51 Dave Grohl Quotes From The Iconic Rock Musician

Dave Grohl quotes are very popular.

Dave Grohl is a popular American musician who is well known as the drummer of Nirvana and the lead vocalist of the band Foo Fighters.

After the death of Kurt Cobain and with Nirvana being disbanded, Grohl founded his own band Foo Fighters which is immensely popular among rock music lovers. The musical versatility of Grohl is proved by his ability to do songwriting, singing, playing the guitar and drums.

Initially, Foo Fighters started out as a one-man project, however, with the passage of time, Foo Fighters became a full-fledged popular band. So if you love rock music, play some popular tracks and go through these Dave Grohl quotes.  

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Best Dave Grohl Quotes

Dave Grohl quotes are inspirational for young musicians.

Enlisted below are the most popular Dave Grohl quotes along with some Dave Grohl funny quotes.

1. "There's a big difference between falling in love with someone and falling in love with someone and getting married. Usually, after you get married, you fall in love with the person even more."

- Dave Grohl.

2. "Once you find that inspiration, you shouldn't be afraid to follow it."

- Dave Grohl.

3. "I get to sit around and talk about rock’n’roll all day, then go play music with my friends and laugh...until it’s time to have a beer and get 80,000 people to sing with me.”

- Dave Grohl.

4. "...these kids today, they look at me like I'm Neil Young. Nirvana is the band their parents listen to."

- Dave Grohl.

5. "You look up to your heroes and you shouldn't be intimidated by them; you should be inspired by them."

- Dave Grohl.

6. "It's funny, there aren't too many musicians that also moonlight as studio engineers. There's a few - the really brilliant ones."

- Dave Grohl.

7. "Heavy metal would not exist without Led Zeppelin..."

- Dave Grohl.

8. "Any woman who's going to date a rock musician has to be prepared to repeat herself every 10 seconds. My wife asks me where we should go for dinner and it sounds like the schoolteacher from Charlie Brown."

- Dave Grohl.

9. "When Kurt died I was lost. I was numb. The music I had devoted my life to had now betrayed me. I had no voice. I turned off the radio. I put away my drums. I couldn’t bear to hear someone else’s voice singing about pain, or joy.”

- Dave Grohl.

10. "I can understand how some people might resent me for having the audacity to continue playing music, but it'd take a lot more than that to stop me from doing it. I started Foo Fighters because I didn't want to retreat."

- Dave Grohl.

11. "Wow, I get to wake up again? Ok. You have to make good with what you've got."

- Dave Grohl.

12. "I don't think of Kurt as 'Kurt Cobain from Nirvana'. I think of him as 'Kurt'. It's something that comes back all the time. Almost every day."

- Dave Grohl.

13. "Never lose faith in real rock and roll music. Never lose faith in that. You might have to look a little harder, but it's always going to be there."

- Dave Grohl.

14. "Every record we go into make we go in thinking we’re gonna make ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ or ‘The White Album’ but at the end of the day we end up with a Foo Fighters record there’s nothing we can do."

- Dave Grohl.

15. "There's something about heartbreak that makes for great music..."

- Dave Grohl.

16. "Because you have things like 'American Idol' and you've got radio stations that play music made entirely by computers, it's easy to forget there are bands with actual people playing actual instruments that rock."

- Dave Grohl.

Famous Quotes Of Dave Grohl

Rock music is an integral part of our pop culture.

Here are some of the most famous quotes along with Dave Grohl inspirational quotes.

17. "Through Kurt I saw the beauty of minimalism and the importance of music that's stripped down."

- Dave Grohl.

18. "If there's one thing I'm good at, it's gathering people together to do something fun."

- Dave Grohl.

19. “I guess for me punk rock is about a state of independence and if that’s Lil Pump then so be it. It’s about being free to do whatever the hell you want to do."

- Dave Grohl.

20. "When there's so much left to do, why spend your time focusing on things you've already done, counting trophies or telling stories about the good old days?"

- Dave Grohl.

