7 Easy Ways To Make Birthday Bunting At Home


Bunting is the perfect way to decorate your home, whether it's for outside, festive periods, party decorations or just year-round fun.

Making bunting can be as simple as you want it to be, and you can get as creative and snazzy as you wish. Your kids will have a great time helping you on this project, and finding all the different ways that they can make bunting. We've compiled a list of 7 easy ways you can make celebration bunting at home and help bring some colour into your living room, kids' bedroom, or even your garden.

Ice Cream Bunting

What you'll need:

Yarn (of any colour), scissors, egg cartons, acrylic paint (for the ice cream cones), a paintbrush, and glue (hot glue or any strong glue works well).

How to make:

Step 1: Remove the middle, bigger part from your egg carton, you'll be using this as your ice cream cone. Once you've cut them all out, paint it with the acrylic paint that you chose and leave to dry.

Step 2: Make the pom poms out of your chosen yarn.  One of the best methods is the cardboard disc technique, wherein you wind your yarn around a cardboard disk (shaped like a C), and snip the yarn to form the pom pom. You can find a more in-depth tutorial here.

Step 3: You might need to trim the pom pom to make sure it's even, and make sure to keep the string that you used to tie it with! You'll be needing that later.

A top tip for extra fluffy pom poms: hold them under boiling water for a minute!

Step 4: Once the cones are finished drying, use your glue to stick the pom pom to the cone. Then use the strings that are attached to the ice cream to tie them onto a ribbon.

There you have it. This ice cream bunting is good enough to eat, and easy enough to make. Kids love making pom poms, and doing crafts that are simple for their little hands to make is a great way to spend time together.

Colourful Bunting

What you'll need:

A large sheet of card, paint, string or ribbon, scissors.

How to make:

Step 1: Cover your surfaces and anything you don't want to get messy with an old sheet.

Step 2: Give your kids some paint and let them go to town. They can throw, squeeze or drip paint all over the piece of card. Let them use as many colours as you've got, they'll love the chance to get a little creative and mess things up.

Step 3: Once the kids are satisfied, leave the card to dry.

Step 4: Cut the dry piece of card into triangles, hole punch or use scissors to put a hole in the top, and thread through the piece of string or ribbon.

Now you've got a beautiful string of bunting ready to be hung up that is fully designed by your children. Plus, it's guaranteed to be unique to your own family.

lines of colourful bunting

Letter Bunting

What you'll need:

Craft paper, a pen or pencil, scissors, ribbon, a hole punch (useful but not necessary).

How to make:

Step 1: Once you've thought of what you want the bunting to say, simply use your pencil to trace out the letters on the back of your craft paper or card.

Step 2: Now that you have your template, cut out the letters that you've written. These letters will come together to form the word on your bunting.

Step 3: Use your hole punch or scissors to create small holes in the top of the letters that you will thread your ribbon through.

Step 4: If you want, get your child to join in this step, it's really simple. All you need to do is thread the ribbon through the holes that you just put into your letters, this is what forms the bunting.

Hang it up in whichever room you want, and voila. This project is mostly made of supplies that you could probably find at home, making it super easy and cheap. Perfect for sharing messages of joy during any time of year be it Christmas, Halloween or the summer holidays.

No Sew Fabric Bunting

What you'll need:

Fabric of any kind (old t-shirts, bedsheets, etc), scissors or pinking shears, ruler (or any straight edge), a template, eyelet pliers, eyelets, and ribbon.

How to make:

Step 1: Use your template to guide where you should cut out your fabric triangles. Pinking shears give a unique zig zag edge and mean less fraying of the fabric, but scissors work just as well.

Step 2: Using the eyelet pliers, you'll want to punch a hole into each corner of every triangle, and then set your eyelets into those holes.

Step 3: Thread the ribbon through the eyelets, and you're all done!

This three-step no-sew fabric bunting project is perfect for those who can't sew, or maybe don't have the patience for sewing. It's a great way to reuse old fabric that you loved but won't use anymore. This fabric bunting gives a fresh look to any celebrations, parties or can be used as decor to give a vintage touch to any room.

Rainbow Bunting

What you'll need:

Coloured card, ruler, scissors, a Stanley knife or any cutting tool, pencil, ribbon.

How to make:

Step 1: Using a template, trace the shape of a triangle onto your pieces of card. Remember, the more you do the longer your bunting will be.

Step 2: Using your cutting tool (or scissors), cut out the triangle shapes.

Step 3: Put holes into the tops of the triangles and thread through a string or ribbon to tie your bunting together.  Alternatively, if you have a sewing machine you can sew the triangles to the string, this would mean that each separate flag on the bunting will be sturdier and move around less.

This project is perfect for birthday parties or livening up a room. For little ways to involve your kids in the process, let them choose the colours that you use or help lining up the flags so that they can be put onto the bunting. If you prefer fabric bunting, different coloured fabrics instead of card will have the same rainbow effect. If you're on the hunt for any other indoor craft ideas you can find some here.

Bunny Bunting

What you'll need:

A bunny template (either one you've made yourself or found online), card (any colour), scissors, mini pom poms (any colour), a skewer, string.

How to make:

Step 1: Trace out your bunny template onto your pieces of card, and cut out.

Step 2: Once they're cut out, you and the kids can glue on the pom poms to act as a bunny tail.

Step 3: Poke the skewer through the bunnies ears, and thread on a string.

This bunting is an easy way to jump into any festive celebration. And they can be used for anything from birthdays and baby showers to just a fun decoration all year-round! The bunny bunting is one that your kids will love too, they'll have great fun sticking on the bunny tails and seeing their craft project come to life.

Flower Bunting

What you'll need:

Crepe/tissue paper, string or embroidery thread, scissors.

How to make:            

Step 1: Measure two strands of crepe/tissue paper that is 18 inches each. These will make one flower, so measure out as many as you need accordingly.

Step 2: Simply tuck and fold the paper in a circular motion whilst pinching the bottom, this will create your flower shape.        

Step 3: Lay our your flowers in the order you want to put them onto your string, then tie the string around the stem of the flower (make sure to double knot).

Step 4: Fluff each paper flower so that they look beautiful and full.

And that's all! This is a fun and easy bunting technique that doesn't require much skill or time, but the end product looks so pretty that everyone will love it.

For more great arts and crafts activities that your kids will love click here.

family enjoying birthday cake at garden table


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