40 Excellent Elephant Names With Meanings

All elephants marching throughout the world are regal creatures deserving of equally adorable names.

An elephant is a type of pachyderm, which is a thick-skinned animal.  The scientific name for this mammal is Loxodonta.

The African elephant goes by the scientific name Loxodonta Africana and is the largest land animal.  According to National Geographic, African elephants can grow to a height of 13 feet and a weight of seven tons.  A close-relative, the Asian elephant goes by the scientific name Elephas maximus and is smaller than its African family member.  Those pachyderms from Asia can mature to nearly 10 feet and weigh slightly over five tons.    

Within each species, a baby elephant is called a calf.  An adult male is called a bull elephant, while an adult female is known as a cow.  Fans of the baby elephant and its adult counterpart can visit elephants in the zoo as well as in their native lands.

There is a great deal of symbolism surrounding the elephant.  This grand mammal represents good luck, power, success, wisdom, experience, protection, loyalty, companionship, and unity. One of the most celebrated elephants is Jumbo, the circus performer who was named for his large stature.  Other notables are the fictional characters of Hathi and Hathi Jr. from Kipling’s beloved tale, 'The Jungle Book', in which they are named after the Hindi word for elephant. These names, and more than two dozen others, are included in this list.

For more fun name inspiration check out this list of girls' names beginning with E and this list of boys' names beginning with E.  

Girls’ Elephant Names

Beautiful girls’ names for elegant elephant babies.

1. Buttercup (Latin origin), meaning ‘little frog’.

2. Daisy (Old English origin), meaning ‘day’s eye’.

3. Ella (Greek origin), meaning ‘beautiful, fairy maiden, goddess’.

4. Ellie (English origin), meaning ‘bright shining one’.

5. Eloise (French origin), meaning ‘famous warrior’.

6. Fanny (French origin), short for Frances, meaning ‘free one’.

7. Grace (Latin origin), meaning ‘charm’.

8. Sahara (Arabic origin), meaning ‘desert’.

9. Sparkle (American origin), meaning ‘glisten in light’.

Boys’ Elephant Names

Adorable boys’ names for the sublime mammals known as elephants.

10. Ant (Greek origin), short for Anthony, meaning ‘priceless one’.

11. Arthur (Welsh origin), meaning ‘bear’.

12. Borneo (Hindi origin), meaning ‘land, region’.

13. Eddie (English origin), short for Edward, meaning ‘wealth, fortune, prosperous’.

14. