'Downton Abbey' Trivia: 50 Questions (And Answers) Only Real Fans Will get Right

Highclere castle is where the making of' Downton Abbey' took place.

'Downton Abbey' is a British historical drama that first aired in the United Kingdom on 26 September 2010 and in the United States after.

The series ideally portrays the lives of the aristocratic Crawley family and their domestic servants. Many people wonder what 'Downton Abbey's real story is, to our surprise, the show is historically accurate, but the Crawley family and the characters are fictional.

The series is also known to have a film adaptation written by Julian Fellowes with the same name as the series. The film is set in the year 1927 and is about the King and Queen's visit  to the country house owned by the Crawley Family in Yorkshire. With this quiz, you will know more about the world of 'Downton Abbey' and facts about 'Downton Abbey'. An abbey is a type of monastery where religious activities are held and are also used for hosting nuns and monks.  If you know all 'Downton Abbey's real life secrets, then this 'Downton Abbey' trivia quiz is the perfect match for you, so test yourself! If you enjoy this article then check out our 'Cheers' trivia and 'I Love Lucy' trivia for more.

'Downton Abbey' Production And Facts Trivia

One can find many 'Downton Abbey' history facts as the directors and writers have tried to make the series historically accurate. If you think you know the 'Downton Abbey' TV series, test your knowledge by answering and taking our 'Downton Abbey' quiz.

1. Question: Who is the historical advisor to this show?

Answer: Alastair Bruce.

2. Question: How many cameos did the historical advisor of the show have in the show?

Answer: Three.

3. Question: The furniture used in the show in the pilot episode is based on what?

Answer:It was based on the way the house was designed during those times.

4. Question: The series was set in what time?

Answer: 1912-1926.

5. Question: Where is the fictional 'Downton Abbey' located?

Answer: Yorkshire, England.

6. Question: What is the real-life location and name of 'Downton Abbey'?

Answer: Highclere Castle, Hampshire.

7. Question: In what year did the book 'The Chronicles Of 'Downton Abbey': A New Era' release?

Answer: 2012.

8. Question: Who is the author of 'The Chronicles Of 'Downton Abbey': A New Era'?

Answer: Jessica Fellowes and Matthew Sturgis.

9. Question: Name the two costume designers of the show?

Answer: Caroline McCall and Anna Robbins.

10. Question: In what year did 'Downton Abbey' become the most nominated British television series in Emmys history?

Answer: 2012.

11. Question: What is the highest number of Emmy nominations did the show receive?

Answer: 16.

12. Question: Which character was originally meant to be on the show for three episodes?

Answer: Tom Branson played by Allen Leech.

13. Question: Which country did the outfit designer Anna Robbins go once a year to buy the costumes?

Answer: Paris.

14. Question: The show cost an average of how much per episode?

Answer: £1 million.

15. Question: Who is the creator of the series?

Answer: Creator Julian Fellowes.

16. Question: Where are the kitchen and downstairs scenes filmed?

Answer: London.

17. Question: Which member of royalty is a fan of the show?

Answer: H.M. Queen Elizabeth II.

18. Question: The show 'Downton Abbey' has been compared to what other show?

Answer: 'Breaking bad', for their number of Emmys.

19. Question: How many nominations overall did the show receive over the years?

Answer: 59 nominations.

'Downton Abbey' Cast Trivia

A royal interior room reminds viewers of the castles stunning interior.

The series has quite an interesting and big cast that tries to match up to and portray the real story of 'Downton Abbey' that is also set in the time frame of 'Downton Abbey'. Do you think you know the cast well and all the secrets of 'Downton Abbey'? Take your shot at the questions.

20. Question: Who was forced to leave the show early in the second season due to writing the music for 'Free Spirits' (2007)?

Answer: Thomas Howes.

21. Question: Which two actors met on set, dated and have been together since?

Answer: Laura Carmichael (Lady Edith) and Michael Fox (Andy).

22. Question: Steven Waddington auditioned for what character?

Answer: Bates.

23. Question: In an interview who said her hair took an hour and a half to style?

Answer: Zoe Boyle as Lavinia Swire.

24. Question: Gillian Anderson turned down the whose role?

Answer: Lady Grantham.

25. Question: Who almost turned down the role of Lady Edith?

Answer: Laura Carmichael.

26. Question: Which character did Julian Fellowes name after a relative?

Answer: Mary's son is named after creator Julian Fellowes niece's baby, George.

27. Question: Which actor is known to practice magic in his free time?

Answer: Jim Carter.

28. Question: Which actress is an amazing Jazz singer?

Answer: Michelle Dockery.

29. Question: Elizabeth McGovern is in a band. What is the name of it?

Answer: Elizabeth McGovern band's name is Sadie & The Hotheads.

30. Question: Who plays Branson?

Answer: Allen Leech.

31. Question: Who plays Martha Levinson?

Answer: Shirley MacLaine.

