100 Dunmer Names For Your Elder Scrolls Characters

'Elder Scrolls' has many fantastic, fascinating characters.

'The Elder Scrolls' is a famous series of action and role-playing video games.

The series focuses on free-form gameplay in a world named Tamriel. Dunmers are the Dark Elves who come from a province called Morrowind in Tamriel, and are a playable race in the game.

Their names come from a set number of prefixes and suffixes combined together. Such prefixes and suffixes can come from various origins. If you're looking for dunmer names from 'The Elder Scrolls', here's a list you can refer to.

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Dunmer Names for Female Characters

('Elder Scrolls' are increasingly played by gamers across the world.

There are many female Dunmers in the world of 'Elder Scrolls'. Look below for our favorite female names of Dunmer or dark elves names.

1. Aduri - a elf.

2. Aleri - a crusader from Morrowind.

3. Anara - a dunmer maid.

4. Aphia - a priestess.

5. Aranea - an elemental mage.

6. Avrusa - a dunmer apothecary.

7. Bralsa - a female dunmer miner.

8. Brelyna - a mystic and a student at Winterhold College.

9. Cindiri - a elf living in Raven Rock.

10. Dinya - the name of a priestess of the Mara Temple.

11. Dravynea - a stoneweaver and elemental mage.

12. Drelliane - a elven woman.

13. Dreyla - a farmer.

14. Elvali - a sorceress and a former college mage.

15. Elynea - an apothecary and mycologist.

16. Gabriella - the female Dunmer name of an assassin.

17. Iachilla - a dark elf.

18. Idari - an insane conjurer.

19. Idesa - a citizen.

20. Inzoliah - a dark elf battlemage.

21. Irileth - one of the 'Skyrim' dunmer names of a nightblade.

22. Jenassa - a dark elvish name of a ranger.

23. Karliah - a thief and a member of the Nightingales.

24. Llirala - one of the prominent dark elf names.

25. Luaffyn - a rogue and a bard.

26. Marise - a food vendor.

27. Medresi - a dark elf citizen.

28. Merilar - a dunmer sorceress.

29. Milore - an apothecary.

30. Mireli - a dead elf miner found in Kolbjorn Barrow.

31. Mirri - a elf living in Raven Rock.

32. Neria - a elf from Lore.

33. Niluva - a standing guard at Dragonstar's southeast gate.

34. Peliah - Minegaur's daughter.

35. Salama - a brewer from 'ESO (Elder Scrolls Online)'.

36. Selveni - a conjurer.

37. Sendrasa - a dark elf from Lore.

38. Suvaris - a citizen from Windhelm.

39. Synda - a farmer.

40. Talamu - a provisioner from 'ESO'.

41. Talare - an apostle from 'ESO'.

42. Talari - a smith in 'ESO'.

43. Talmeni - an outlaw in 'ESO'.

44. Tilisu- a elf found in Vivec City.

45. Turala - a elf.

46. Valyne - a elf.

47. Varona - a farmer.

48. Voldsea - a rogue and a sailor.

49. Volene - a knight from Morrowind.

50. Vulyne - a elf healer from Morrowind.

Dunmer Names for Male Characters

There are many dunmers found in 'Elder Scrolls' games.

Dunmer males are unique, see some of our favorites listed below.

51. Andril - a devoted pilgrim.

52. Ano - a elf.

53. Anral - a banker.

54. Belos - a gatherer and a patron.

55. Belron - a soldier.

56. Belronen - a tribunal priest.

57. Belvin -an arms-man member.

58. Casimir - a priest of Mara.

59. Daynas - a conjurer.

60. Dravin - a farmer.

61. Drelas - an elemental mage.

62. Drevis - a sorcerer and an instructor.

63. Drovas - a farmer and cook.

64. Erandur - a priest.

65. Evul - a miner.

66. Falas - a trader.

67. Faldrus - an elemental mage.

68. Faryl - a farmer.

69. Feran - a bandit wizard.

70. Fethis - the name of a dark elf farmer.

71. Galdrus - a mage and a priest.

72. Garan - a vampire.

73. Garyn - a farmer from Raven Rock.

74. Geldis - a pawnbroker.

75. Indaryn - a warrior.

76. Jiub - a scout.

77. Lleril - a councilor.

78. Malthyr - a pawnbroker.

79. Malur - a steward.

80. Maluril - a scholar.

81. Malyn - a sorcerer.

82. Meden - a miner.

83. Mithorpa- a farmer.

84. Modyn - a warrior.

85. Naris - a miner.

86. Neloth - a Master Wizard.

87. Orini - a bandit and bodyguard.

88. Othreloth - a priest.

89. Raleth - a conjurer.

90. Ravam - a rogue.

91. Ravyn - a thief.

92. Revus - a merchant.

93. Revyn - a warrior.

94. Rirns - a local miner.

95. Romlyn - a thief.

96. Saden - a bandit wizard.

97. Sarthis - a bandit.

98. Savos - a conjurer.

99. Servos - a bandit wizard.

100. Ulyn - a dead bandit wizard.

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