How To Earn A Blue Peter Badge In Lockdown

Young girl painting a picture to earn her Blue Peter badge.

With households nearing the end of nearly two months in lockdown, you might be running out of ideas to occupy the kids. Well, we have just the thing- encouraging your little ones to earn a Blue Peter badge!

What Is Blue Peter And What Is A Blue Peter Badge?

Blue Peter is a children's programme on CBBC which has been on our screens for over 60 years. With a range of content from DIY arts and crafts for your little ones to celebrity interviews, the show is a British family favourite.

As part of the show, children can get involved from the comfort of their own homes by earning a Blue Peter badge.

The badge is an award, giving special recognition for great achievements by viewers aged between 6 and15 years old- sorry adults! They can be earned by participants on the show itself or via post by sending in your applications, which is the best way to get your badges at this time.

There are eight badges your little ones can earn (though some can only be earned at certain times of the year), and every badge has its own requirements for you to complete, with one badge valid per application. Make sure to have a parent's permission before you send it off!

When you receive your badge, you are also given a Badge ID which you must keep safe in order to access all the amazing things you can do as a badge owner.

What Can You Do With A Blue Peter Badge?

Earning a Blue Peter badge gives you exclusive free entry to over 200 attractions throughout the UK- think of all the great places you can go in the future with your family and friends!

From great days out at the Eden Project and Blackpool Pleasure Beach to historical sites such as Hampton Court Palace, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Read on for some great tips and ideas on what you and the kids can do to get a badge on your way to making some fun memories on amazing days out.

Blue Badge

Blue badges are the iconic Blue Peter badge, with Blue Peter giving away what must be millions since 1963.

You can earn a blue badge by sending in interesting and creative works into the show. This could include writing a poem or story, sending in some of your artwork or even an idea/suggestion for the show!

What about a poem about your favourite animal or hobby or even a picture of your dream job?

Get creative!

Silver Badge

To be eligible to get a Silver badge, you must have already earned your own blue badge!

To get a silver badge, you need to go the extra mile and send in artistic and original work that is different from your previous blue badge application. Again, this could be anything that you feel is innovative and interesting.

Have an idea for a great cake recipe? What are your interests and hobbies- send in a piece of artwork inspired by your favourite singer, movie or even dance!

There are many things you could do, just have a think about what you could send in that is different from your previous application and just have a go.

Green Badge

Green badges are given to children who send in their work that shows a great passion for nature, conservation and the environment.

Not sure of what to do to show your love for all things eco-friendly?

You could write a letter to the show, telling them about something you have done to help the environment or even create an artwork inspired by being more environmentally friendly to help better our planet.

Why not draw or write about the effects of global warming, or write a poem on the importance of renewable energy sources?

Think about what is important to you about nature, and create something based on your interests to send in.

Purple Fan Club Badge

Purple Fan Club badges are given to those who have signed up to the Blue Peter fan club, joined and have filled and sent in a form answering some questions.

To sign up to the fan club, you need a BBC account with permission from your parent or guardian. After logging in, all that it takes to join the fan club is by commenting and joining in on the fun on the Blue Peter Fan Club page.

Then, fill in the fan club badge form. You'll be answering questions about your own ideas for the show, reviewing an episode and giving your take on what the Blue Peter website is like.

You can either send this form via email to [email protected] (this is the only one you can email) or print and post it- it's that simple!

Music Badge

This is the badge for all music lovers!

Designed by the amazing Ed Sheeran, you can earn the music badge by filling in the music badge form, with an attached picture of yourself having music-related fun.

You could be jamming to your favourite song or playing an instrument, however, make sure that is just you in the picture and that you are not wearing any school uniform.

Don't know how to play an instrument? Blue Peter has created a great online interactive activity called Bring the Noise which allows you to create your own beats so why not have a go and try and earn yours?

Send all your amazing creations to:

Blue Peter, BBC Bridge House, MediaCityUK, Salford, M50 2BH

When sending your work to Blue Peter, make sure to include your full name, date of birth, home address and postcode, specifying which of the badges you would like to apply for.

You may also need to double-check what stamp to use on your envelope and whether you need to pay any extra if the parcel you are sending in is larger than standard.

Feeling inspired? Raring to get started on your quest for a Blue Peter Badge? Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this article and would like more ideas for at home activities, why not take a look at our other suggestions for lockdown projects and how to bring outdoor play indoors.


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