Dying to Dance With Your Kids?! Here's 5 Reasons You'll Love Ankle Groovers' One-Off Rave Party

Crystal Ball

Thought your dancing days were over? Think again! With Ankle Groovers you can hit the dancefloor with your mini movers and groovers and show off your dad dancing to the max! Plus, with tickets from just £2.00 and children under the age of 1 going completely free, the one-off rave party is not to be missed! Head to Christ Church Gipsy Hill in Crystal Palace, don your dancing shoes, grab your glow sticks and get raving. But before you step foot on the dance floor be sure to read our top five reasons why Ankle Groovers is perfect for you and your little ones down below!

1. It’s something completely unique and different

We’re almost certain this isn’t your typical family day out and we can also say with confidence that it is unlike any other family day out you’ll probably have in the future. However, that’s part of what makes Ankle Groovers so great! There’s no time like the present to don your dancing shoes and head down to Crystal Palace to experience this family-friendly rave party and perhaps, even acquire a newfound passion for moving and grooving!

2. Ankle Groovers is run for kids, by kids!

One thing that makes Ankle Groovers so unique and exciting is that it is run for kids by kids! The hits you’ll be jamming along to are mixed, spun and played by none other than twelve-year-old DJ Jr! Plus, the resident face-painting company - ‘Brush Strokes’ will be there on the day, also run by thirteen-year-old entrepreneur “Kez”. Ankle Groovers strive to create a platform for young entrepreneurs as well as developing core development/social skills for children!

child dj playing music at family rave

3. Moving and grooving is proven to have health benefits

So, not only is dancing extremely fun, it’s also good for you as well - win, win! There are endless health benefits of moving and grooving and it doesn’t even feel like exercise. Dancing helps little movers and shakers under the age of 5 develop those all-important skills and they won’t even realise they are learning  - they’ll be too busy letting it loose on the dance floor. Plus dancing is a fantastic way to improve coordination, flexibility and agility skills for both adults too!

4. Ankle Groovers encourages your kids to let loose

‘Dance like nobody’s watching’ truly comes to the fore with Ankle Groovers! And unlike some sports, dancing has no age limit and certainly no restraints on creativity so both you and your mini groovers ca truly let loose on the dancefloor. Forget dabbing and flossing, why not invent your own dance moves and teach them to the rest of the crowd?

dancing children at family friendly rave

5. It’s only a one-off event!

Unfortunately, Ankle Groovers aren’t hanging about for long, giving you all the more reason to book your tickets and get grooving now! As just a one-off event on the 8th February, tickets are going quicker than you can do the Macarena so head to Kidadl to secure them now. We’ll see you on the dancefloor!



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