62 Cute Welsh Baby Names That Roll Off The Tongue

cute welsh baby names

The Welsh language evolved over time from Common Brittonic which was the Celtic language spoken by the ancient Celtic Britons. However, there are now approximately 19 percent of those aged 3 and over residing in Wales are able to speak Welsh.

There are lots of beautiful Welsh names that are unique and lyrical to pronounce. We've gathered a list of the best names from this small but historically rich country, offering many variations and different spellings.

Welsh Girls' Names

With lots of names to choose from, we've chosen our favourite Welsh names for girls that are unique, special and poetic to pronounce.

1) Aderyn
meaning 'bird', is a beautiful nature name with soft bouncy syllables making it a great choice.

2) Aelwen
means 'fair browed' in Welsh.

3) Aerowen is derived from the masculine Aeron, has the added 'wen' from 'Gwen' meaning fair.

4) Alaw is an Anglesey river and means 'water lily'.

5) Anwen is a Welsh girls name which translates as 'very beautiful' and is a river in Clwyd.

6) Aneira is based on the Welsh word for 'snow'

7) Arial is a popular choice for girls, this name means 'vigorous' in Welsh

8) Bronwen is one of the three popular baby names meaning 'white', Bronwen, Ffion and the unisex, Wynter, make great choices for fair-haired babies

9) Caitrin is of Greek origin, Caitrin means 'pure' - and is the Welsh version of Catherine

10) Carryl is from the Welsh 'caru', Carryl translates as 'love'

11) Ceri is similar to Carryl as they share the same origin word 'caru' - Ceri means 'to love'

12) Efa is an adorable and short name for girls, Efa means 'life' in Welsh

13) Elen has Welsh and Greek origins, with the Welsh version of Ellen or Helen meaning 'sun ray' or 'light'

14) Ffion is a beautiful variant of Fiona, Ffion is translated from Welsh as either 'foxglove' or 'white, fair'.

15) Guinevere meaning 'fair lady', Guinevere was the wife of King Arthur - and one of the best known Welsh names for girls.

16) Gladys translates as 'sovereignty' 'land' or 'nation', this Welsh forename is thought to derive from Gwladus or Gwledig, meaning 'ruler of a country'.

17) Glain is Welsh for 'Jewel', Glain is one of the more unusual Welsh baby names.

18) Glenda is ff Welsh origin, 'glan' means 'holy, clean' and 'da' means 'good' - and so Glenda is thought to mean 'pure good' in the Welsh language.

19) Glynis means 'little valley' and there are many variations on the word and its meanings, including the unisex, Glynn.

20) Gweneth (Or Gwyneth) is a popular name in its own right with Gweneth meaning 'blessed' or 'fortunate' - and there are several different spellings and variants, including Gwenda, Gwen and Gwenno.

21) Liliwen is a lovely girls name hailing from Wales, Liliwen means 'white lily' - and is often shortened to Lili.

22) Mari is the Welsh version of Mary, which has Latin origins, meaning 'star of the sea'

23) Morgan, similarly to Mari, Morgan means 'bright' and 'near the sea' - another popular variant is Morgana

24) Rhiannon is one of the best known and most loved Welsh names, Rhiannon means 'goddess' or 'great queen'. With its origins in mythology, the name derives from 'Rigantona', who was born by the Celtic goddess of fertility

25) Seren translates from Welsh as 'star', Seren has become one of the most popular Welsh girls names - though it is also popular in and around Turkey.

26) Tegan, and its alternative spelling, Tegau, translate from Welsh as 'Loved one' or 'Darling'

27) Vala means 'Singled out' or 'chosen', Vala has its origins in the language of ancient Germany

Welsh Boys' Names

Welsh boy's names are distinctive, unique, and have strong historical meanings. Here's our top choices for Welsh names for boys.

1) Aeron is a popular forename for boys, Aeron means 'battle' in the Welsh language.

