69 Donut Puns That Are A-Glazingly Funny

Donut puns make you think creatively and also make you giggle.

Who doesn't love donuts?

Whether you are treating the kids after school or having a donut with your morning coffee, it's always the perfect time to indulge in this delicious treat. From pumpkin spice (tis the season) to a classic glazed, whatever your favorite flavor is, there is a donut to match.

It's not just the baked variety, donuts are an official trend! From motifs on t-shirts to patterns on coffee mugs, the donut is a universal symbol of something cute and delicious. The cute factor could be what helps make donuts perfect for puns. We all know puns are a great way to make the kids laugh, and perhaps even get a giggle out of a family member. So donut hang about, check out some hilarious donut puns and sprinkle those laughs around.  

If you are looking for puns about donuts, read on to discover not only cute donut puns, but funny donut puns, donut one liners, donut jokes, and more! If you are looking for more food related laughs, take a look at these biscuit puns and pumpkin jokes.

Donut Puns

Donut puns are funny because they use wordplay to make us laugh.

We did say this list would be jam packed, so donut think we were joking! We hope you love these donut puns as much as we do.

1. As Yoda famously said, do or donut, there is no try. Do you think he was hungry?

2. Donut disturb.

3. Stop! Donut enter.

4. Donut ever let me go.

5. You've got this, donut give up!

6. I'm donuts about you!

7. Donut mind if I do.

8. Donut stop believing.

9. Donut worry, be happy.

10. Donut you, forget about me (Breakfast Club reference for those old enough to remember- donuts are a breakfast food, right?).

11. You are such a weirdo-nut, but so am I!

12. Donut you think I'm cute?

13. Donut even think about taking another donut!

14. You're driving me donuts!

15. My favorite dinosaur is a diplo-donut.

16. It's your birthday, let's donuts!

17. Donut underestimate the power of baked goods.

18. I get the same flavor everyday, I just think I'm stuck in a bit if a do-rut!

19. I donut care what you think, I am having another donut!

Glaze Puns

Is the glaze the best part of a donut? We really think it might be, these donut puns are all about that wonderful shiny topping.

20. They went down in a glaze of glory.

21. I may have glazed over that part.

22. Oh my, that's out-glaze-ous!

23. Let’s go glaze-y!

24. You are a-glaze-ing.

25. If a donut had a window, would it be double glazed?

26. You drive me glaze-y.

27. Haven't you heard? It's the latest glaze.

28. Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a glaze.

29. If you have two donuts, you could say you are double glazing.

30. What a beautiful bou-glaze of flowers.

31. I'm just having one of those glaze!

32. I just love to glaze adoringly into your eyes.

Sprinkle Puns

Sprinkles might just be one of the greatest additions to a donut you can have; rainbow sprinkles, chocolate sprinkles, we'll take them all!

33. All the sprinkle ladies, all the sprinkle ladies (oh oh oh etc!)

34. Let's stop and have a sprink-le about it.

35. Sprinkle sprinkle, little star.

36. How many sprinkles should you have on a donut? We think hundreds and thousands sounds about right.

37. Not too much frosting, I sprink-le we should just stick with glaze.

38. Did you hear about the girl at the donut shop? She caught sprinkles!

39. It's important to iron your apron, so it's not all sprinkled.

40. You've got a lovely sprinkle in your eye.

Donut Hole Puns

Whoever came up with the idea of saving the inside of the donut, thus creating donut holes, you have our utmost respect.

41. Eat more hole foods, donuts count!

42. Hole-y moley!

43. Hole me closer, tiny donut.

44. I love you a hole lot.

45. You’re so sweet and hole-some.

46. You’ve really got a hole on me.

47. Just hole on a second...I want to stop and pick up some donuts!

48. Hole that thought.

49. Hole on just a minute.

50. The truth, the hole truth, nothing but the truth!

51. Donuts remind me of golfing, there's a hole in one!

52. I like you a hole lot! Almost a much as I like donuts.

Dough Puns

Donuts are made out of dough, the clue is in the name! So here are some doughnut puns, all about dough!

53. I absolutely a-dough you.

54. Dough-n't fall for it!

55. Dough you mind?

56. Well, dough you or dough-n't you?

57. Thank goodness its Fri-dough.

58. Dough ifs, dough buts!

59. Dough you think we should get donuts on the way home? I dough!

60. You are just so a-dough-rable.

61. Dough you like donuts? I dough!

62. I just don't dough how you do it!

Punny Donut Jokes

Donut puns are all well and good but if you are looking for something hilarious and a little less subtle, how about one of these dough-lightful donut jokes?

63. Why did the donut go to the dentist? It needed a filling!

64. What is a basketball players favorite donut shop? Dunkin' Donuts!

65. What do donuts think about donut puns? They donut like them!

66. What do donuts wear to weddings? Tuxe-doughs!

67. What kind of donuts fly? Plain ones!

68. How busy was the donuts day? It was jam packed!

69. Why did the clock in the donut shop run slow? It always went back four seconds!

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