50+ English Boy Names With Meanings

There are many English baby boy names to choose from.

A name is a part of a persons identity that remains throughout their life and even after.

While deciding the baby’s name, you should ensure that it has a positive meaning. Your baby boy will appreciate your efforts in choosing the name when he grows up.

As per a recent survey, Oliver is the most popular English baby boy name. The name Oliver is of Latin origin, and it means “Olive tree.” A few more popular names are given below. For more inspiration you can also check out our articles on cute Welsh names and Celtic boy names.

Popular English Baby Boy Names

Why not pick a popular name for your little boy.

All of these names for boys are popular in England, even if they didn't originate there. We think these are some of the sweetest boys names.

1. Alex (Greek origin), a popular baby boy name meaning “helper or protector of mankind”.

2. Alfred (English origin), means “wise counsel”.

3. Andrews (Greek origin), meaning “valiant or courageous”.

4. Anthony (Greek origin), means “priceless”.

5. Arnold (German origin), one of the popular names for boys meaning “powerful”.

6. Arthur (Welsh origin), means “bear”.

7. Benny (English origin), means “blessed”.

8. Bernard (English or Spanish origin), means “strong as a bear”.

9. Blake (English origin), means “pale complexioned”.

10. Bob (English origin), a popular baby boy name meaning “bright or famous”.

11. Brian (English or Celtic origin), means “strong”.

12. Caleb (Hebrew origin), means “faithful”.

13. Charlie (German origin), a popular name for boys meaning “free man”.

14. Christopher (Greek origin), means “Christ-bearer”.

15. Daniel (Hebrew origin), means “God is my judge”.

16. David (Hebrew origin), a popular baby name that means “beloved”.

17. Eric (Scandinavian origin), means “eternal ruler”.

18. Ethan (Italian origin), means “firm or strong”.

19. Jason (Greek origin), a popular name for boys meaning “healer”.

20. Joshua (Hebrew origin), means “God is my salvation”.

21. Justin (English origin), a popular English names for boys meaning “just, fair”.

22. Kevin (Irish origin), one of the popular boys names which means “handsome”.

23. Luke (Greek origin), means “an apostle of Jesus Christ”.

24. Michael (Hebrew origin), one of the popular English names which means “the one like God”.

25. Nathan (Hebrew origin), means “he gave or rewarded”.

26. Richard (English origin), means “brave ruler”.

27. William (English origin), a baby name from the royal family, meaning “with gilded helmet”.

Unique Names For Boys

We love these unique names.

If you give your little boy a unique name, then your bundle of joy will always stand out from others. Given below are a few distinctive boys names that are often used in England.

28. Earl (English origin), a unique name for boys which means “nobleman”.

29. Fabian (Italian origin), means “bean grower”.

30. Felix (Italian origin), a unique baby name, meaning “happy or lucky”.

31. Grayson (English origin), means “son of the gray haired man”.

32. Gus (English origin), a unique name for boys. It is also the shortened version of the name Augustus.

33. Hutton (English or Scottish origin), meaning “settlement on the bluff”.

34. Hernan (Spanish origin), means "knowledgeable”.

35. Isiah (Hebrew origin), a unique name for boys meaning “God is salvation”.

36. Jasper (English origin), means “treasurer”.

37. Jaxton (American origin), means “from the town of Jack”.

38. Jett (English origin), one of the unique baby names which means “the short form of Jet. Jet is a precious stone”.

39. Josiah (Hebrew origin), one of the unique baby names meaning “God will heal us all”.

Old English Boy Names

It is said, ‘Old is Gold.’ Old names are evergreen. Below, you can choose a classic name for your baby from our extensive list of boys names.

40. Gordon (English origin), one of the old baby names in England, meaning “fertilized pasture”.

41. Herbert (English origin), means “exalted ruler”.

42. Issac (Hebrew origin), means “he will laugh”.

43. Lang (English origin), means “long”.

44. Millard (English origin), means “caretaker of the mill”.

45. Milton (English origin), a baby name meaning “from the mill town”. This is also a family name.

46. Nash (English origin), means “cliff.”

47. Nelson (English origin), means “son of a champion”.

48. Oswald (English origin), means “divinely powerful”.

49. Oswin (English origin), means “God or friend”.

Traditional English Names

The English have maintained their traditions for many years. So you may want to name your baby from the below list of English boys names.

50. Paul (Latin origin), means “small or humble”.

51. Peter (Greek origin), a name popular among boys, means “stone or a rock”.

52. Ralph (English origin), means “strong”.

53. Robin (English origin), means “bright fame”.

54. Steven (Greek origin), means “crown”.

55. Thomas (Hebrew origin), means “twin”.

56. Tony (Welsh origin), means “twin”.

57. Trevor (English origin), means “fair town”.

Baby Boy Names Based On England

Below are a few interesting names if you want to name your little boy with places, plants, or animals related to England.

58. Chester (English origin), means “fortress or camp. It is a city in England”.

59. Trent (English origin), means “a river in England”.

60. Walton (English origin), means “a town in England”.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you in naming the newest addition to your family. If you liked our suggestions for English boys names then why not take a look at Scottish baby names, or for something different take a look at Slavic boys names.



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