DIY Pop-Up Birthday Cake Card

Homemade card making is not as hard as you might think, and has a personal touch that is harder to find with alternative shop-bought options.

Homemade card making is not as hard as you might think, and has a personal touch that is harder to find with alternative shop-bought options.

Creating a pop-up birthday card is a fun and imaginative way to wish your loved ones a happy birthday, and it's something the kids will love making with you! Homemade cards are such a memorable thing to design, and can also be a gift by themselves.

Even if parents need to assist with some of the trickier elements of this pop-up design, kids will have great fun decorating, colouring and designing the card, especially at the end when they see the cake pop when they open the card! With our simple step by step guide, you'll have your pop-up card ready in no time. And remember this cake card is not limited to just birthdays, but can be tailored to suit any special occasion. Take a read below to discover how you can make your very own unique and memorable pop-up card!

How To Make Your Very Own Pop Up Birthday Card

Our helpful step by step guide will show you how to create your pop up cake birthday card in a simple and easy way. We recommend adult supervision during this creative activity.

You will need:

-A6 paper/card (of whatever colour you choose!)

-A5 White paper or card

-Different coloured paper or card (or patterned paper and card, whatever you prefer)

-Washi tape (this also comes in so many playful patterns and designs too)


-Glue stick

-Coloured pens for decoration

Pop-Up Birthday Card From CraftCorner
Image © CraftCorner

How To Make The Birthday Card:

Start with your 'candles' for the top of the cake (this makes it easier to determine the measurements for the rest of the card). Draw them out in whichever shape you prefer and cut them out to have them ready.

Cut your A5 white card so that when it's put in the centre of your A6 card it leaves a nice border around the edge. This is why we recommend having a contrasting and complimentary colour for your A6 card for an extra fancy design!

Fold this in half.

Line your cut out candles with the folded paper to measure the top and bottom of the cake shape. The bottom should be half the length of the card. Divide it into 3 and create 4 small incisions within the space. These should have 2 long cuts (5cm), one medium (3 cm) and one small (2cm) approximately.

Fold along these incisions to create a crease. These will form the tiers of your cake and will create an easy pop when opened.

Glue your white paper within the coloured card but only around the edges but still making it secure.

Now it's decoration time!

Decoration Tips

Glitter Decorations For Pop-Up Birthday Cards

Decorating the cake is perhaps the most exciting part of this handmade craft and something that all children can get involved with! Glitter glue, pens, sequins and even glued down confetti are all amazing ways to give your cake card a bit of pizzazz. For extra customisation, why not add the name of the recipient on to the design! This really is a craft project that the whole family can enjoy, with beautiful results.



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