was called Alfred Pennyworth.

6. Andrew (Greek origin), a classy name for a boy, it is the English version of the Greek name Andreas, meaning ''manly, masculine''.

7. Andy (Greek origin) is an adorable shorter version of Andrew.

8. Austin (English origin), meaning ''magnificent'', was derived from Augustine, a Latin word in the Middle Ages.

9. Bennett (Latin origin) is an alternative of Benedict, meaning "blessed". It’s a beautiful name for a baby boy.

10. Chester (Latin origin), meaning "fortress or camp". It became a popular name in the nineteenth century.

11. Christian (Latin origin), mostly refers to the faith in which Jesus Christ is worshiped.

12. Damon (Greek origin) is a Latin word, meaning "gentle". Damon was one of the Salvatore brothers in the popular TV series ‘The Vampire Diaries’.

13. Diego (Spanish origin) is a Hispanic version of James, which denotes "a supplanter".

14. Dominic (Latin origin), a variant of Dominicus, meaning "belonging to God".

15. Emilio (Latin origin), meaning "excellent". It’s a variation of the Latin name Emiliano.

16. Felix (Latin origin), literally meaning "happy", but also stands for "fortunate or lucky".

17. Howard (German origin) means "brave heart".

18. James (Hebrew origin), meaning "supplanter", was the name of one of the 12 apostles: Saint James.

19. Justin (Latin origin) means "righteous or just". A variation of this popular name is Justen, which makes a great name too.

20. Killian (Irish origin), meaning "church or war strife", is a Gaelic surname often used by Irish saints.

21. Lucas (Latin origin), meaning "bright". It was initially used as a personal name for someone from the Lucania region.

22. Maxon (Latin origin), of ancient Latin origin, this name means "the greatest".

23. Nero (Roman origin) was a Roman emperor. The name means "energetic and strong".

24. Noble (Latin origin) is a term that refers to someone with high morals. Although derived from ancient Latin, it became a name from nicknames in Old French and Middle English languages.

25. Oliver (Latin origin), meaning "olive tree" and derived from the Latin word 'olivarius'.

26. Pax (Latin origin), this cute small name means "peace". It was the name associated with the Goddess of peace in Roman mythology.

27. Rey (Spanish origin) means "King". It is a variation of the Latin name Rex.

28. Silvano (Latin origin) refers to the mythological Greek gGod of trees.

29. Terrence (Latin origin), meaning "smooth", is the English version of the original Latin name Terentius.

30. Thackeray (English origin), meaning "a place with thatching", is an alternative to Zachary.

31. Valentine (Latin origin) is a variation of the Latin word Valens, meaning "health and strength". This is considered a unisex name.

32. Valerio (Latin origin), a variation of the Latin word Valere, which means "to be healthy and strong". It is now a Roman family name.

33. Vince (Latin origin), meaning "to conquer".

Pick your favorite nerdy boy name from this list.

Unique Nerdy Boy Names

Do you prefer one-of-a-kind baby names for boys? We’ve brought you these unique nerd boy names that we think you will love.

34. Alder (English origin) is an old English surname and also refers to the Alder tree, which is used to make electric guitars.

35. Alistair (Scottish origin), meaning "defending men", is a more sophisticated Gaelic version of Alexander.

36. Ambrose (Latin origin), means "immortal", was a favorite name of British novelist P.G. Wodehouse.

37. Archibald (Spanish origin), meaning "brave". It’s the shorter, nickname version of Archie which is an extremely popular name.

38. Atlas (Greek origin) was the name of a Greek God. It is also used to denote a collection of maps.

39. Atticus (Roman origin) was a popular name during the Roman Imperial period. A famous Canadian poet goes by the name too.

40. Bartholomew (Hebrew origin), meaning "son of the furrow".

41. Bijou (French origin) is a cool, hipster sounding name that’s pronounced Bee-zhoo.

42. Buran (Russian origin) means "snowstorm" in Russian. There is a Russian space shuttle and a shuttle program with the same name.

43. Byron (English origin) means "a barn for cows". The name is a symbol of romance, thanks to its connection with the famous poet Lord Byron.

44. Caspian (English origin) is the name of a place and also a character in 'The Chronicles of Narnia' movie, Prince Caspian.

45. Chauncey (Latin origin), meaning "chancellor", is the name Chandler’s office folks confuse him with in the 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' TV show.

46. Clarence (Latin origin), means "bright", was the name of the nerdy guardian angel in 'It’s A Wonderful Life'.

47. Dewey (Welsh origin) is an English derivative of the Welsh name Dewi, meaning "beloved".

48. Edgar (English origin), means "a wealthy spearman", and is the name of a famous poet and author, Edgar Allen Poe.

49. Ernest (English origin) means "serious or resolute". A famous novelist goes by this name, Ernest Hemingway.

50. Eugene (Greek origin), meaning "noble or high born". Eugene is a classic name that has a lot of elegance and intellectual style to it.

51. Fabiano (Latin origin) means "bean". It has a Shakespearean feel to it.

52. Ferdinand (German origin), meaning "bold voyager", is a character in Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest'. It is also a common name in Spain’s royal family.

53. Herman (German origin), means "warrior or soldier".

54. Humphrey (German origin) means "peaceful warrior".

55. Irving (Scottish origin), which means "friend from the sea or handsome friend".

56. Juniper (Latin origin) means "young".

57. Langdon (English origin) means "long hill". The nickname version is Landon.

58. Leopold (German origin), meaning "brave people".

59. Magnus (Latin origin), meaning "greatest".

60. Mars (Roman origin) is the fourth planet from the sun and also the name of the Roman God of War.

61. Milton (English origin) is an English family name that means "mill town".

62. Montgomery (Norman origin), means "man power". It is an Anglo-Scottish surname, derived from the ancient French castle, Saint Foi de Montgomery.

