5 Easy Alice In Wonderland Cake Ideas To Inspire You

Little girl dressed as Alice in Wonderland sat at a table outside having a tea party with a tiered blue and white cake.

Image © wolfhound911, under a Creative Commons license.

If you've been wondering about the best cakes for an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party that the Mad Hatter himself would be proud of, look no further.

We have some amazing ideas for some truly out of this world Alice in Wonderland cakes. When it comes to going down the rabbit hole, more is more - but don't worry, these cake ideas are simple and easy to follow, as the Cheshire Cat himself says, "for me, myself, personally, I prefer the short-cut", and we agree!

The great thing about an Alice in Wonderland themed cake is that it doesn't need to be perfect, anything that ends up a little wonky or out of place will look just right in Wonderland, even the Queen of Hearts herself would be impressed with these Wonderland worthy treats.

I'm Late, I'm Late, I'm Late! The White Rabbit's Pocket Watch Cake

This simple Alice in Wonderland cake would make the perfect accessory to your Alice in Wonderland tea party.

Check out this easy sponge cake for the perfect Alice in Wonderland cake base.

Materials Needed: A plain Swiss roll, 125g of butter, 250g icing sugar, jam, white fondant icing, edible food paint in black and gold, food-safe paintbrush.


1.Whip the butter and icing sugar together to make the frosting.

2.Take your sponge cake and fill the centre, either with just buttercream or jam too, sandwich the two layers together.

3.Cut a 10cm slice of Swiss roll, and place this at the top of the sponge cake, cover both cakes with a thin layer of buttercream to create a crumb coat.

4.Roll out the white fondant icing and cover the cake and the Swiss roll so they create the watch shape, smoothing it down around the edges and trimming any excess.

5.For this stage it is easier if you have an image of an old fashioned pocket watch to copy. Use the gold food paint to paint a circle outline directly onto the cake, be quite sparing when you load the paintbrush up, so you can see the brush strokes.

6.Paint the numbers and hands onto the clock face using the black food paint. Once it is dry, you can add some finer detail with the gold paint. Make the pocket watch as ornate as you like, including the top part of the case (the Swiss roll). You could roll out any spare fondant to create some swirling shapes to go on the watch face and around the edge of the cake too.

Little girl sat at a table having a Mad Hatter's tea party with a three-tiered cake.
Image © kukuruzaphoto, under a Creative Commons license.

More Tea? The Mad Hatter Cake

The Mad Hatter is an iconic Alice in Wonderland character and this topsy turvy Mad Hatter cake is our tribute to him.

This recipe is a great base for this teetering Alice In Wonderland cake.

Materials Needed: 125g butter, 250g icing sugar, dark green fondant icing, white fondant icing, black edible food paint, edible gold dusting powder, a circular cake board, wide light green silk style ribbon.


1.Bake three cakes using the method above. Whip the butter and sugar together and use the buttercream to sandwich the three layers together.

2.Using a sharp knife, trim the cake to create a wide cone shape, with the smallest part at the top. Carefully lift the cake and flip over, this is now the main part of the hat! Use buttercream to fix the cake to the cake board. Cover the cake with a thin layer of buttercream as a crumb coat.

3.Roll out the fondant icing, and cut a long rectangular strip for the brim of the hat, put this to one side and cover the cake with the remaining green fondant. Take the long strip of fondant and arrange this around the base of the cake.

4.Roll out the white fondant icing and cut out a rectangle, use the black edible paint to write 10/6, this is the old fashioned style price of the hat! Finish the letters with a dusting of gold. Use a little buttercream to fix this to the side of the cake.

5.Wrap the green ribbon around the base, securing the price tag. Finish off by painting on the gold dusting powder with a small brush, around the top edge of the hat and around the edge of the rim, just to add a little sparkle!

A lavish multi-tiered cake in blue and white icing with gold decorations.
Image © Vidal Balielo Jr., under a Creative Commons license.

Who's Been Painting My Roses Red? Queen Of Hearts Cupcakes

The Queen of Hearts is one of the most fierce characters in Wonderland, but even she couldn't be mad about these perfect wonderland themed cupcakes.

