50 Dragonborn Names With Meanings

Names of dragonborn characters are often fearsome.

Dragonborns are a formidable species, both in terms of appearance and temperament.

Dragonborns were not among the staple original Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) races, but they were introduced as a supplementary transformation in D&D third edition. The dragonborn D&D fifth edition rendition finally materialized as a full-fledged playable species, complete with unique abilities such as breath weapon.

Although humanoid in form, the dragonborns bear many marks of their draconic ancestry such as their breath weapon and damage resistance. The primordial and tribal draconic culture predates any human race, and their names echo this ancient nature. Their names sound very close to the Uruk names from 'Lord Of The Rings'. It is also common for the dragon born to put their clan names before their first names as a symbol of pride and honor; something that is true of both male names and female names.  

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Dragonborn Names For Girls

Dragonborn names are some of the most powerful names around.

There are many strong dragonborn names for female characters. Here is an exciting list of female dragonborn names.

1. Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection".

2. Arihime (Japanese origin) meaning "weaver princess".

3. Asherah (Phoenician origin) meaning "grove".

4. Bellatrix (Latin origin) meaning "warrior".

5. Boruta (Slavic origin) meaning "a demon that rules the forests".

6. Darrina (Slavic origin) meaning "gift".

7. Elishat (Phoenician origin) meaning "wanderer".

8. Empusa (Greek origin) meaning "one-footed". Empush is a folklore demon with a brass leg.

9. Fariedah (Arabic origin) meaning "unique" and "trustful".

10. Keziah (Hebrew origin) meaning "tree bark".

11. Myshon (Hebrew origin) meaning "godly".

12. Nyssas (Ancient Greek origin) meaning "goal".

13. Shapash (Phoenician origin) meaning "sun goddess".

14. Vyara(Bulgarian/Latin origin) meaning "faith" or "with faith".

15. Zafira (Old Arabic origin) meaning "success".

Dragonborn Names For Boys

(Dragons are some of the most popular pop-culture icons.

Male dragonborn names often sound mythical. Here's a diverse list of ancient-sounding names for a male dragonborn:

16. Adrammelek (Hebrew origin) meaning "magnificent king".

17. Arush (Sanskrit origin) meaning "rays of sun".

18. Baalmelgart (Phoenician origin) meaning "God ("baal") of storms ("melgart"). Most befitting for a dragonborn with a bronze or blue dragon type.

19. Cadmus (Greek origin) meaning "dragon’s teeth".

20. Diedrich (Germanic origin) meaning a powerful ruler.

21. Hrothgar (Old Germanic origin) meaning "glory". A character in the Old English epic, 'Beowulf'.

22. Itthobaal (Phoenician origin) meaning "God is by his side".

23. Jehoshaphat (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has judged".

24. Keixilani (Slavic origin) meaning "child of heaven."

25. Maennix (Galic origin) meaning "monk".

26. Marrkuh (Finnish origin) meaning "warlike".

27. Nazgul (Urdu origin) meaning "pretty flower".

28. Rayirth (Sanskrit origin) meaning Lord Brahma, "the creator god".

29. Resheph (Phoenician origin) meaning "lord of plagues".

30. Shammael (Hebrew origin) meaning "venom of God".

31. Yuvarax (Hindi origin) meaning "young king".

Unisex Dragonborn Names

Gender-neutral names are suitable for all dragonborn characters.

32. Danbala (Haitian Creole origin) meaning "sky god".

33. Eckanem (African origin) meaning "source of greatness".

34. Fucanglong (Mandarin origin) meaning "treasure dragon".

35. Hezekiah (Hebrew origin) meaning "fortitude from God".

36. Iseul (Korean origin) meaning "dew-born".

37. Jezreel (Hebrew origin) meaning "sown by God".

38. Khorne (Warhammer demon tongue Kharneth origin) meaning "lord of rage". Khorne makes for a good barbarian female dragonborn name.

39. Nakshatra (Sanskrit origin) meaning "heavenly body" or "star".

40. Paihthoon (Thai origin) meaning "cat's eye".

41. Umut (Turkish origin) meaning "hopeful".

Dragonborn Names Inspired By Popular Culture

Male and female dragonborn names are often inspired by the most famous dragons in popular culture.

42. Alexstarsza meaning "defender of the people". Leader of all red dragons in the 'Warcraft Universe'.

43. Ancalagon (Sindarin origin) meaning "rushing jaws". From J.R.R. Tolkien"s 'Silmarillion', the mightiest dragon known.

44. Glaedr (English origin) meaning "glider". Glaedr is Oromis' dragon ride in 'Inheritance Cycle'.

45. Grigori (Russian origin) meaning "watcher angel". The famous red dragon in 'Dragon's Dogma'.

46. Kalameet (Punjabi origin) meaning "friend of art". An ancient infamous dragon in 'Dark Souls'.

47. Paarthurnax (Dovahzul origin) meaning "ambition". "cruelty", and "overlord". An iconic legendary dragon in 'Skyrim'.

48. Shenron (Japanese origin) meaning "dragon God", is the wish-granting eternal dragon in the 'Dragon Ball'.

49. Smaug (Germanic origin) meaning "to squeeze through a hole". Smaug is a lead character in 'The Hobbit' and one of the most famous dragons..

50. Urthemiel (German/Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "primordial eagle and honeyed". Urthemiel is a draconic Old God in the 'Dragon Age Universe'.

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