58 Double Barrel Baby Names

Double-Barrel Baby Names for Baby

Double barrelled baby names are made up of two names that you love, with a hyphen or dash between them.  We've pulled together some of our absolute favourite double barrelled baby names to help you on your journey to finding perfect baby names for your personal list.

Double-barrelled names can be classic, like the beautiful Amelia-Rose or Grace-Lily, or a combination of popular modern names, like Skylar-Reese or Arnie-Grey. Whatever your style, you're sure to find some surprising double barrelled baby names you'll absolutely adore.

Double Barrelled Baby Girls Names

Double-Barrel Baby Names for Baby

Create a unique name for baby girls by choosing two of your favourite names and combining them. We've listed some beautiful popular double barrel girls names and some that are a little bit more quirky.

1. Amelia-Rose (European origin) The first part of Amelia-Rose means "imitating" "fame" and "rivaling," and the last half of the popular double barelled name refers to the beautiful flower.

2. Amy-Louise (Latin and Germanic origin) meaning "loud", "fighter", and 'warrior.'

3. Anna-Bella (Latin origin) meaning "beautiful and graceful" or "hello, beautiful."

4. Autumn-Rose (Latin origin) meaning "Autumnal roses."  

5. Ava-Grace (German origin) meaning "strength, "desired", and "charm."

6. Ava-Rose (Latin origin) meaning, "strength" and "bird."

7. Betty-Jane (English origin) Betty is a popular traditional shortened version of Elizabeth, and means, "God is my Oath." Jane means, "God is Gracious."

8. Casey-Lee (Irish and English origin) Casey means, "quick thinker," and Lee is the old English word for a clearing or meadow.

9. Darcie-Rae (Irish and Hebrew origin) Darcie means, "dark haired one," and Rae means "counsel protection."

10. Ella-Rose (French origin) meaning, "little cinders" or "bright one."

11. Emily-Maeve (German and Irish origin) the meaning of the name Emily is "hard-working" and the name Maeve means "intoxicating."

12. Grace-Lily (English and Greek origin) Grace is the Christian symbol of purity, and Lily is named after the beautiful elegant flower which signifies rebirth, passion and purity.

13. Isla-Rose (Scottish and French origin) The first part of this unique baby name means "island" and the second refers to the flower.

14. Lily-Ann (English and Latin origin), this beautiful baby name refers to the more common Lillian, and means "purity."

15. Lily-Rose (English origin) The first part of the name refers to the white flower, and the second is the sweet, traditional smelling flower.

Double-Barrel Baby Names for Baby

16. Lily-Sue (Hebrew origin) meaning "graceful flower."

17. Lola-May (German and Spanish origin) referring to "Our Lady of Sorrows" and the fifth month in the Lunar calendar.

18. Mary-Jane (Hebrew, Latin and Greek origin) meaning "gracious" and "kind".

19. Mary-Kate  (Egyptian and Latin origin) meaning "love" and "purity."

20. Mary-Lou (Latin origin), this classically popular double-barrelled baby name means "star of the sea."

21. Millie-Faye (German and English origin) the first part meaning "industrious", and the second meaning "fairy."

22. Peggy-Sue (English origin) meaning "pearl" and, "lily."

23. Rose-Lily (English origin) A less popular and more unique version of the classic Lily-Rose, Rose-Lily is a beautiful, elegant floral girls name.

24. Rosie-Leigh (French and English origin) this cute baby girls name refers to the flower, rose, and, "meadow."

25. Scarlett-Rose (English origin) this strong powerful double-barrelled name refers to a dark red flower.

26. Sienna-Rose (Latin origin) one of the sweetest double-barrelled baby names, meaning "old soul."

Double Barrelled Baby Boys Names

Double-Barrel Baby Names for Baby

These boys names range from popular double barrelled classics to fresh and cool names you probably haven't heard before.  

1. Alfie-Jack (Old English origin) meaning, "elf" and "counsel," and, "God is Gracious."

2. Alfie-James (Old English and Hebrew origin) meaning, "elf, and "counsel," and, "to plant the heel."

3. Alfie-Jay (Old English and Latin origin) meaning, "elf" and "counsel," and, "to rejoice."

4. Arnie-Grey (English origin) Arnie is a shortened version of the popular  Arnold, and means, "Eagle ruler," and Grey refers to the colour.

5. Benjamin-Grey (Hebrew origin) Benjamin means, "son of my right hand," and Grey refers to the monochrome shade.

6. Cody-Lee (Gaelic and English origin) this double-barrel name means "wealthy," and "clearing," or, "meadow."

7. Corey-James (Irish and Hebrew origin) meaning 'dweller in a hollow', and James means "to plant the heel."

8. Harvey-James (Irish and Hebrew origin) meaning, "a cauldron," or, "pool," and "he who plants the heel."

9. Jack-Dean (English origin) this strong combination of two classic boys names means "God is Gracious."

10. James-Dean (English and Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "he who plants the heel," and "valley."

11. John-Michael (Hebrew origin) this is one of the more classic double-barrelled boys names, and means "God has shown favour" and, "gift from God."

12. John-Paul (Hebrew and Latin origin) meaning "God has shown favour" and "humble."

13. John-Peter (Hebrew and Greek origin), similar to one of the more popular double-barrelled names, John Paul, this baby name means, "God has shown favour" and "rock."

14. Jean-Philippe (Hebrew origin) meaning "God remits."

15. Joshua-Lee (Hebrew and English origin) Joshua meaning "God's salvation" and Lee meaning "clearing" or "meadow."

16. Leighton-James (English and Hebrew origin) this unique double barrelled baby name means "herb garden" and  "to plant the heel."

17. Logan-James (Scottish and Hebrew origin) meaning "small hollow" and "to plant the heel."

18. Marley-Jay (English origin) meaning "pleasant seaside meadow" and "to rejoice."

19. Ralphie-Joe (Old English origin) meaning "wolf counsel" and "God will increase".

20. Reggie-Lee (Latin and English origin) Reggie means "ruler's advisor", and Lee means "clearing" or "meadow."

21. Tommy-Joe (Hebrew and English origin) this combination of popular baby names means "pure" and "innocent" and "God will increase."

22. Tommy-Lee (Hebrew and English origin) meaning "pure innocence" and "meadow."

Double-Barrelled Unisex Baby Names

Double-Barrel Baby Names for Baby

These adorable and popular double barrelled baby names are great choices if you're looking for something a little bit unusual for your baby.

1. Bailey Ray (Old English origin) meaning "berry clearing" and "counsel protection."

2. Billie-Jo (English origin) meaning "resolute protection" and "God will increase."

3. Charlie-Wren (Old English origin) this double barrel name can be used for boys and girls, and means "free man" and "small bird."

4. Jamie-Lee (Hebrew and English origin) meaning "supplanter" and "meadow."

5. Jessie-Blair (English and Scottish origin) meaning "fair and yielding" and "field" or, "plain."

6. Jo-Cooper (English origin) this is one of our favourite cute double-barrelled baby names that is classic for boys, but modern for girls. It means "God will increase" and "barrel maker."

7. Kendall-Dallas (Old English and Scottish origin) Kendall is named after the river in England, and Dallas means, "meadow dwelling".

8. Marley-Blake (English origin) meaning "seaside meadow" and "pale blonde one."

9. Quincey-Lee (Old French and English origin) meaning "estate of the fifth son," and "meadow."

10. Skyler-Reese (German and Welsh origin) meaning "little warrior" and "fiery."



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