50 Deer Puns That Are Doe Funny!

Young boy making a silly face and putting his hands on his head to make deer antlers.

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Deer are fascinating creatures.

Did you know that baby deer start walking just 30 minutes after birth? And male deer grow new antlers every single year.

These funny deer puns will be sure to amuse your children, especially if they love these sweet yet majestic animals. Whether it's a stag joke or a fawn wordplay, kids will find these witty deer puns hilarious.

Take a look below at our list of clever and amusing deer puns, the perfect jokes to get your children laughing away.

Stag Puns

Did You Know? A stag is a name for a large male deer.

These silly wordplay jokes about stags will amuse the whole family!

1. Why was the actor afraid of the deer? He had stag fright!

2. What do deer love to read in their spare time? Stag-azines!

Young girl lying on the floor on her back laughing at deer puns.
Image © ArthurHidden, under a Creative Commons license.

Food-Related Deer-Themed Wordplay Puns

These deer puns about food are fantastically funny.  

3. What type of bread do deers enjoy the most? Sour-doe!

4. What is a baby deer’s favourite type of icing? Fawn-dant.

5. What is a deer’s favourite flavour of ice-cream? Cookie-doe!

6. What is a deer’s favourite coffee shop? Star-bucks!

7. What is a deer’s favourite food group? Deer-y products!

8. What cheesy dish do baby deers love? Fawn-due.

9. What did the deer say when he ate a very tasty meal? This is deer-licious!

10. What is a deer’s favourite after-school snack? Doe-nuts.

11. What is a deer’s favourite meal of the day? Deer-ner.

Little girl lying on the bed smiling as she listens to deer puns.
Image © freepic.diller, under a Creative Commons license.

Buck Puns

Kids will laugh out loud at this brilliant list of puns about bucks.

Did You Know: A buck is another name for a male deer.  

12. What did the deer say to his friend before their test at school? Good buck!

13. What board game do deers love playing? Buck-gammon!

14. What kind of money do deer use? Bucks!

15. What did the deer say to his sulky friend? Buck up!

Fawn Puns

These funny fawn puns will get the whole family laughing.

16. What did the large baby deer say when he met his favourite celebrity? I’m a big fawn!

17. What did the baby deer say to his friend? I’m so fawn-d of you!

18. What do you think of puns about deer? I’m very fawn’d of them myself.

19. How do you give a deer a compliment? Fawn over him!

20. What did the deer's mother say to her daughter on her birthday? I remember the day you were fawn!

21. What did the baby deer say to each other when they played together? This is so much fawn!

22. What did the baby deer say when he saw the sunrise? It’s the fawn of a new day!

23. What is a baby deer’s favourite Disney movie? Fawn-tasia!

Mum whispering deer puns to her daughter who looks very amused.
Image © master1305, under a Creative Commons license.

Wordplay Puns With 'Doe' in Them

Did You Know? Doe is the name for a female deer.

These delightful doe puns will be sure to amuse your kids.

24. What did Homer Simpson say when he saw a female deer? Doe!

25. What did the fawn who wanted to be a child forever say? I don’t want to doe up!

26. What did the deer say when she wanted to be left alone? Doe away!

27. Why did the deer go to the spa? To doe off some steam!

28. What did the deer say to her daughter? Soon you’ll be all doe-n up!

29. What did the deer say to her friend when she needed assistance? Could you doe me a favour?

30. What did the deer say to her friend who had borrowed money from her? You doe me!

Brother and sister standing together smiling as they listen to deer puns.
Image © prostooleh, under a Creative Commons license.

More Puns About Deer

If you're looking for an extra deer pun, take a look at these extra wordplay puns!

31. What did the married deer couple say to each other? I love you deer-ly!

32. How do you get into a deer’s house? Just ring the deer-bell!

33. Which deer species are great at predicting bad weather? Rain-deer!

34. How does a deer know which month it is? He takes a look at his calen-deer!

35. What did the deer say to his best friend? You’re my deer-est friend!

36. What game do deer like to play? Truth or deer!

37. Did you hear about the generous and kind deer? She had a hart of gold!

38. What do deer doctors specialise in? Hart surgery!

Did You Know? A hart is another name for a male deer.

39. How do you spot a deer behind you? With hind-sight!

40. What was the motto of the unique deer? Deer to be different!

41. What did the deer say to his friend when he suggested a trip to the park? Good i-deer!

42. Who puts money under a baby deer’s pillow when they lose their teeth? The hoof fairy!

43. What do you call a deer with excellent eyesight? A good-eyed-deer!

44. What did the disappointed deer say? Oh deer!

45. What did the deer say to his funny friend? You’re deer-larious!

46. It’s raining cats and dogs today - I just hope it doesn’t rain deer!

47. Why was the deer a good driver? He was great at using the deering wheel!

48. What did the deer write in his journal every day? Deer diary.

49. What did the deer say when his friend was rude to him? How deer you!

50. What did the deer say to each other when they were trying to solve a difficult problem? This is such a deer-lemma!



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