Discover Why B Bakery Has The Most Amazing Vegan Afternoon Teas

B bakery vegan spread.

Cake loving kids of all ages and sweet-toothed families are in for a treat! B Bakery London’s totally family-family vegan afternoon tea has hit the Covent Garden store, and it’s just as good as the alternative! Whether you’re a family of keen vegans or you’re just trying to do your bit for the planet, the rise of vegan-friendly options has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for vegan diners. According to the latest research by the Vegan Society (conducted in 2016), there are more than half a million vegans in the UK – almost three times as many as there were 10 years ago. So it doesn’t come as a surprise that B Bakery has added this totally tasty vegan afternoon tea to its menu (that’s sure to please even the most veg-phobic sceptic!). 

With vegan options for lots of fancy favourites – including fresh sandwiches, quiches, panna cotta, chocolate mousse and, of course, scones – there are heaps of reasons to book a table, but we’re going to give you some of our best!

1. Sensational sandwiches

Forget salmon and cream cheese and egg mayonnaise sandwiches. These fancy little finger sandwiches are sure to go down a storm with adults and kids alike. We love the one with minty cucumber filling piled high on red beetroot bread that’s guaranteed to have kids fascinated. If bright pink sandwiches aren’t enough to whet their appetite, perhaps the mixed roasted vegetables on ciabatta will be?

2. Super savoury bites

As well as sandwiches, B Bakery offer a totally mouth-watering selection of other deliciously dianty savoury bites. We love the avocado and carrot roll, quinoa and mint verrine and vegetable quiche that are all so good you’d never guess they were vegan! 

best vegan afternoon tea in london

3. Tasty sweet treats 

Cute mini cupcakes – need we say any more? Cake crazy kids (and grown-ups!) will delight in tucking into these totally tasty seasonal cupcakes; plus a slice of fantastically tangy and sweet lemon drizzle cake. And they’re all free from eggs and butter – genius!

4. Delicious desserts 

The sight of B Bakery’s sweet dessert selection is enough to get even the fussiest of eater’s excited. The mini panna cotta on coconut rocher is the perfect size for little tummies, and the chocolate mousse verrine is a guaranteed win for any chocoholics in the family – delicious! 

best vegan sweet treats in london

5. Scones, scones, scones!

Of course, afternoon tea wouldn’t be complete without scones; and just because this one’s vegan, it doesn’t get any allowances. Hot and fresh out the kitchen, B Bakery’s incredible vegan scones are served with vegan spreads – yum!



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