21. "When you're recording to analog tape, it captures performance and you can't necessarily manipulate that in different ways. It is what it is."

- Dave Grohl.

22. "From one generation to the next, The Beatles will remain the most important rock band of all time."

- Dave Grohl.

23. "As I get older... I start to realize that life ain't half bad. Each year, I'm amazed that I'm still alive. I don't take any of this for granted, I'm a lucky dude."

- Dave Grohl.

24. "I've experienced great things, I've experienced great tragedies. I've done almost everything I could possibly ever imagine doing, but I just know that there's more."

- Dave Grohl.

25. "When I listen to music these days, and I hear Pro Tools and drums that sound like a machine - it kinda sucks the life out of music."

- Dave Grohl.

26. "I never needed much, and I never thought I’d get more than what I had. A trip to Burger King was the biggest thing in the world to me. Heaven.”

- Dave Grohl.

27. "That’s one of the great things about music. You can sing a song to 85,000 people and they’ll sing it back for 85,000 different reasons."

Dave Grohl.

28. "When Nirvana became popular, you could very easily slip and get lost during that storm. I fortunately had really heavy anchors - old friends, family."

- Dave Grohl.

29. "I had never been in charge of anything. I'd always worked for someone. I worked for a furniture warehouse. I did masonry. I always had a boss yelling at me. So I'd never been in charge of an organization."

- Dave Grohl.

30. "There's always gonna be rock n' roll bands, there's always gonna be kids that love rock n' roll records, and there will always be rock n' roll."

- Dave Grohl.

31. "When you're thirteen and listening to punk, the aggressive nature of music can sway you to the dark side."

- Dave Grohl.

32. "The most important thing for me is my family, and my health and happiness, and making sure everyone's cool."

- Dave Grohl.

33. "Always have the highest bar for yourself. Wake up everyday and no matter how crappy you feel, want to change something for the better. Do something that makes someone happy. Create something that inspires someone. Be someone's light when they are hopeless."

- Dave Grohl.

34. “I didn’t realize it [tea] had caffeine in it. After seven cups I thought I was going to have a heart attack.”

- Dave Grohl.

35. "What's the last thing a drummer says in a band? Hey guys, why don't we try one of my songs?"

- Dave Grohl, 'Give The Drummer Some'.

Song Quotes Of Foo Fighters And Nirvana

In this category, you will find popular song quotes of the two bands of which Dave Grohl was a part.

36. "Come as you are, as you were

As I want you to be."

- Dave Grohl, Nirvana, ‘Come As You Are’.

37. "Come down and waste away with me

Down with me"

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Everlong’.

38. "What else should I write?

I don't have the right."

- Dave Grohl, Nirvana, ‘All Apologies’.

39. "Send in your skeletons

Sing as their bones go marching in again."

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘The Pretender’.

40. "She eyes me like a Pisces when I am weak

I've been locked inside your heart-shaped box for weeks."

- Dave Grohl, Nirvana, ‘Heart-Shaped Box’.

41. "Run and tell all of the angels

This could take all night."

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Learn To Fly’.

42. "With the lights out, it's less dangerous

Here we are now, entertain us."

- Dave Grohl, Nirvana, ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’.

43. "Too alarmin' now to talk about

Take your pictures down and shake it out."

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘My Hero’.

44. "Underneath the bridge

Tarp has sprung a leak."

- Dave Grohl, Nirvana, ‘Something In The Way’.

45. "I've got another confession to make

I'm your fool."

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Best Of You’.

46. ‘I've been waiting on a war since I was young

Since I was a little boy with a toy gun.”

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Waiting On A War’.

47. “To whom it may concern

I think I lost my way.”

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Walk’.

48. “I'll take you out of the wishin' well

I thinkin' I have a plan.”

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘White Limo’.

49. “You believe there's something else

To relieve your emptiness.”

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Aurora’.

50. ‘Wish I were with you, but I couldn't stay

Every direction leads me away.”

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Home’.

51. ‘I couldn't grow just living in the shadow

Where do you go when no one's following you?”

- Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters, ‘Dear Rosemary’.

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