DIY Easy Bath Bombs For Kids


And relax… Throughout these stressful times, it’s super important that both kids and grown-ups alike take moments to focus on self-care and relaxation! And what better way to get zen than by making your very own homemade bath bombs? Not only is it a super fun and simple DIY that both you and your kids can have a blast making but it is also a lovely treat that you can look forward to - who doesn’t love the excitement of a fizzing bath bomb? Keep reading to find out how you can make really simple bath bombs at home, plus, ideas on how to customise them! Plus, if you're putting in the work to make your own bath bombs, why not treat the family to an entire DIY spa day - check out our top ideas here.

Recipe 1: Gentle Fizzers: No Citric Acid Bath Bomb Recipe

You’ll need: baking soda, cream of tartar (can be found in the baking aisle of most supermarkets!), essential oils, silicone moulds or ice cube trays, bowl for mixing, spoon, water in a spray bottle and food colouring

To make your DIY bath bombs, it’s super easy! Firstly grab 160g of baking soda, 130g of cream of tartar, and pour into a large bowl.

Then add a few drops of your chosen essential oil and a few drops of food colouring until you have the colour you want - don’t worry if it still looks quite powdery at this point, persevere with the mixing!

Afterwards, using a bottle with a spray cap (you can use an old cleaning bottle that has been washed out and cleaned or even an empty makeup spray bottle that has been thoroughly cleaned) spray your powdery mixture 2-3 times. Watch as the mixture begins to sizzle and react as the bicarbonate of soda reacts with the water!

Begin to gently mix it and as it becomes more solid, it should have the texture of wet sand. When you can indent your finger into the mixture onto the spoon and it leaves a little fingerprint mould behind without crumbling too much, then it’s ready. If not, add a few more sprays of water, mixing it after each spray until you reach the desired consistency.

Then you're ready to fill your moulds - silicone moulds work best as it makes it super easy for your bath bombs to slide out, plus you can get some epic shapes on Amazon! However, ice cube trays will work as well. Pack your moulds with the bath bomb mixture, ensuring to press down super hard keeping it compact and tight.

Finally, leave them to dry for around 1-2 days until they are fully hard and then remove gently and you’re ready to go!

Recipe 2: Super Fizzy Citric Acid Bath Bomb Recipe

You’ll need: baking soda, citric acid, cornflour, coconut or olive oil, essential oil of your choice, food colouring, 2 bowls for mixing, a whisk and plastic moulds

To get making your super fizzy citric acid bath bombs, measure 100g of baking soda, 50g of citric acid and 25g of cornflour and whisk in a bowl until combined.

Then measure 2 tablespoons of your chosen base oil, ½ a teaspoon of your chosen essential oil and a few droplets of food colouring, pour into a separate bowl and mix, combining the oil with the colouring until fully mixed.

Now, super slowly, pour the oil mixture into the powder bowl with the dry ingredients, making sure to whisk between each addition.

Once the oil mixture is added, add a few drops of water and whisk again - watch out for the chemical reaction!

Once the mixture starts to clump in your hand when held together it’s ready. If it’s still looking a little powdery, add more droplets of water as you see fit, making sure to whisk between each addition.

Now you’re ready to fill your moulds, we recommend silicone mould trays but you could always use empty yoghurt pots or if you’ve got any easter egg packaging left over - why not make a big egg-shaped bath bomb? Pack your mixture tightly, ensuring to smooth the top down with a teaspoon.

Then leave them to set and dry for 2-4 hours before carefully removing from the moulds!

You’re all set, run your bath and get fizzy!

Simple But Cool Ways To Customise Your Bath Bombs!

One of the best things about making your own bath bombs is that you can completely customise them to your liking! We’ve listed the top 3 ways of customising that are super easy but can have such a lovely effect and make for cool alternatives to your standard bath bombs. Or if you know someone who could do with a little more zen in their life, why not customise them their very own set of bath bombs to drop at their doorstep? Plus, they make super nice gifts!

Go glitter crazy! Why not add a little sparkle to your homemade bath bombs? There are plenty of skin-safe pigments and shimmer online that are made for cosmetic purposes and won’t leave stains in your bathtub! If you’ve got a range of glitters, why not attempt a tie-dye bath bomb design, swirling the different colours amongst the mixture, creating an awesome effect. If you do decide to spice your bath bomb up with glitter, ensure to add a little pinch at a time mixing it in just before you add the liquid components. It’s bound to leave your skin super sparkly and glowy the next day!

Get outside and grab some flowers! On your daily walks if you happen to pass any pretty flowers, why not grab a few and put them in your bath bombs? Or perhaps you’ve got some roses growing in your garden - why not use a few of those gorgeous red petals and place them in your bath bombs? The smaller the petals are the better! Ensure not to overload your mixture with them, you might even have to tear them up into smaller pieces - the effect is so beautiful!

Rose Bath Bomb

Go colourful and smelly! If you’ve got more than one colour of food colouring why not make all different colour bath bombs? Or if you’re feeling super creative, get mixing and create your own shades of colour! Another great way to change things up a little is through using different essential oils and creating different smells. Lavender, lemon and rose are our top favourites for super calming scents but there’s so many to choose from - the possibilities are endless!

If you're on the hunt for more calming activities, especially for your little ones, take a read of our top 12 calming activities for under 5s here.



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