Everything You Need To Know About Splatmaster Before You Go

Splatmaster paintballing for kids

Aim, fire! Prepare for an epic adventure with Splatmaster Paintballing where you'll gear up with the latest equipment and battle it out amongst yourselves in a safe and fun environment - have you got what it takes to reign champion? But before you head off, check out our six top tips down below, telling you everything you need to know about Splatmaster to make sure you’re as ready as you’ll ever be!

1. It's super kid-friendly!

Splatmaster Paintballing is a brand-new activity in the UK, providing a low-impact alternative to paintball for younger players, perfect for thrillseekers over the age of 8! You'll be using extremely fragile paintballs that move at lower speeds and burst more easily than standard paintballs, creating a more child-friendly environment - Splatmaster gives kids the opportunity to enjoy a fun game of paintball without any loud noises or nasty bruises! Plus, every child will be kitted out with eye goggles and a chest protectors to ensure full safety.

2. Splatmaster is bound to be in a city near you

Splatmaster is popping up all over the UK! With sites in - get ready for this - Newcastle, Aberdeen, Abridge, Winchburgh, Canterbury, Ballyclare, Preston, Rayleigh, Hull, Wigan, Colchester, Longfield, Wolverhampton, Thetford, Watford, Brighton, Wickford, Hertford, Woking and Greenwich, there’s bound to be a site near you. So what are you waiting for? Put your games faces on and head on down.

3. Team up and get the whole family involved

Splatmaster isn’t just for mini thrillseekers! Round up a group of family and friends and test your combat abilities together. With 6-10 people per team, you have the chance to get competitive while you complete tasks and objectives and more! Splatmaster really is fun for the whole family - it encourages healthy competition, gets everyone outdoors for a few hours and is a great way to test out your aim and get messy!

4. Splatmaster is safe paintballing to the max

Not only is Splatmaster is super safe, you’ll also be supervised by your own private safety coordinator to ensure adequate safety and supervision at all times! Plus, before you head out onto the main battle field, you’ll have the opportunity to practice shooting targets and then advance to obstacle course activities, going at your own pace and progressing as you wish - perfect for younger ones who might want to take it easy at the beginning.

paintballing for children in UK

5. Wondering what to wear whilst taking down the world?

Kidadl recommends that you should wear long-sleeved clothing, long trousers and closed toe shoes to keep yourself warm outdoors and avoid getting paint on your skin. The ammunition is washable, but we recommend that children don’t wear their favorite clothes as they may get a little dirty - it is paintballing after all!

6. Unlimited fun and unlimited paintballs

Best of all, you’re entitled to unlimited ammunition at Splatmaster in your two hour session so there’s no running out of paintballs and therefore no running out of fun. Go crazy as your and your little ones battle it out to save the day!

paintballing for all ages fun


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