32. Question: What role did Richard E. Grant play?

Answer: Simon Bricker.

33. Question: Who plays the role of Violet Crawley?

Answer: Maggie Smith.

34. Question: Who doesn't like to watch her scenes from 'Downton Abbey' on television?

Answer: Maggie Smith.

35. Question: Who plays the role of Daisy on 'Downton Abbey'?

Answer: Sophie McShera.

36. Question: Elizabeth McGovern plays the role of which character?

Answer: Lady Grantham.

'Downton Abbey' Plotline Trivia

'Downton Abbey portrays a diverse range of characters and plot lines'.

Though the 'Downton Abbey' time frame is long and is set in the 1900s, the series ran for six seasons. The directors tried to show and cover the fictional history of 'Downton Abbey'. If you think of yourself as a major fan of the series and think you are aware of all the 'Downton Abbey' facts, then take our quiz and answer the questions.

37. Question: What is the name of the season one housemaid who wanted to be a secretary?

Answer: Gwen.

38. Question: Who left Edith at the altar in season three?

Answer: Anthony Strallan.

39. Question: Before Mary married Matthew, who was she engaged to?

Answer: Richard Carlisle.

40. Question: What is the first shot of 'Downton Abbey' in the very first episode?

Answer: A telegraph machine.

41. Question: The Crawley estate is located in what part of England?

Answer: North Yorkshire.

42. Question: What is the name of the Crawley family dog?

Answer: Isis.

43. Question: What did Mathew work as before arriving at 'Downton Abbey'?

Answer: Matthew worked as a solicitor.

44. Question: Which major character makes his appearance in a train window scene during the opening sequence of Season one.

Answer: Bates.

45. Question: What breed is the Crawley family dog?

Answer: She's a yellow Labrador retriever.

46. Question: Where is Mr. Pamuk from?

Answer: Turkey.

47. Question: Which character faces a cancer scare in Season two?

Answer: Mrs. Hughes.

48. Question: What is Mrs. Hughes' first name?

Answer: Elsie.

49. Question: Where is Mrs. Hughes' originally from?

Answer: Scotland.

50. Question: Where do Lady Rose's parents live in Scotland?

Answer: Donegal Castle.

51. Question: Who was convicted of poisoning his wife?

Answer: Bates.

52. Question: After what incident does Downton Abbey shortly take place after?

Answer: Sinking of the Titanic.

53. Question: What is the column's name, Edith begins to write for in Season three?

Answer: 'The Sketch'.

54. Question: What location do Lady Mary and her suitor Lord Gillingham decide to spend a weekend?

Answer: Liverpool.

55. Question: At the end of the fifth season, what place was he contemplating moving to in America?

Answer: Boston.

56. Question: What was the name of Jewish man Lady Rose fell in love with?

Answer: Atticus Aldridge.

57. Question: At the start of season six, who arrived at 'Downton Abbey' intending to extort cash from Lady Mary?

Answer: Rita Bevan.

58. Question: Who was arrested for Green's murder at the end of season five?

Answer: Anna.

59. Question: What is Cora's brother's name who makes an appearance in Season four?

Answer: Harold L. Levinson.

60. Question: In what season does Lady Sybil die?

Answer: Season three.

61. Question: What is Branson's first name?

Answer: Tom.

62. Question: How does Molesley try to impress Phyllis Baxter in season 5.

Answer: Dyeing his hair.

63. Question: What are the names of the Crawley family' grandchildren?

Answer: Sybil, George and Marigold.

64. Question: What is Bates' first name?

Answer: John.

65. Question: George is the son of whom?

Answer: Lady Mary.

66. Question: Who marries Lord Grantham's valet?

Answer: Anna.

67. Question: What decade was series six of 'Downton Abbey' set in?

Answer: 1920s.

68. Question: What was the name of Matthew Crawley's new fiancee in season two of 'Downton Abbey'?

Answer: Lavinia.

69. Question: Who learns to drive the family car during the war?

Answer: Edith.

70. Question: William Mason saved whose life in the war?

Answer: Matthew.

71. Question: Who is Marigold's father?

Answer: Michael Gregson.

72. Question: At the finale of season three, what sport match occurs between the village and the estate?

Answer: Cricket.

73. Question: In which season does Miss O'Brien disappear?

Answer: The start of season four.

74. Question: Which character discovered that she was pregnant during season four of 'Downton Abbey'?

Answer: Edith.

75. Question: Which opera singer made a guest appearance in the fourth season?

Answer: Kiri Te Kanawa.

78. Question: Who rescues Edith when a fire breaks out in her bedroom in season five?

Answer: Thomas, the under butler.

76. Question: Where did Carson want the reception to be held?

Answer: Downton.

77. Question: Where did Mrs Hugh want the reception to be held?

Answer: Village Hall.

78. Question: Which unexpected character makes an appearance in season six of the series at Hugh and Carson's wedding?

Answer: Tom Branson.

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