Eerie-sistible! The Ghostbuster’s Guide to London’s Top Spooky Sights on the Ghost Bus Tour

Ghost tours.

The classic 1960s Necrobus used by Ghost Bus Tour features everything you might need for a comfortable ride across London’s creepiest sites, including antique lamps that are said to be resistant against even the scariest of paranormal activities – so you’ll never have to worry about finding yourself completely in the dark while ghostly characters roam outside. After a particularly frightening sight, you’ll be grateful for the bus’s plush red velvet curtains giving you at least some sense of safety and comfort.

The Necrobus and its strange, otherworldly tour guides are drawn to London’s most mysterious sites and eager to tell you all about them. Here is your ghostbuster’s guide to the spookiest sites you’ll be visiting across London.

The ghosts and fossils of Buckingham Palace

grave diggers lower a coffin into the ground

No London tour would be complete without a visit to the Queen’s crib at Buckingham Palace. As is often the case with spaces carrying so much history, there are many stories circulating about the spirits that haunt Buckingham Palace. Long before it was acquired by King George III in 1761, back when it was just a large, unassuming townhouse, it was said to have been a monastery. One of the ghosts that is said to haunt the Queen’s London digs is an imprisoned monk who makes his presence known by rattling his chains and moaning on the palace’s rear terrace.

Another thing you may not have known about Buckingham palace, is that it is home to fossils that could be up to 200 million years old. The limestone that was used to construct the building is home to mineralised corpses of microscopic organisms. Not necessarily spooky, but still pretty cool, right?

The Tower of London’s staircase of 1674

A rainbow lands on the Tower of London

The Tower of London is home to many a ghastly story and just about as many ghosts. Over the years, 22 executions have taken place here and the most recent was a bullet to the head of the German spy, Josef Jakobs, on August 15th, 1941. For those of you who truly enjoy the morbid, you can still view his execution chair at the Royal Armouries’ artefacts store.

One of the most puzzling stories to have played out here involves the two princes, King Edward IV’s sons, Edward and Richard. Following their father’s death, the boys mysteriously disappeared from the Tower of London in 1483. When the building underwent reconstruction in 1674, what are believed to be their skeletons were found beneath a staircase. Their spirits are said to be haunting the place to this day.

The tombs and wax figures of Westminster Abbey

The Ghost Bus Tour passes by a stormy Big Ben

Now this one is one for the real Ghostbusters on the Necrobus. Westminster Abbey is one of the most globally recognised buildings and not just in terms of architecture, but the many secrets it holds within – the weird, the wonderful and the unnerving. There’s the statue of St. Wilgeforte, the bearded women whose wish to be repulsive was granted by her prayers; a coronation chair covered in schoolboy-graffiti from the 1700s and 1800s; and, of course the many tombs and wax figures.

A lot of the wax figures you’ll see at Westminster Abbey were created with the use of death masks – not exactly a vision for the faint-hearted, but that’s exactly why you’re here, isn’t it? You wouldn’t dare hop on the Necrobus unless you were confident of your ghostbusting skills – even when faced with the harrowing sight of Lady Nightingale's grisly tomb.



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