40+ Darth Vader Jokes And Puns That Will Force You To Laugh

Jokes and puns about Darth Vader aren't as dark as they seem.

Darth Vader is considered to be one of the most iconic supervillains in the fictional franchise of 'Star Wars.'

He has single-handedly held up the dark side of the franchise, making billions of fans worldwide love him despite being a villain. He is one of the most popular and most loved antagonists that have gained popularity from all nooks and crannies of the world.

He was first a slave on the planet Tatooine named Anakin Skywalker. He was prophesied to be a Jedi who would bring balance to the Force. However, he is won over by the dark side of the Force when Palpatine lures him. When Obi-Wan Kenobi finds out, a lightsaber battle ensues, and he is left severely injured, after which he is transformed into a cyborg. He becomes a Sith Lord after Darth Sidious had bestowed the name "Darth Vader" upon him which means "Dark Father." After serving as a chief enforcer in the Galactic Empire, he ultimately redeems himself by protecting his son, Luke Skywalker, and saving his life. He ends up killing Palpatine and sacrifices his own life. Darth Vader is one of the most popularly known iconic villains in pop culture. He has been awarded a place amongst the greatest fictional villain characters ever. He has been listed as the third greatest movie supervillain by the American Film Institute.

To think about 'Star Wars' without Darth Vader would be incomplete. The dark Sith lord has 'forced' us over to his side with his sheer power, strength, and even his vulnerability in the end. A serious dad character, who plays a major role in Luke's life, Darth Vader has claimed our hearts, and we are forever indebted to the 'Star Wars' franchise for creating such an iconic character. It is highly unlikely for someone to not know about Darth Vader. In fact, Darth Vader has been so influential that even kids love him and play with action figures of Darth Vader (hopefully, no one wants Darth Vader as a dad but rather just Darth Vader things).

As serious, grim, and dark the entire idea of Darth Vader may be, equally light and laugh-worthy are the uncountable jokes about him. They include mostly dad jokes, jokes related to his name, as well as jokes and play on words in his dialogues. Just play his theme music, gather some 'Star Wars' nerd together and laugh out loud at some funny and punny Darth Vader jokes that are not so dark at all. Since most people are familiar with this character, his iconic dialogues, and acts, they are bound to burst into peals of laughter. Darth Vader jokes are probably the funniest jokes 'Star Wars' amongst jokes about other major and minor 'Star Wars' characters. The contrast that is created gives the joke and even more dramatic effect that evokes laughter and magic amongst people and fans who can actually relate to them and find them relevant. Plus, if you are someone who loves LEGO, then you may have played with the LEGO version of Darth Vader and laughed out loud at it. If you are looking for a Darth Vader joke, check out this iconic list. May the laughing force be with you as you look at what can Darth Vader say to Luke Skywalker in these jokes. Otherwise, we would find your lack of humor quite disturbing!

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Darth Vader Jokes

Darth Vader dad jokes are the most appropriate and relevant for the fandom.

Are you searching the galaxy for some of the best 'Star Wars' jokes related to Darth Vader? This list is not as dark as it seems.

1. What did Darth Vader say when his trusty old droid chose Luke but not him? "E tu, D2?"

2. How did Darth Vader know what Luke was getting for Christmas? He had already felt his presents.

3. What is the favorite song of Darth Vader? 'Dancing in the Darth.'

4. Which Christmas carol is Darth Vader's favorite to sing at Christmas? 'Darth! The Herald Angels Sing.'

5. Where would Darth Vader stay if he would settle down in the USA? The Empire State Building.

6. What measuring system will you see Darth Vader usually using? The imperial system.

7. Where does Darth Vader go to buy all his clothes from? To the Death Star.

8. What would be the name of Darth Vader's brother if he would be a tax criminal? Tax E. Vader.

9. Why does Darth Vader's always sound so angry when he breathes? He just vents.

10. Why did Darth Vader have to cross the road? To go over to the dark side.

11. How does Darth Vader have lunch? By force-feeding himself.

12. What does everyone call Darth Vader whenever he procrastinates? Darth Later.

Funniest Darth Vader Puns

Darth Vader puns are sure to make you smile.

Looking for some of the funniest Darth Vader puns and Star Wars puns? This list has the best of Darth Vader punny jokes ever.

13. If Darth Vader would have waited tables, he would be called Darth Waiter.

14. When Darth Vader was close to his death, Emperor Palpatine asked him, "Did Jedi?"

15. It cost Darth Vader an arm and a leg to join the Dark side.

16. If Darth Vader would have owned a catering business, it would be called Darth Caterer.

17. Darth Vader's all-time favorite movie may just be 'Vaders of the Lost Ark.'

18. Anakin was sad after losing the fight because Obi Wan.

19. The only encyclopedia that Darth Vader likes is Wookiepedia.

20. When Darth Vader tries to go to the higher floors, he uses the ele-vaders.

21. When May Day comes near, Darth Vader starts giving out cards saying, "May the Fourth be with you."

22. The temperature that is Darth Vader's least favorite is Luke warm.

23. Darth Vader's favorite way to have coffee has to be on the dark side.

24. Darth Vader could never find true love as he looked in Alderaan places.

25. The favorite Nissan vehicle of Darth Vader is the Rogue one.

26. Harry Potter would use the spell A-Vader-a Cadaver-a if he would have tried to kill Darth Vader.

Hilarious Darth Vader Jokes

Looking for some funny 'Star Wars' jokes to the Dark Lord? You will love this list of jokes!

27. Why do girls love Darth Vader so much? Because he is tall, Darth and handsome.

28. What is the favorite snack of Darth Vader? (Breathing heavily) "Coooo-Keees"

29. What is Darth Vader called when he is nervous? Panickin' Skywalker.

30. Why is coarse grain pepper a preferable choice for Darth Vader? He hates it when it is high ground.

31. Why have the Darth Vader toys been banned? They were a choking hazard.

32. What should a statue of Darth Vader ideally be called? Mannequin Skywalker.

33. How does Darth Vader prefer his steaks to be? Well done done done, done da done, done da done.

34. Why does Darth Vader hate eating Ewoks? They are Chewie.

35. What is the favorite dessert of Darth Vader? Only one cannoli.

36. What did Darth Vader feel when he could sense Luke the first time they met? He had a dad feeling.

37. Why did Darth Vader betray Emperor Palpatine? His hatred started to become more and more palpable.

38. What did the Emperor say when Darth Vader asked him how many pizzas he should order? "Order 66."

39. What is the stage name of Darth Vader when he performs on his electric piano? The synth lord.

40. What gas does Darth Vader usually exhale? Carbon Darkside.

41. What is Darth Vader called when he is sick? Barf Vader.

42. What kind of music does Darth Vader like? Daft Vader.

43. Where would you find Darth Vader shopping? The Darth Mall.

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