50 Dwarf Clan Names To Inspire Your Campaigns

Strong and bold names for dwarf clans can help you distinguish your clan from others

Dwarves are known for their big beards and short statures. They come in many different forms, but those traits are usually common in all of them.

They live in mountains, are strong, and sensible in disposition. They usually work in areas like mining, gems, and metalworking. So, if you are looking for dwarven clan names based on this lore, then we can help you.

Here we have compiled a list of some cool and creative dwarven clan names that will inspire you in writing the best stories. You can go wild with your fantasies and imagination. All the dwarf names that we have listed here are well researched and well suitable for your games, stories, movies, or even for your avatar. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in now!

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Metal Inspired Dwarf Clan Names

Dwarven clan names should be chosen keeping in mind the profession of the family

Solid and striking, dwarves are known as talented champions, diggers, and workers of the stone and metal sector. Below we have compiled a list of names suitable for dwarves working in the metal industry.

1. The Copper Pots: a perfect clan name for dwarves working with metal pots.

2. The Ironhelms: ideal name for dwarves who work with iron

3. The IronSets: for a dwarves who are as strong as iron.

4. The BronzeBeards: for a clan who specializes in bronze work

5. The Quartzeaters: for a clan who work with quartz.

6. The Ironjaws: for a clan who create iron weapons.

7. The Steel Whole Clan: for a tight-knotted clan.

8. Clan Goldtrickle: for a clan who work with gold.

9. The Goldenfield Clan: for a dwarves with golden history.

10. The Silvertomes: for a clan who work with silver.

Gem Inspired Dwarf Clan Names

Always select a clan name, which represents the value to the member of the clans

Names that are short, sweet, and meaningful are noteworthy. You can remember them as well as associate them with the profession of the said clan. When a name is straightforward and simple, it easily enters the mind of the reader, gamers, or your audience. Below is our the list of dwarven names inspired by gems.

11. Clan Citrine: for a clan who is mine precious Quartz.

12. Clan Peridot: for a clan who mines Peridot.

13. Clan Grandidierite: for a clan who mines Grandidierite.

14. Hessonite Clan: for a clan who mines Hessonite.

15. Kunzite Clan: for a clan who mines Kunzite.

16. Red Beryl Clan: for a clan who mines Red Beryl.

17. Tanzanite Clan: for a clan who mines Tanzanite.

18. Taaffeite Clan: for a clan who mines Taaffeite.

19. The Rubywoo: for a clan who is mine precious rubies.

20. The Diamondbounds: for a clan who can mine diamonds with ease.

21. The JadeTones: for a clan who is mine precious jades.

22. The Lords of the Crystal Caverns: for a clan who mines Crystal Cave.

Mountain Inspired Dwarf Clan Names

A clan is a group of people who descend from a single person and carries on their legacy, work, and inherits some or most of their qualities, power, and likes. If you are looking for strong mountain-related names for a clan, then keep on reading.

23. The Blue Mountain Clan: for a clan who lives in Blue Mountain.

24. The Lords of the Gyre Mountains: for a clan who are the kings of Gyre Mountains.

25. The Mountainhall Clan: for a clan who cultivate in the mountain.

26. The Mountain Homes: for a clan who makes a home in mountain slopes.

27. The Mountainhewers: for a clan who lives in the mountain.

28. The Thunder Kings: for a clan who can manipulate thunderstorms.

29. The Thundershod: for a clan who can understand the weather.

30. The Mountain Falls: for a clan who lives near a waterfall.

Mining Inspired Dwarf Clan Names

Most Dwarfs practice different trades, some work in the metal sector, some gems and precious stones, some prepare for battle, while others work in the mining sector. If you need some unique, rare, and strong clan names for dwarven clans working in the mining sector, then keep on reading.

31. The Quick-Smelter clan: for a clan who can smelt anything.

32. The Hammerkeepers: for a clan who makes and upkeep hammer.

33. The Hammerdashers: for a clan who looks dashing working with a hammer.

34. The Stormhammers: for a clan who has the power of Thor.

35. Clan Krakhammer: for a clan who can break anything.

36. Clan Stone: for a clan who can chisel any stone.

37. The HammerPants: for a clan who can work on any type of hammer.

38. The Yewhammer: for a clan who is a prince of the hammer.

39. The Axebreakers: for a clan who is masters in the art of axing.

40. The Ashenforge: for a clan who can forge any weapon.

Nature Inspired Dwarf Clan Names

Each clan has a history and they take great pride in showing it off to the world. If some dwarfs or an individual have inherited some nature-related power, then they do not shy from showing it. So, for your nature-inspired dwarf clan names ideas, we have this list.

41. The Highfields: for a clan who lives on high-field.

42. The Winterhills: for a clan who lives in cold places.

43. The Frostpeak: for a clan who has the power of ice.

44. The Iceblood: for a clan who is cool as ice.

45. The Riverwrights: for a clan who possess the nature of the river.

46. The Frostbeards: for a clan who mines precious rubies.

47. The EarthChildren: for clans who are born from Earth.

48. The Skyminer: for a clan who possess the power of sky and wind.

49. The DarkSeekers: for clans who possess the power of the night.

50. The StoneBorns: for a clan who can manipulate earthly material.

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