2) Afan is a Celtic saint and a river, Afan is one of the more unusual Welsh baby names for boys. Another spelling or variation is Afon.

3) Aneirin meaning 'Modest' and 'noble',  Aneirin is often shortened to 'Nye' - and has become a well-known Welsh names thanks to Aneirin Bevan, the beloved Welsh statesman and politician.

4) Angwyn, in Wales, this forename means 'very handsome'.

5) Bedwyr is an Arthurian name, which means 'returns excalibur to the Lady of the lake' as well as 'legendary son of Pedrawd'.

6) Cai is a short, strong forename means 'lord' in Welsh.

7) Dafydd is the Welsh spelling of David, this classic name is often shortened to Dai.

8) Dylan is a forename which translates from Welsh as 'son of the waves' or 'born by the sea'; the shortened version 'Dyl' means 'great sea'.

9) Emris, with several different spellings and versions, Emris means 'immortal' in Welsh; other variations include Emrick and Emrys.

10) Gareth is popular even outside of Wales, Gareth means 'gentle' or 'watchful' - variations include Gar, Garreth and Garth.

11) Gavan, or Gavin, both mean 'white hawk' and have been popular baby names in Wales for many years. Of Celtic origin, the hawk - 'gwalch' in Welsh - is used to imply positive and heroic character traits.

12) Glyn means 'valley' in Welsh - and Glynn and Glyndwr are also popular baby names for boys that share the same origins.

13) Griff has two meanings, Griff translates from Welsh as either 'fierce chief' or 'ruddy'.

14) Griffin is Welsh for 'Lord' or 'prince', there are many different baby names that share these origins, including Griffith, Gruffin, Gruffud, Gruffudd and Gruffydd.

15) Harri is the Welsh form of Harry, this name translates as 'home ruler'.

16) Huw is a great welsh baby name, Huw means 'heart and mind'.

17) Idris is a forename which translates as a 'warm-hearted- or ardent lord'.

18) Iefan is the Welsh version of John, there are several variations, including Ieuan, Ioan, Ifan and Iwan.

19) Iestin is the Welsh form of Justin, this can also be spelled as Iestyn.

20) Llywellyn, Llew, Llywellyn and Llywelyn all share the same origins - and these baby names each mean 'Lion-like'.

21) Madox can also be spelled Madoc, Madog and Maidoc, Madox and all translates from Welsh as 'good fortune' or 'champion'.

22) Owen or Owain, both spellings of this popular forename mean 'noble' or 'well born'.

23) Rhys is a great choice for a baby boy, this Welsh name means 'enthusiastic'.

24) Sion is the Welsh version of 'John', this forename means 'God is Gracious'.

25) Taren or Tarran, this strong name translates as 'thunder'.

26) Travers, this boys forename means 'strong as iron'.

Unisex names

If you're looking for a Welsh name that can apply to either gender, here are our favourites.

1) Adain is the Welsh word for 'winged', this forename is pronounced Ah-dayn.

2) Afon is perfect for boys and girls and is the name of a Welsh river.

3) Berwyn is one of the best baby names for a fair-haired child, Berwyn literally translates from Welsh as 'fair-haired'.

4) Bryn, translating from Welsh as 'hill', Bryn is one of the most lovely and unusual unisex baby names from the region. Brynmor is another variation.

5) Crisiant, translating as 'like a crystal', this unusual choice comes from the Greek for crystal, Krystallos.

6) Disgleirio is pronounced dis-gleh-ree-oh, Disgleirio translates as 'to shine' or 'to glitter'.

7) Evan translates as 'youthful', Evan has Welsh, Scottish and Hebrew origins. In Wales the name comes from Lefan - a variant of John - and though it is most popular for boys, it can also be used as a forename for girls.

8) Maddy is a variation of the boy's names Madoc, Madog, Maidoc and Madox, this unisex version means 'champion' and 'good fortune'.

9) Wynter translates as 'fair' or 'white' - this forename can also be spelt Winsor.



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