Cute Tooth Fairy Letter Ideas

Little girl with her eyes closed blowing gold fairy dust out her hands.

Losing a baby tooth is a milestone for both parents and children alike, and navigating the world of tooth fairy letters is an exciting one.

The tooth fairy has long been a tradition throughout the world and has become a universal experience for parents and carers everywhere. With an array of ways to celebrate a lost tooth, we have outlined some adorable ideas to create perfect tooth fairies across the world!

With the help of Kidadl, you can make the perfect fairy for your child ... so check out our tooth fairy letters below!

How Much Does The Tooth Fairy Leave?

There is a lot of pressure surrounding the tooth fairy and the need to leave money under your child's pillow from the very first tooth. Worldwide, the traditions are varied, so there is no right or wrong answer to this. There is absolutely no expectation to leave any money. Personalised tooth fairy letters can be enough, if we do it just right!

Having said that if you want to know the 'going rate', the average amount left under a child's pillow in the UK is £1, although this is a subjective thing and varies greatly. It is most common to use a pound coin as it can be polished and easily placed under a pillow. Often, when a child loses their first baby tooth,  as this is a bigger milestone, people give more money, however, beyond this is important to decide on an amount and to stick with it.  It is also important to remind your children not to pull at their teeth to make them fall out faster, as children have been known to do this to get more money and letters!

Parents have also been inventive with what the tooth fairy leaves under the pillow! So, if you don't want to leave any money, here are some other ideas to get creative:  

Voucher: Completely free, this is often a coupon for something specific that your child enjoys doing, such as visiting a certain park, going to the cinema or a trip to see a friend.

Fairy Money: Many parents have decided to create their own fairy currency. Either make small paper money (of which is free), use gold coins, or simply spray a pound coin with glitter. Sometimes these can be collected and can be swapped for a prize when there is enough 'money'.

Toothbrush And Toothpaste: As the tooth fairy is a way to encourage healthy tooth care, sometimes you could leave a new toothbrush or toothpaste next to the pillow as an alternative.

Tiny Tooth Fairy Letters: Rather than putting money under the pillow, perhaps write a tiny letter from the Tooth Fairy for free! Make sure it is big enough for the fairy to carry in a tiny bag when they fly. This is often very exciting for children who value these letters more than a pound coin.

Tooth Fairy Bag: Children can make something to leave their teeth in, and the tooth fairy can take this one night and return it the next, as if the fairy had used this to fly the tooth home.

Does The Tooth Fairy Leave A Note?

Little girl sleeping in her bed with a bunny teddy, waiting for the tooth fairy.

Getting a letter from the tooth fairy after losing your first tooth is a memory you keep forever and can be an exciting thing to see the next morning.  It works well to write a tooth fairy note and include something personal for your child. However, sometimes teeth fall out at unexpected times, so this is where the ideas above can be better suited.

Children often like to write a letter to the tooth fairy, therefore, it is important to reply. Writing and choosing the type of letter can be hard, but this is where our cute letter ideas will be the perfect help. Read through these templates and see if you can add some sparkle to your tooth fairy letters!

Tiny Scroll Tooth Fairy Letter


Light coloured tissue paper (one sheet).

Small piece of ribbon.




Cut a small rectangular piece of tissue paper, big enough to write on but small enough to capture the tooth fairy's size.

Once you have cut the letter shape, write your letter with slightly slanted writing. Make sure your child won't recognise your handwriting. You could also write in silver or gold pen.

Here Is An Example Of What The Tooth Fairy Could Say:

'Dear .....

I was very excited to visit your house last night and to find

a very spangly tooth. Well done for brushing your teeth so

well, the Fairy Queen will be very impressed with your tooth

when I get back. This time your tooth was very heavy so  

it took me a while to put it in my bag. I managed to

fly it home, although my wings are very tired now!

Make sure to keep brushing and don't eat too many sweets and


Love from,


Then roll the tissue paper up and tie a small piece of ribbon around the middle. Sprinkle some 'fairy dust' over the top if you would like. There you have a cute tooth fairy scroll ready to leave next to the pillow!

Tooth Fairy Postcard


Card (one sheet).

Coloured Pens.


Cut a postcard out of the card and draw a border around the edge about 2cm wide. Colour this in blue and white stripes. In the top right hand corner, create your own fairy stamp.

Then, draw a line down the middle; on one side write the child's name and address and on the other write a note from the tooth fairy.

Write your child's name and address on the front and sprinkle some 'fairy dust' over the postcard.

An adorable tooth fairy note that is a little different!

Little boy sleeping soundly in bed waiting for the tooth fairy.

Tooth Fairy Certificate

These cute fairy certificates can be created online or be hand-made, it is completely up to you! Create unique tooth fairy letters just for your little ones!



Laptop or coloured pens.



If creating on a document, you can find a certificate template and design this to seem like it is from the tooth fairy.

If you are making a handmade certificate, draw a border with gold or yellow coloured pen.

Having drawn this, write your child's name in the centre, as you can see below:

'This is to certify that I, Delphine, have collected a lost tooth from


on [date] at [address]



Once you have written on the certificate, adding some glitter can be a nice touch, and this can be rolled up or simply placed under the pillow. You could also draw a tooth shape in the corner to look like a tooth stamp.

Tooth Fairy Receipt

This is a simple, creative tooth fairy note - take the layout of a normal receipt and replicate this for a tooth. This could include tooth authenticity, price, quality of the tooth and can be signed by the tooth fairy to add a personal touch. This is a completely different letter from the tooth fairy!





Cut a rectangular shape as if it were a receipt. At the top of the receipt write the name of your fairy kingdom, in the position of a retailer normally. Beneath this, place the address of your chosen fairy kingdom. Make this as authentic as possible.

Then begin writing your receipt, as you can see in the template below:

Kingdom of Asterin
7, Pixie Avenue, Casparian, Asterin, PA7 ELF

1 lost tooth (baby)            1.50

                                                 Subtotal: 1.50

                                                Services: 0.40

                                                        Tax:  0.10

123/07/2020              TOTAL                  2.00

email: [email protected]

Young girl smiling with lost teeth.
© Jelleke Vanooteghem on Unsplash

What Does The Tooth Fairy Do With The Teeth?

There are many ideas for what happens to the teeth and this is something you could explain in the tooth fairy letters. The tooth fairy sometimes grinds the teeth down to make fairy dust that the fairies carry in a box. Sometimes they use the first tooth in a  fairy crown for the Queen. The teeth can sometimes be put in a collection box and can also be made into teeth for people who don't have any.


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