51 Engineering Puns That Will Enlighten Your Teens

Young boys fixing the electronics with a screwdriver, like electrical engineers.

Puns are great fun because of the clever wordplay that you just don't see coming.

Engineering is the process of solving problems with inventions. As the 'E' in 'STEM' and 'STEAM', engineering uses science and math, along with other subjects to create inventions, to build new technologies and improve existing ones to help people!

Though Engineering requires some serious brainpower, that's not to say that there isn't room for some good, light-hearted humor as well - get ready for some punchy jokes! From electrical engineering puns to mechanical engineering puns to civil engineering puns, the clever wordplay and double-meanings will certainly be appreciated.

Puns About Engineering

See how many of these jokes you get, then have fun sharing them with friends!

1.Power naps are brilliant because you can build up charge with them.

2.Resistance is butyl.

3.I'm all theory-eyed.

4.The root doesn't fall far from the tree.

5.Keep your ion the prize.

6.Ion not joking.

7.The uniform beam wobbles a lot, so you'll often need to give it a moment.

8.Rise and sine.

9.This is a completely differential ball game.

10.Protons are very cheerful, they're so positive.

11.The rotation of the earth really makes my day.

12.Give me a sine.

13.Protons are very trusting, they're positive everything they hear is the truth.

14.Refreshingly differential.

15.I'm a big fan of the band 1022MB, though you might not have heard of them because they haven't had a gig yet.

16.Never trust an atom, they make up everything.

17.Cos and effect.

18.Here today, polygon tomorrow.

19.A cos for concern.

20.Down to the unitty gritty.

21.Dare to be differential.

22.Give me a <br>.

23.Watt's up?

24.Euler never guess.

25.The interesting thing about engineering toilet paper is that it's an a-ply-ed science.

An engineer's desk: their tools, a hard hat and sketched diagrams.

26.I got a lot of the engineering questions in my exam wrong because I used the wrong pencil. I guess it wasn't 2B.

27.I'm shocked, it's empirical!

28.I avoid arguing with Pi because it's irrational.

29.Come rain or sine.

30.The mixing chamber knew she was efficient, but as for why, she was baffled.

31.They say a thermometer is more intelligent than a graduated cylinder because it has more degrees.

32.I once went to the wedding of two antennas - the wedding itself was alright but the reception was fantastic.

33.You'll often find a Higgs Boson in church, for the mass.

34.Once, I saw a man singing on top of a cliff. He had great potential.

35.Watt did you say?

36.I don't byte.

37.One time some sodium snuck up on water and the water freaked out. Talk about overreacting.

38.That joke was sodium funny that I slapped my neon that one.

39.The only thing I can say about numbers which aren't divisible by two is that they're odd.

40.Molecule, calm and collected.

41.Lose your molecule.

42.It was so emotional. I was theory-eyed.

Puns About Engineers

Hopefully, these jokes prove that you can always find opportunities for laughs, whatever the subject. Grab a piece of these puns!

43.A friend of mine just passed her degree in sound engineering. She got a 1-2-1-2-1-2.

44.Once an electrical engineer got an electric shock and apparently, even today, it still Hertz.

45.One time, my calculator stopped working during an exam, now I can't count on it anymore.

46.Some rail engineers took a train for a service, but the priest didn't allow it because it was blocking the aisle.

47.Some of the engineers ended up leaving class early because they were getting ANSI.

48.When a rail engineer was asked how many times her train had derailed, she said 'I'm not sure, it's hard to keep track'.

49.I once heard of a software engineer who went bankrupt because he used all of his cache.

50.Robot engineers are never lonely because they're always making new friends.

51.There was once an engineer who built an aircraft made from bubbly chocolate. I think it was called an aeroplane.



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