95 Enigmatic Names that Mean Dream

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A name meaning dream is a lovely choice for your baby; whether it is a boy or girl.

In this list, we have come up with several enigmatic names that mean dream for both boys and girls. We have placed them in categories for you too to make the process as easy as possible.

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Unisex Names That Mean Dream

Why not choose a beautiful gender neutral name meaning dream like these?

1)Amets (Basque Origin): this can be used whether you are having a girl or boy. The meaning is ‘dream.'

2)Ash or Ashling (English Origin): these can be for any gender. They both have the meaning ‘dream’ and can also be used as nicknames.

3)GuifiI (Chamoru Origin): has the meaning 'dream' and it is unisex.

4)Roya (Persian Origin): can be  for a girl or boy. It is one of those spiritual names meaning 'premonition' or 'dream.'

5)Joydever (Irish Gaelic Origin): is unisex and means ‘dream big.’

Boy Names That Mean Dream

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If you are looking for a boy name, then one of these names meaning dream could be great. Little boys with a name that means dream may be more likely to dream big and aim high as they grow.

6)Álmos (Hungarian Origin): is a variant name meaning 'sleepy' or 'dream' or ‘dreamt one.’

7)Arman (Kazakh Origin): means 'dream vision'.

8)Bruadair (Irish Gaelic Origin): name meaning 'dream'.

9)Bruadar (Gaelic Origin): is Irish for 'dream vision'.

10)Bruatar (Irish and Gaelic Origin): meaning 'dream'.

11)Ialu (Egyptian Origin): means ‘field of dreams.’

12)Ramiel (Hebrew or Arabic Origin): sometimes means ‘vision’, coming from an angel in the Bible.

13)Joseph (Jewish or Christian Origin): one of the dream vision names that is from the Bible. Joseph was a well known character in the Bible that could interpret dreams. Joseph is a popular name across many cultures and countries.

14)Jacob and Israel (Biblical Origin): are also Bible names and known for ‘dreams’ in the Bible. Many people from different cultures have adopted these names.

15) Eidniuet: A boy's name for 'day dreamer'.

16)Gabriel or Gabrielle (Arabic Origin): are associated with angels in the Bible. This name is used in religious traditions.

17)Cimon (Latin Origin): means ‘sleepy.’

18)Kimon (Latin or Greek Origin): meaning ‘sleepy’ as well.

19)Morpheus (Greek Origin): comes from the word ‘morphe.’ It means ‘God of dreams.’

20)Narciso (Spanish and Portuguese Origin): but with a Latin twist. It means ’sleep’ or ‘numbness.’

21)Reve (French Origin): translates in English as ‘dream.’

22)Narcissus (Latin/Greek Origin): means ‘numbness' or 'sleep.’ It comes from a myth about a young boy who was in love with his own shadow.

23)Narkissos (Greek Origin): comes from the word ‘narke,’ which means 'sleep' or 'numbness'.

24)Narcyz (Polish Origin): means ‘sleep’ or ‘numbness.’

25) Remiel (Hebrew Origin): means ‘Thunder of God.’ It also means “Mercy of God.” It is a name chosen in the Islamic and Christian tradition. Remiel is considered an archangel and you can find mention in the Book of Enoch. Remiel and Ramiel are considered angels of hope with two primary duties; the responsibility for divine visions and guiding souls to a heavenly place.

26)Rasui (Egyptian Origin): meaning 'dream'.

27)Swapnili (Hindu Origin): represents the word 'dreamlike'.

Girl Names That Mean Dream

Let's take a look at girl names meaning dream. These baby names that mean dreamer, vision or dream could be perfect for your baby girl as a name that means dream may encourage her to dream big in her future. We hope that you find your perfect name meaning dream in this gorgeous list.

28)Aislin (Irish Origin): means ‘vision’ or ‘dream.’

29)Aisling (Irish Origin): meaning ‘vision.’

30)Aislinn (Irish Origin): meaning ‘vision.’

31) Alora (African Origin): meaning 'my dream'.

32)Anoushka (Hindu or Sanskrit Origin): a name meaning ‘aspirations.’

33)Ariadne (Greek Origin): has the meaning ‘dream.’

34)Isleen (Irish Origin): for ‘vision’ or ‘dream.’

35)Josephine (Biblical Origin): coming from the male name, Joseph, it is also a biblical name that represents visions.

36)Maya (Sanskrit Origin): is a female name that has the meaning ‘illusion.’

37)Mimoza (Albanian Origin): comes from ‘mimus,’ which is a Latin word. The word actually means ‘imitate’ or ‘vision.’

38)Narcisa (Latin Origin): means ‘sleep’ or ‘numbness.’

39)Narcissa (Latin Origin): means ‘numbness’ or ‘sleep.’

40)Narkissa (Greek Origin): for ‘sleep’ or ‘numbness.’

41) Penelope: is a very popular name. It signifies dreaming or illusion. It means ‘dream weaving'.

42)Svajone (Lithuanian Origin): meaning 'dream'.

