100 Drag Queen Names To Inspire You

There are so many different drag queen names to choose from.

A drag queen persona needs the perfect name.

There’s a lot more to a character than their name but the name gives the character a strong sense of identity. This is what makes choosing the right drag queen name so important.

Drag queen names can be inspired by several factors. You can draw inspiration from the name of a place, whether it’s New York or Manila. You can even make use of puns and wordplay to create a unique drag queen name. You can also draw inspiration from pop culture by basing your drag queen name on a prominent character that you love.

Coming up with amazing drag queen names of your own and creating characters that totally own these names is hugely rewarding. Whatever your inspiration may be, a drag queen's name is a big deal so take a look at this list of popular drag queen names to inspire you.

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Good Drag Queen Names

Choosing names for drag queens is an exciting process.

Want to be assured that you’re giving your character a good drag queen name? Pick a name from among this list featuring plenty of famous faces.

  1. April Carrión, inspired by the month of her birth and actual last name.

  2. BeBe Zahara Benet, a fan of the name BeBe. Inspired by her roots, she chose Zahara.

   3. Claire Voyant, one of the drag queen names that is a play on words.

  4. Delta Work, inspired by Suzanne Sugarbaker, Delta Burke’s character from 'Designing Women'.  

   5. DiDa Ritz, inspired by Dita Von Teese and her favorite hotel, 'Ritz Carlton'.

  6. Eureka O'Hara, inspired by Ulrike, her mother’s given name, and Scarlett O’Hara from 'Gone With The Wind'.

   7. Hedda Lettuce, a popular drag queen from New York, known as the Green Goddess.  

  8. India Ferrah, named by her drag mother, Montana St. Clair.

   9. Jinkx Monsoon, inspired by her nickname Jinkx and from 'Absolutely Fabulous' Edina Monsoon.

   10. Katy Bähm, a clever name for drag queens inspired by Katy Perry and 'Bam!'

   11. Kimora Blac, inspired by Kimora Lee Simmons and her favorite color, black.

   12. Lashauwn Beyond, Lashauwn is inspired by her sister’s middle name and beyond refers to striving for perfection.

  13. Latrice Royale, inspired by her elementary friend and fudge royale.

  14. Lineysha Sparx, a combination of two high school friends’ names.

   15. Maddelynn Hatter, inspired by the Mad Hatter from 'Alice In Wonderland'.

   16. Magnolia Crawford, from Steel Magnolias, Joan and Cindy Crawford.

   17. Mariah Paris Balenciaga, Mariah Balenciaga arose as a founding member of the 'House Of Balenciaga' while Paris is her drag family name.

  17. Milan, chosen because she believed all the big models ended up in Milan.

  19. Mimi Imfurst, chosen by her friend Portia.

   20. Monica Beverly Hillz, inspired by an Indian Goddess Monica from a Bollywood movie, and her desire to live in Beverly Hills.

  21. Sahara Davenport, inspired by Sierra Nicole Andrews, she thought her name should be the African version of it. Davenport is inspired by her drag family name.

  22. Sarah Palegic, a popular paraplegic drag queen.

  23. Serena ChaCha, a proud depiction of her Latin background and the cha cha dance symbolizing her enthusiastic nature.

   24. Sham Payne, a play on the word "champagne.”

  25. Shelby Late, a clever take on “she’ll be late.”

   26. Sia Later, this name for drag queens is clever and signals “see you later.”

   27. Tamara Nite, a play on words for the term "tomorrow night".

   28. Tina Burner, a clever form of Tina Turner.

  29. Violet Chachki, a drag queen name of Paul Jason Dardo.

  30. Vivacious, the best representation of her energetic performances and moves.  

   31. Vivienne Pinay, Vivienne inspired by her grandmother and Pinay meaning “Filipino girl” because she’s half Filipino.

   32. Wanda Why, a clever name for drag queens meaning “wonder why.”  

American Drag Queens' Names

Do you want to give your New York-based character a drag queen name that’s more American? Take your pick from these cool American drag queen names on our list.  

  33. Akashia, from the vampire character, Akasha from 'Queen Of The Damned' based on Anne Rice’s novel.  

   34. Aquaria, drag name of Giovanni Palandrani.

   35. Blythe Spirit, a name chosen based on the film.

  36. Carmen Carrera, inspired by the name of her birth mother, Carmen and drag family, Carrera.

  37. Celia Lips, a name chosen to focus on her lips.

   38. Chad Michaels, from her real first and maiden name, Chad Michael.

   39. Coco Montrese, named by her drag mother Mokha Montrese.  

   40. Detox, a name given by her drag mother, Mizz Cori, and friends.

   41. Gigi Goode, the drag name of Samuel Geggie.

  42. Honey Mahogany, named after two Revlon foundation shades matching her skin tone.

   43. Ivy Winters, she changed her earlier drag name Ivy West to her actual last name, Winters, after moving to New York.

   44. Jade Jolie, inspired by Jade from 'Mortal Combat' and Angelina Jolie who she looks up to as the queen of all queens.

   45. Jessica Wild, inspired by her best friend, Jessica, and her wild personality on stage.

   46. Mayhem Miller, drag queen name of Dequan Johnson.

   47. Milk, inspired by her pale complexion.    

   48. Naomi Smalls, inspired by model Naomi Campbell and rapper, Biggie Smalls.  

  49. Nicole Paige Brooks, Nicole after the name of a high school crush, Paige from 'Betty Page' and Brooks from her drag mother.

  50. Nina Flowers, inspired by her favorite rock star, Nina Hagen and Flowers is her Spanish last name.

   51. Pandora Boxx, from Greek mythology. She was fascinated by the idea of not knowing what to expect.

   52. Phi Phi O’Hara, originally Phoenix O’Hara but changed to Phi Phi O’Hara because it was her fierce yet feminine nickname.

  53. Raven, a unique androgynous name, inspired by her love for birds.

  54. Roxxxy Andrews, drag name of Michael Feliciano.

   55. Shannel, inspired by a Siamese cat, Shannel.

   56. Sherry Vine, drag name of the 'She’s Living For This' host and creator, Keith Levy.

   57. Tammie Brown, inspired by some telephone tricks she once played on a boy she liked.

   58. The Princess, from what her friends would call her.  

  59. Trinity Kardashian Bonet, inspired by Trinity from 'The Matrix', the Kardashian family, and Jasmine Bonet.

English Drag Queens Names

Why not pick English names for your drag queens?

Do you want your character name to be inspired by English roots? Here’s a list of English drag queen names for you.  

  60. Baga Chipz, a spin on “bag of chips.”

   61. Cheryl Hole, inspired by the singer, Cheryl Cole.  

  62. Divina De Campo, the drag name of Owen Richard Farrow, inspired by the Divine.

  63. Gia Gunn, inspired by Gia Carangi, the supermodel and her drag mother’s name.

  64. Joslyn Fox, inspired by her actual last name, Joslyn, and Fox is representative of an enigmatic nature.

   65. Maisie Trollete, drag name of David Raven. A positive spin inspired by the word “troll” used to describe the duo act.  

   66. Russella, a drag queen called “The Fabulous Russella.”  

   67. Sonique, inspired by the British artist and represents sonic powers.

Names of RuPaul’s Drag Race Queens

Want your character’s name to be inspired by a famous drag queen from, 'RuPaul's Drag Race'? Pick a name from this list.  

68. Aja, drag queen name of Jay Rivera.  

69. Alisa Summers, inspired by Lisa Lopes from 'TLC' and her drag mother.

70. Alexis Michelle, appeared in 'RuPaul’s Drag Race' in the ninth season.

71. Alyssa Edwards, inspired by the show, 'Who’s The Boss?'

72. Brita Filter, drag name of Jesse Havea.  

73. BenDeLaCreme, from her real name Ben and Crème De La Crème meaning “the best of the best”.

74. Bianca Del Rio, inspired by her friend's name.

75. Brooke Lynn Hytes, the first Canadian to compete in 'RuPaul’s Drag Race'.  

76. Courtney Act, a play on the words, “caught in the act.”

77. Jade, actually Jay because of her fascination for Jennifer Lopez but mispronounced as Jade.

78. Jasmine Masters, Martell Robinson’s stage name.

79. Jiggly Caliente, inspired by the 'Pokémon', Jigglypuff.

80. Jujubee, from the fruit jujube.

81. Kenya Michaels, a drag queen name meant as a tribute to Kenya and to choreographer, Mia Michaels.

82. Kim Chi, chosen to pay tribute to her Asian heritage.

83. Manila Luzon, inspired by her Filipino heritage.  

84. Miss Peppermint, based on everyone's favorite snack.

85. Miz Cracker, drag name of Maxwell Heller.

86. Morgan McMichaels, from the fairy queen of 'Arthurian Legend', Morgan le Fay. McMichaels was added by her drag parents.  

87. Mystique Summers Madison, inspired by the 'X-Men' character, Mystique. Summers draws from 'Buffy The Vampire Slayer' and Madison is her Texan friend.

88. Nicky Doll, drag name of Karl Sanchez.

89. Nina West, the drag name of Andrew Levitt.

90. Phoenix, signaling a recreation of the self.  

91. Raja, inspired by the tiger called Raja in 'Aladdin' and her year of birth, which was the year of the tiger.

92. RuPaul, the drag name of RuPaul Andre Charles, producer, and host of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race'.  Perhaps the most famous drag queen.

93. Shea Couleé, drag name of Jaren Kyei Merrell.  

94. Shuga Cain, a clever variation of “sugarcane.”

95. Soju, South Korean American drag queen who appeared on the eleventh season of 'RuPaul’s Drag Race'.

96. Tatianna, inspired by an old CD collection of Tatyana Ali CD, 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'.

97. Trixie Mattel, from her performance as a drag queen called Trixie in a school production and Mattel to pay tribute to Barbie.  

98. Tyra Sanchez, Tyra represents the 'God of battle'. Sanchez is the name of her drag family.

99. Venus D-Lite, inspired by Bananarama’s song, 'Venus' and 'D-Lite' with the help of her boyfriend.  

100. Yara Sofia, from Yara Sofia Carrasquillo, her name in a beauty pageant where she had to be Miss Cuba. This is popular among the list of drag queen names.  

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