63 Enchanting Girls' Names Beginning With E

Toddler girl with a girls' name beginning with E playing in daffodils.

If you've narrowed down your choice of baby names to those beginning with E then there are plenty of beautiful names, unusual names and traditional names that would be perfect for your new baby girl.

It can be a difficult and confusing task choosing a name and as a parent you can search far and wide for names that sound wonderful and also have wonderful meanings and origins. We're here to make your search a little clearer and easier by putting together a collection of baby names that start with E and their meanings.

From nature inspired, floral names to strong unisex names, our list of girl names that start with an E has it all.

Flower Names For Girls That Start With E  

Floral E names for girls can be difficult to come by but we've found a few lovely options. Here are some charming and unusual floral baby names that start with E.

1. Edelweiss - This name of German origin is the informal name for a small white mountain flower. You may recognise it from the song 'Edelweiss' from the musical The Sound of Music.

2. Elestren - This name has an origin that is close to home, Cornwall specifically. This Cornish botanical name is a variation of Iris.

3. Evanthe - This beautiful ancient name has Greek origin and means 'fair flower'.

4. Elodie - This French name means  'marsh flower'. This purple blooms can be found all over France and Europe.

Old-Fashioned And Traditional Girls' Names That Start With E

These baby names that start with E are for parents looking for classic and beautiful names for a baby girl. Traditional names are increasing popularity with parents looking for names with classical charm and elegance.  If you're looking to stick to quintessential feminine names then search no further than these lovely names.

Girl smiling up from the grass with a girls' name beginning with E

5. Eleanor - This E baby name is of Medieval French origin but this variation has been a popular baby name in England for many years.

6. Elizabeth - This powerful name originates from the Hebrew language and means 'My God is my oath/abundance'. A strong name for generations of baby girls including Elizabeth I of England.

7. Elena - This is an E baby name popular all over the world. It means bright, shining light. Search no further than this magic baby name for your shining new arrival.

8. Emilia - This baby name is for the ambitious. It is most likely derived from a Latin word meaning to excel.

9. Emily - Emily means hand-working and is one of the most traditional names beginning with E.

10. Emma - This name is originated from the German word ermen that means 'universe'.  

11. Eliana - This E baby name is of Hebrew origin and means 'My God answered'. A beautiful sentiment and beautiful name for a baby girl.

12. Esther - Esther in the Hebrew Bible is the Queen of Persia. This E name for your baby girl would be prefect for a regal character.

13. Eloise - Eloise is the French variation of the English name Louise.

14. Elise - Another name of French Origin meaning 'God is my Oath'. A great option if you prefer shorter baby names.

15. Evangeline - This is a very traditional English name and means someone that is bringing good news.  This wonderful E name can be shortened in various ways so your baby girl can have as many nicknames as you would like.

16. Eve - This name is originates in the Bible. In the Bible Eve was the first woman created by God.

17. Erin - If you're looking for a name with Gaelic origins then Erin may be the perfect name for your baby.

18. Edith - A traditional English name for a baby English Rose.  It is derived from an old English word meaning 'riches' or 'blessed'.

19. Edie - This name can be a shortened form of Edith or a name in its own right.

20. Elisa - A variation of Else.

21. Esme - This beautiful name is of French origin and means 'to love'. Exactly right for a beloved new baby girl.

22. Elaine - A name that is of Greek origin that means 'sun ray' or 'ray of light'.

23. Eilish - This is a traditional Irish E name meaning 'pledged to God'.

24. Efa - This Welsh name beginning with E is a variation of the Hebrew name Eva meaning 'alive'.

25. Eadie - An Old English name meaning 'rich in war'.

26. Elspeth - This is a Scottish variant of the name Elizabeth.

27. Eleri - A Welsh name which is derived from the name of a medieval Welsh tribe.

28. Eliya - A Hebrew name meaning 'God is my Lord'.

29. Ellen - A traditional and popular baby name. Famous Ellens include comedian Ellen DeGeneres and astronaut Ellen Ochoa.

