Every Dinosaur In Britain… Mapped!

Close up of the Dinosaur Map created by Kidadl showing every dinosaur park, trail, dino golf-course and museum in Britain.

Given that the dinosaurs are supposed to be extinct, there’s a lot of them around. Our map shows all the major dinosaur-themed attractions across England, Scotland and Wales. As you can see, the country is crawling with them.

Kidadl's map of the Dinosaurs of Britain showing all the parks and trails and museums and other dinosaur activities.

We’ve mapped three things here:

Dinosaur Parks: Shown by a green theropod symbol. These are open-air places where you can wander among lifelike models of dinosaurs. These include larger attractions, like Knebworth House and Paultons Park, which happen to have large dinosaur trails.

Dinosaur Museums: Good places to learn more about prehistoric life, indicated here by the yellow sauropods. Some museums are themed entirely around dinosaurs (like the Dinosaur Museum in Dorchester), while others contain smaller exhibitions. The Natural History Museum in London is the most famous, but you’ll find many others on the map.

Dinosaur Golf: A form of adventure golf with added dinosaurs. It’s more common than you might think. The London area alone has five dino-golf courses

Note: Attractions may be closed as per local restrictions. Always check the venue’s website before visiting -- you’ll probably need to prebook anyway.

Dinosaur parks have a long history. The earliest was the famous landscape of dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park, London, commissioned in 1852. The models are still there today -- many of them at odds with how we now think these creatures appeared. Few visitors realise it, but only four of the 30 Crystal Palace “dinosaurs” are technically dinosaurs. Many further parks have opened since. As you’ll see from the map, quite a few of the dinosaur trails are attached to wider attractions, like Gulliver’s Kingdom in Matlock or Paradise Wildlife Park in Hertfordshire.

We hope the map inspires you to get out and explore somewhere new.

Any Additions?

We’ve done our best to map every significant attraction with a dinosaur flavour. But dinosaurs are evasive, well-camouflaged creatures. It’s quite possible that we’ve missed a dino-golf course here, or a smaller museum there. Please contact matt@kidadl.com with any additions.



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