This vanilla cupcake recipe would work perfectly for this Alice In Wonderland cake.

Materials Needed: Fondant icing in red, black and white, jam, round fluted cookie cutters, heart shape,  or playing card shapes cutters if you can get hold of them.


1.Roll out your white fondant icing, using a round cookie cutter roughly the same size as your cupcake, cut out enough circles to cover all of the cupcakes. Using a pastry brush, put little warm jam on each cake and place the icing on top.

2.Use the black and red fondant icing to make all the little playing card shapes, and place them on each cake. You can go into as much detail as you like, recreating the playing cards or just use the symbols.

3.Another option for these Queen of Hearts cupcakes would be to make white and red roses and use those to decorate the cupcakes instead, if you are feeling artistic you could just make white ones, then use food paint to haphazardly paint a few with flecks of red, to mimic the ones in the Queen of Hearts' garden.

A Very Happy Un-Birthday To You- To You! An Un-Birthday Wonderland Cake

When Alice stumbles upon the Mad Hatter and his upside down tea party, she is handed a spectacular 'un-birthday' cake. Here's how to recreate your own.

This small but tall sponge cake makes the perfect wobbly Alice In Wonderland cake base.

Materials Needed: 600g butter, 1200g icing sugar, pink food colouring, white food colouring, blue fondant flowers, piping bag with 'flower' nozzle, a cake stand.


1.Whip the butter and icing sugar together and then take around one cupful of icing to turn white, and dye the rest pink.

2.For your cake, you will need to triple the sponge cake recipe above. Use the method from the mad hatter cake to trim and flip your cake to create the slightly wobbly un-birthday cake shape. Sandwich the layers together using the pink buttercream.

3.Cover the entire cake in pink buttercream, this can be fairly haphazard, no need to smooth any edges.

4.Take your white buttercream in the piping bag and pipe dots of frosting all the way around the edge of each layer, the base and the top. Place the blue fondant flowers around the edge of the top layer.

5.Finally, if you would like to be really accurate, use one large candle right in the centre of the cake. Alternatively, you can place another blue flower here and use as many candles as you like.

Little girl dressed as Alice in Wonderland sat at a table outside ready for her Mad Hatter's tea party.
Image © wolfhound911, under a Creative Commons license.

Do You Suppose She's A Wildflower? Whimsical Wonderland Cupcakes

These little Alice In Wonderland cakes are quick to whip up, and are the perfect addition to your tea party.

The cupcakes from this recipe will work perfectly.

Materials Needed: 300g butter, 600g icing sugar, food colouring in various pastel shades, real edible flowers, decorative icing flowers, toothpicks, paper and a printer.


1.Whip the butter and icing sugar to make the buttercream, divide up the mixture and dye each bowl a different colour. Frost all of the cupcakes in the pastel buttercream.

2.Take your decorative flowers and dot them all over the cakes. The more random and mixed up the better, we want to create a bright and beautiful flower bed for Alice and her companions to stumble upon.

3.To make your own paper Alice in Wonderland cake toppers, you can simply print illustrations of the characters, cut carefully around them, back onto some card, and attach to a toothpick or a straw. Snip the straw to size and you can push the topper into the cakes. Voila, a perfect pastel picnic.

More Alice In Wonderland Tea Party Treat Ideas

Decorate some biscuits with 'eat me' written in icing.

Add little 'drink me' labels to all of the cups and teacups.

Whip up some jam tarts, the Queen of Hearts' favourite.

Serve your drinks using different teapots - even for things like fizzy drinks!

Use stripy paper straws, pink and purple if you can get them- as a nod to the Cheshire Cat.

Make these delicious homemade Jammie Dodgers, serve alongside Viennese Whirls and French Fancies.

To make some little Cheshire Cat cakes, cut strips of fondant in pink and purple and create stripy cupcakes, you could even decorate a whole cake like this, complete with a Cheshire Cat smile.

Create signs with arrows leading to the Alice in Wonderland themed tea party, bunting and lacy table cloths will add a fancy vintage touch.

Serve your Alice in Wonderland cakes on old fashioned cake stands of varying heights.


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