40 Deer Names With Meanings For Your Characters

Deer are beautiful and elegant creatures.

Are you creating a family-friendly book or moving based on deers, but you can't find the perfect names?

Deers are gentle and represent a lot of things generally. In certain places and in old mythologies, they are worshipped for their kind and gentle spirit.

Deers are also called fawn, roe, buck, stags, and so on. For the nerds, they are also called Cervidae, scientifically, just in case you wanted to make a reference in a science project. There are different types of deer depending on the geographical location, but they come from two main deer families. In this list, you will find deer puns, cute deer names, names for deer fawn, and a whole lot of names that have a meaning related to deer. Whatever characters you are building, you will find the right and unique names for each of them that means deer for all of them, including names that are gender neutral.

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Deer Names For Girls

Deer love to be out in the open.

A lot of girl names you know means deer but you might not have known. If your female characters are based on some of the qualities of a deer, then the name you choose must match this personality while still meaning deer. Did you know: a female deer is called a 'doe', and that's where the name 'Jane Doe' originated from. For the right female deer names for your characters or baby, read the list below.

1. Afra (Hebrew origin) means “young deer”. One of many great names for baby deer.

2. Ayala (Hebrew origin) means “female deer” or “doe”.

3. Ayelet (Hebrew origin) meaning “gazelle” or “female deer”.

4. Doe (English origin) meaning “deer”.

5. Dyani (Native American origin) means “deer”.

6. Elaine (Welsh origin) meaning “young deer”.

7. Eniko (Hungarian origin) means “deer” or “cow”.

8. Fawn (French origin) meaning “young deer”.

9. Gazelle (English origin) the literal name for deer.

10. Hinda (Hebrew origin) means “female deer”.

11. Jelena (Serbian origin) means “deer” or “stag”.

12. Maral (Armenian origin) refers to the Caspian Red Deer.

13. Ophrah (Hebrew origin) means “fawn” or “young deer”.

14. Xiamara (Aramaic origin) meaning “deer”.

15. Zibiah (Hebrew origin) meaning “gazelle”.

Deer Names For Boys

Buck deers can be scary beasts, but they can also be very docile and kind.

Boy deer names are more common than you think. You have probably heard some of these names but did not know they meant deer. Male deers are strong and agile, usually having huge horns for protection. They use some of these features to protect themselves, their families, and the herd generally against attack from predators and other deer trespassers. Now, you get to find the ideal boy deer names you need to build your fictional characters, giving more life to your work.

16. Ayal (Hebrew origin) meaning “male deer” or “stag”.

17. Buck (English origin) means “male deer”.

18. Buckley (English origin) means “deer meadow”.

19. Buckminister (English origin) means “monastery where deer dwell”.

20. Darton (English origin) means “settlement of deer”.

21. Dearborn (English origin) means “brook of deer”.

22. Derby (English origin) meaning “park with deer”.

23. Devin (English origin) means “young deer”.

24. Dren (Albanian origin) meaning “deer”.

25. Hershel (Yiddish origin) means “deer”.

26. Hirsh (Yiddish origin) meaning “deer”.

27. Hjortur (Icelandic origin) means “deer”.

28. Lockhart (English origin) means “deer from the forest”.

29. Oisin (Irish origin) means “little deer”.

30. Oscar (English origin) meaning “deer friend”.

31. Rayburn (English origin) means “Roe deer brook”.

32. Renton (English origin) meaning “settlement of the roe deer”.

33. Renwick (English origin) means “roe deer village”.

34. Rowell (English origin) means “roe deer well”.

35. Shenandoah (Iroquois origin) means “deer”.

Gender Neutral Deer Names

We know not everyone likes to be gender specific when naming their characters or children. Or perhaps you are just not sure what gender your character is going to take on yet, but you would like to give it a name. Whichever the case may be, these are a few non gender based names that will go well with your characters. These names are beautiful and still retain their deer meanings.

36. Darby (English origin) means “deer town”.

37. Isi (Native American origin) means “deer”.

38. Raleigh (English origin) means “roe deer clearing”.

39. Roe (English origin) meaning “roe deer”.

40. Roscoe (English origin) means “deer”.

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