55 Electricity Puns That Are Shockingly Funny

Electricity is a form of energy which gives power to many different areas of our life.

In 1600, William Gilbert coined the term 'electricity', in 1759 Benjamin Franklin discovered lightning was electrical, and in 1800 Alessandro Volta produced an early electric battery.

These 3 men who played a vital part in one thing we couldn't live without, electricity.  Electricity is a form of energy which gives power to many different areas of our life.

From cooking to operating machinery and even the light in our homes, so many daily activities rely on the power electricity generates. This power is mainly generated using giant steam turbines that can use fossil fuels, nuclear, biomass, geothermal, or solar energy to generate power. Some sources of electricity, like burning coal, can release nasties into the atmosphere adding to air pollution, while others like wind farms or solar energy are renewable, sustainable, and much better for the environment.

Electricity might not seem like an obvious topic for puns and humor, so you might be shocked at how many electricity puns we've come up with. Plug in the electrical charge, and let's get punning.

Light Bulb And Light Puns

Brighten up your day with these electric puns, they're sure to be illuminating!

1.A light bulb loves watching the news, it's the best way to keep up with current events.

2.Sing with me now, I'm dreaming of a 'light' Christmas.

3.How do the students feel when the power goes at school? De-lighted, of course.

4.Do you know what the light bulb say to the generator? You know I really get a charge out of you.

Electrical Puns

So many words to do with electricity, so many puns to read, which will be your favorite?

5.I never knew you could do that, you're a spark horse.

6.Wow, you're quick off the spark.

7.There are electric eels in there, it's like swimming with sparks.

8.I've just written new words to Bruce Springsteen's song, it's now called Dancing In The Spark.

9.It wasn't me, you're sparking up the wrong tree.

10.Spark at the moon.

11.Make your spark.

12.Hi, I'm the new kid on the shock.

13.If you're quick enough, you'll beat the shock.

14.Don't shock the boat.

15.My favorite games are always out of shock.

16.We run on the 24 - power clock.

17.31 October, the witching power.

18.A visit to the Leaning Power Of Pisa is a must-do if you visit Italy.

19.On holiday in Paris? Don't forget the Eiffel Power.

20.We learned about the Great Wire Of London in school today.

Energy Puns

These energy puns would turbocharge any power plant.

21.Have you heard why wind power is growing in popularity? It has a lot of fans.

22.Did you hear about the eco-conscious polar bears that use sustainable energy? They became solar bears.

23.What is the wind turbines' favorite color? 'Blew'.

From cooking to operating machinery, many daily activities rely on generated electricity.

Funny Electricity Puns

This collection of puns use high-voltage electricity words to maximum effect, they are sure to set sparks flying.

24.Have you heard of Giggle Watts - it's a new generator powered by jokes and laughter.

25.Let's listen to the Red Watt Chili Peppers.

26.Watt off the press.

27.Do you know the answer? I haven't watt a clue.

28.Cat watt your tongue?

29.Be careful, that's piping watt.

30.We are watt amused.

31.Wire you asking me, I don't know watts going on.

32.Ditch the jokers, we're watt playing with the full pack.

33.I'm hungry, there's a watt dog cart over there.

34.Children should be seen and watt heard.

35.My friend is such a bright spark, he knows watts watt.

36.Say Watt?

37.What did Bugs Bunny say when he went to visit his GP? Watts up doc.

38.When I complain to mum about something, she always says it's a watt of fuss about nothing.

39.Don't be nervous, just do watt comes naturally.

40.When my baby brother learned to speak he said to mummy and daddy, I love you watts and watts.

41.That's so naughty, joule never get away with this.

42.If you're in London, you must try and see the Crown Joules.

43.April has dawned, time for some April Joules.

44.I'm not looking forward to going back to joule.

45.My teacher always told me to use the right joule for the job.

46.Well, that was a volt from the blue.

47.You can't ever teach a volt dog new tricks.

Ohm, Here's Some More Puns About Electricity

Ohm is a unit of electrical resistance, and one of the words related to electricity that makes for some great puns.

48.How did the voltage greet the current when they met? what's up ohmie.

49.I loved our holiday, but it's great to be ohm sweet ohm.

50.A physics teacher next door is leading a meditation class, all I can hear is ohm, ohm, ohm.

51.My favourite author has got to be Sherlock Ohms.

And Finally Electrician Puns

Is there a sparky in your life? They'll love these funny electricity puns.

52.Mum said to her electrician partner when he walked in the door, wire you insulate?

53.Electricians only shop in one place, the Ohm Depot.

54.Electricians find it easy to shop for cars, they just go to Volts-wagen.

55.Wire electrical jobs so much fun!



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