100+ Elder Scrolls Breton Names For Your Characters

Elder Scrolls Breton names are very powerful.

Bretons are a race in the 'Elder Scrolls' gaming franchise.

The list below makes it easy to find great character names for 'Elder Scrolls' characters. You will find the best female and male Breton names for your characters here.

Bretons are described in the game as human descendants from the High Rock province. They worship the Eight Divines along with three Elven deities, but they are not given to excessive religion. As well as first names Bretons have last names too, these often end in -croft, -field, or-ford.

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Breton Names For Girls

Female Elder Scrolls Breton characters have beautiful names that are full of meaning.

1. Adara (Hebrew origin) means “noble”.

2. Adrianne (English origin) feminine version of Adrian.

3. Agrippina (Roman origin) derivative of the name Agrippa.

4. Alea (English origin) meaning “rising”.

5. Alexia (French origin) meaning “defending men”.

6. Alfhild (Norse origin) meaning “eld battle”.

7. Alva (Swedish origin) meaning “elf”.

8. Anwen (Welsh origin) means “very beautiful”.

9. Arcadia (Greek origin) means “happiness”.

10. Asta (Swedish origin) meaning “divine beauty”.

11. Babette (French origin) meaning “God is my oath”.

12. Carlotta (Italian origin) means “army,.

13. Ciel (French origin) means “sky”.

14. Dagny (Norse origin) means “new day”.

15. Danica (Slavic origin) means “morning start”.

16. Dorthe (Danish origin) meaning “gift from God”.

17. Edwina (English origin) meaning “rich friend”.

18. Elda (Italian origin) meaning “warrior”.

19. Eris (Greek origin) means “strife”.

20. Evette (English origin) means “life” or “yew”.

21. Eydis (Norse origin) meaning “Goddess of good fortune”.

22. Frida (German origin) meaning “peace”.

23. Gemma (Italian origin) means “precious stone”.

24. Gerda (German origin) meaning “protector”.

25. Gianna (Italian origin) meaning “God is gracious”.

26. Greta (German origin) means “a pearl”.

27. Gul (Persian origin) meaning “flower”.

28. Gwendolyn (Welsh origin) meaning “white ring”.

29. Hilde (German origin) meaning “battle”.

30. Hillevi (Scandinavian origin) meaning “safe in battle”.

31. Hulda (Hebrew origin) meaning “secrecy".

32. Inge (Scandinavian origin) refers to the Germanic God Ing.

33. Iona (Greek origin) meaning “blessed”.

34. Jordis (German origin) meaning “sword goddess”.

35. Kaye (English origin) means “keeper of the keys”.

Breton Names For Boys

Find Breton names here.

The names listed below are strong options for male Breton names for your character.

36. Alain (French origin) meaning “little rock”.

37. Arvel (Welsh origin) meaning “cried over”.

38. Asbjorn (Norwegian origin) meaning “bear”.

39. Bendt (Danish origin) meaning “blessed”.

40. Bjartur (Icelandic origin) meaning “bright”.

41. Blaise (French origin) meaning “lisping”.

42. Bor (Slovene origin) meaning “pine tree”.

43. Braith (English origin) meaning “speckled”.

44. Bran (Irish origin) meaning “raven”.

45. Caius (Latin origin) means “joyful”.

46. Calixto (Spanish origin) meaning “beautiful”.

47. Christer (Latin origin) meaning “follower of Christ”.

48. Cicero (Roman origin) meaning “chickpea”.

49. Constantius (Latin origin) meaning “constant”.

50. Dagur (Icelandic origin) meaning “day”.

51. Darius (Roman origin) meaning “possessing good”.

52. Elam (Hebrew origin) meaning “eternity”.

53. Ennis (Irish origin) meaning “island”.

54. Erik (Scandinavian origin) meaning “always”.

55. Erlendr (Scandinavian origin) meaning “foreigner”.

56. Etienne (French origin) meaning “wreath”.

57. Falk (German origin) means “falcon”.

58. Gaius (Greek origin) meaning “person of the earth”.

59. Gallus (Roman origin) meaning “rooster”.

60. Hakon (Scandinavian origin) meaning “high son”.

61. Harald (Norse origin) meaning “powerful army”.

62. Jesper (Persian origin) meaning “treasurer”.

63. Jorgen (Danish origin) meaning “farmer”.

64. Kai (Hawaiian origin) meaning “sea”.

65. Knud (Danish origin) meaning “knot”.

66. Lars (Scandinavian origin) means “victory”.

67. Leontius (Latin origin) meaning “loin”.

68. Llewellyn (Welsh origin) meaning “leader”.

69. Matus (Slovak origin) means “gift of God”.

70. Milos (Slovak origin) meaning “dear”.

Breton Names From Lore

If you need an exact name from lore, this section is for you.

71. Amelie (French origin) meaning “hardworking".

72. Cairine (Gaelic origin) meaning “pure”.

73. Cayleigh (Irish origin) meaning “fair”.

74. Corcoran (Irish origin) meaning “purple”.

75. Edana (German origin) meaning “noble”.

76. Faolan (Irish origin) means “wolf”.

77. Frieda (German origin) means “peaceful ruler”.

78. Gallivere (Swedish origin) refers to a place in Sweden.

79. Gilbard (German origin) meaning “noble youth”.

80. Gryf (Welsh origin) meaning “fierce”.

81. Gyna (Italian origin) meaning “queen”.

82. Gyron (English origin) refers to someone of low financial status.

83. Hennabear (Unknown origin) this name is a combination of two words.

84. Horstle (Sanskrit origin) meaning “yellow”.

85. Jyllia (English origin) meaning “caring”.

86. Kingford (English origin) name for a habitual dweller.

87. Kington (English origin) means “settlement”.

88. Lywel (English origin) meaning “the town”.

89. Malvina (Scottish origin) meaning “smooth brow”.

90. Mooring (Irish origin) means “more”.

91. Muriel (Celtic origin) meaning “bright”.

92. Prolyssa (Unknown origin) the meaning isn’t quite known.

93. Riane (Irish origin) meaning “little King”.

94. Rosalyn (Spanish origin) meaning “little rose”.

95. Sorcha (Irish origin) meaning “brightness”.

96. Sylon (English origin) the meaning is not known.

97. Talara (Aboriginal origin) means “rain”.

98. Wergital (Unknown origin) the meaning isn’t clear.

99. Wicksmith (English origin) meaning “earth worker”.

100. Wynster means "a spiritual person".

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