30. Eimear - This name is of Irish origin. In Irish mythology Eimear was said to be the perfect woman.  A great name for your perfect baby girl.

Unisex Names Beginning with E

Strong unisex baby names are now the order of the day. These names are fabulous if you are looking for names that start with E and the gender of your baby is not confirmed or if you want a modern name for your modern baby girl.

31. Evelyn - This name has English roots and means 'a wished for child'.

32. Everly - Another English name that means a 'child from the meadow'.

33. Emery - A name of German origin that means 'brave' and 'powerful'. Fabulous for a strong girl.

34. Ember - Of English origin and means 'spark'. A light and bright name for a baby girl.

35. Elliott - Another name that means strength and bravery.

36. Ellis - A Hebrew name that means 'Yahweh is God'.

37. Ezra - A beautiful Hebrew name for a baby girl that means 'helper'.

Nature Baby Names that Start with E

Nature loving parents search no further! If you want to call your baby a name that points to nature but don't fancy a floral name then these options are well worth considering. We all need to take a moment in our busy lives to appreciate the beauty and importance of nature a bit more. These names are sure to help this process and all have meanings that are close to the earth and nature.

Girl in a white and blue dress with a girls' name beginning with E

38. Eden - Eden is the name of a natural paradise in the Bible. This Hebrew name is a poetic option for your baby girl.

39. Esmeralda -This baby name is derived from the word Emerald and is Spanish in origin.  

40. Emerald - If you're looking for names that start with E and want to invoke the beauty of a precious stone then Emerald may be the baby name you're after!

41. Eila - This wonderful Hebrew name means 'oak tree' or simply 'tree'.

42. Eira - A Welsh name meaning 'snow'.  The perfect option for a baby girl born in the Winter months.

43. Elara - Elara is a Greek baby name that is also the name of one of the moons of Jupiter. One of the names beginning with E that is out of this world.

44. Elowen - Another magical name that means 'elm tree' in Cornish.

45. Evora - A Portuguese name for a baby girl meaning 'yew tree'.  

46. Eileen - A list of nature inspired baby names wouldn't be complete with this sweet Old English name meaning 'hazelnut'.

47. Electra - This sparky Greek baby name means 'amber'.

48. Enya - This is a Celtic name that means 'kernel'. A modern and poetic name for any baby girl.

Modern Baby Names that Start with E

A modern baby girl needs a modern name, these are for parents looking for trendy and trail blazing baby names for their new girl. These names are brand new names or variations on traditional names.

49. Elisabeth - This is a variation of Elizabeth.  This modern and slightly softer spelling of Elizabeth may be the best variation for a new baby girl.

50. Evie - This E name is a modern variation of the Hebrew name Eve and the more traditional name Evelyn.

51. Elle - This name is a variation of Ellie and is French in origin.

52. Everleigh - A variation of the more popular Everly.

53. Emely - This name is a very trendy spelling of the name Emily. A great option if you're searching for an unusual take on a classic name.

54. Ensley - A modern variation of the name Ainsley. If you are drawn to this traditional name but need names that start with E.

55. Egypt - Baby names that reflect a parent's love of a country or the counties culture are increasing in popularity. If you have a passion for Egypt or Egyptian culture then this maybe the perfect baby name.

56. Emmie - This name is of German origin and means 'universal'.

57. Ellie-May - A beautiful compound of two traditional English names.

58. Effie - This Greek baby name for a girl means 'well-spoken of'.

59. Eesha - A Hindi name that is derived from words that mean 'pleasure' or 'desire' .

60. Elen - Variant of the Greek name Helene.

61. Elif - This adorable Turkish name means 'willowy' and 'tall'.

62. Elora - Another one of our shining names beginning with E. This name for a girl is of Greek origin and means 'bright one'.

63. Elly - This baby name is a spelling variation of Ellie and Elenor.



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