63. Monty (French origin) is a vintage name with a old style touch to it.

64. Napoleon (French origin) refers to a twenty-franc gold coin used in ancient France. The name also references Napoleon Bonaparte.

65. Raoul (French origin), means "wolf counsel".

66. Sage (Latin origin), meaning "wise and knowing", is a great unisex name.

(Nerdy names are such a cute choice.

Nerdy Boy Names Inspired By Movies

You can’t complete a list of nerdy and geeky boy baby names without some inspiration from movies and TV shows. From 'Star Wars' to 'Harry Potter' and 'The Big Bang Theory', there are many shows with super-cool nerdy characters.

67. Albus (Latin origin), meaning "white", reminds us of Albus Dumbledore of Hogwarts. Harry Potter named a son of his after him.

68. Anakin (American origin), meaning "warrior". The name was specifically created for the 'Star Wars' film series by George Lucas. Anakin Skywalker is a cult character.

69. Ash (English origin), meaning "from the ash tree". Ash is an integral character in the kids’ favorite show, 'Pokémon'.

70. Chandler (English origin), meaning "candle maker", is a character from the widely acclaimed 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' series.

71. Clyde (Scottish origin) emerged from a Scottish river’s name. The famous movie 'Bonnie And Clyde' popularized this name.

72. Constantine (Latin origin), meaning "steadfastness". Keanu Reeves played John Constantine.

73. Dash/Dashiell (French origin) is the fun kid from 'The Incredibles'.

74. Dax (French origin), meaning "leader". This name reminds us of the alien in 'Star Trek' who used to live in humanoid hosts.

75. Emmett (Hebrew, German and English origin), meaning "universal". Do you remember the extra nerdy Doc Emmett Brown from the 'Back to the Future' series?

76. Finnick (Anglo-Saxon origin), loosely translated to "marshland farm". After Finnick Odair, the youngest District Four victor in 'The Hunger Games'.

77. Geordi (English origin) means "farmer". 'Star Trek’'s Geordi La Forge is a huge hit among geeks across the world.

78. Hank (Dutch origin) means "ruler of the home". Two amazing nerds from the Marvel Universe go by this popular name: the original Ant-Man and X-Men’s Beast.

79. Harvey (English origin), meaning "blazing", is a tribute to Harvey Dent or Two-Face from 'Batman'.

80. Hedwig (German origin), means "fighter", and is the name of Harry’s pet owl in J.K. Rowling’s 'Harry Potter' series.

81. Hermes (Greek origin) is the God of transitions and boundaries in Greek mythology.

82. Hudson (Anglo-Saxon origin), means "mind or spirit". A famous example is Mrs. Hudson in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 'Sherlock' stories as well as the recent 'Sherlock' series on BBC.

83. Jones (Welsh origin) means "loan’s son". Perfect name for an adventurous geek, we’re thinking of 'Indiana Jones' with this name.

84. Kenobi (Japanese origin), where ken stands for "sword" and obi means "belt". Obi from 'Star Wars' adopted this name when he turned into a Jedi.

85. Kent (English origin) is a reminder of Superman’s geeky alter-ego, Clark Kent. The name his adoptive parents on earth gave him.

86. Leonard (German origin), meaning "brave lion". Remember Leonard Hofstadter from 'The Big Bang Theory'?

87. Liam (Irish origin), inspired by a character of the same name in 'Star Wars: The Phantom Menace'.

88. Logan (Irish origin), meaning "descendant of the warrior", is the real name of a well-known character in 'X-Men': Wolverine, a fan favorite.

89. Luthor (German origin), meaning "army people". Superman’s arch nemesis Lex Luthor was a strong, powerful geek.

90. Sheldon (English origin) means a "town in the valley". It has been made famous by Sheldon Cooper, the geek in the popular show 'The Big Bang Theory'.

91. Theo (Greek origin), meaning "God". Can be short for Theoden from 'The Lord Of The Rings'.

92. Wesley (Norman origin) means "a field in the west". The name is used by characters in 'The Princess Bride' and 'Star Trek: The Next Generation'.

Nerdy Boy Names Inspired By Books And Games

We’ve got these seven amazing nerdy boy names from popular books and games. Check them out; you may just like one of them.

93. Alyx (Greek origin) means "defender" and is a nice spin to the more popular Alex. Alyx is also a character in the shooter video-game 'Half Life'. It is a unique unisex name.

94. Calvin (Latin origin), means "bald" and draws great inspiration from 'Calvin And Hobbes'.

95. Ganon (Irish origin), meaning "son of the fair haired one", is short for Ganondorf from 'The Legend Of Zelda' video game series.

96. Grimm (Anglo-Saxon origin), means "fierce". The name is inspired from the Grimm brothers who wrote fairy tales.

97. Jules (French origin), like Jules Verne, the author of the famous book, 'Around The World In Eighty Days'.

98. Linus (Greek origin), inspired by the fictional character in the 'Charlie Brown' comics. In Greek mythology, the musician and poet who taught Hercules music was known by the same name.

99. Marius (Roman origin), meaning "warlike". The famous 'Les Miserables' by Victor Hugo had a character with the same name.

100. Zack (Hebrew origin), meaning "the Lord recalled" or "laughter". Zack Fair is a popular non-playable character in 'Final Fantasy VII'.

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