43)Yerazig (Armenian Origin):  symbolizes 'little dream'.

44)Lourdes (French Origin): Lourdes is the place in France where a shrine was built for Bernadette Soubirous. It is noted that this person had a lot of visions about the Virgin Mary.

45)Lurdes (Spanish and Portuguese Origin): Portuguese and Spanish form of the French Lourdes.

46)Narcisse (Latin Narcissus Origin): meaning ‘sleep’ or ‘numbness.’

47)Anoushka (Hindu or Sanskrit Origin): means ‘aspirations’ or 'fulfilling one’s dreams.’

48)Marzena (Polish Origin): means 'dreamed one'.

49)Swapan (Hindu Origin): which means "dream."

50)Zlota (Polish Origin): carrying the meaning of the word 'golden'. It comes from the goddess, Złota Baba, which means 'golden woman'.

Names For Dream From Around The World

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If you want to find an ideal name for your child, first be sure to browse this list of names from around the world along with their meanings.

51)Ahlam (Arabic Origin): is a unique name for ‘imagination’ or ‘pleasant dreamer.’

52)Arman (Persian Origin): name meaning ‘dream.’ It is a name you would give a boy.

53)Chavez (Spanish Origin): has the meaning ‘dream maker’.

54)Dream: is one of those unique inspired by celebrities, Blac Chyna named her daughter Dream.

55)Imena (African Origin): meaning 'dream'.

56)Swapan (Hindu Origin): one of the boy baby names translated as ‘dream'.

57)Vienna (Austrian Origin): referred to by many in Europe as the ‘city of dreams'.

Youthful Names That Mean Dream

In our search, we found these dream baby names that sounded youthful, perfect for your new arrival.

58)Avic (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a girl name for ‘dreams’ or ‘goals.’

59)Ayumu (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a girl’s name for 'vision' or 'dream'.

60)Azlin (French Origin): is one of the baby names for 'dream' or 'night vision'.

61)Bhranti (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a name given to a girl and it means 'day dream'.

62)Chimere (French Origin): is a name you can give to your girl and it means 'dreamy'.

63)Deisy (French Origin): is one of those baby names for ‘passionate’ or ‘dreams.’

64)Eislyn (Old English Origin): is a name that means ‘pretty rose’ or ‘beautiful dream.’

65)Godusa (Old English Origin): is a name that means ‘achievement’ and ‘big dream.’ It is a girl’s name.

66)Guenhwyvar (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a name for an idealist and an intelligent girl who wants to live out her dreams.

67)Guraman (Irish Gaelic Origin): for ‘illusions’ and ‘dreamer.’

68)Hayal (Old English Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘dream.’

69)Joetta (Old English Origin): means ‘gracious’ and ‘dreamer.’

70)Jones (Old English Origin): is a name that you would give your daughter with the meaning ‘rejoicing’ or fulfilled dreams.’

71)Jonn (Old English Origin): is a boy’s name for ‘dream big.’

72)Joya (Old English Origin): has a similar meaning to Jonn. It also means ‘fulfilled dreams.’

73)Juli (Old English Origin): means ‘high dreams.’

74)Kalpana (Irish Gaelic Origin): means ‘dream like’ and ‘imagination.’

75)Kanasu (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘dreamy.’

76)Menaali (Irish Gaelic Origin): means ‘dreamland’ and one of the most unique baby names.

77)Nara (French Origin): means ‘dreamland.’

78)Reverie (French Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘daydreams.’

79)Ruyaaa (Irish Gaelic Origin): is one of the baby names for ‘vision’ or ‘dreamy.’

80)Ruyah (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘vision’ or ‘dream.’

81)Sadira (French Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘dreamy.’

82)Sapana (Irish Gaelic Origin): is also one of the baby names for ‘dreamy.’

83)Sapna (Irish Gaelic Origin): means ‘dream girl.’

84)Swapnali (Irish Gaelic Origin): is translated ‘dream girl.’

85)Swapnasundari (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a name for ‘woman of dreams.’

86)Swapnika (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘dreams.’

Names That Mean Dream Catcher And More

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Choosing baby names can be difficult, a name meaning dreamer or dream catcher could be your girl or boy's perfect name.

87)Guaraman (Irish Gaelic Origin): is a name for a girl and it means ‘illusions’ or ‘defensive dreamer.’

88)Gwrthefyr (Irish Gaelic Origin): is one of those dream names that you would give a female.

89)Hayali (Arabic Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘dream girl.’

90)Hulum (Irish Gaelic Origin): has the meaning ‘vision’ or ‘dream.’

91)Joetta (Old English Origin): is one of the baby names meaning ‘dreamer woman.’

92)Joldewin:(Old English Origin): is a boy’s name for ‘imagination’ or ‘dreamers'.

93)Jones (Old English Origin): is a girl’s name for ‘rejoicing.’

94)Jonn (Irish Gaelic Origin): is one of those baby names meaning 'dream'.

95)Joya (Irish Gaelic Origin): is one of the girl names that could fulfill your dream.

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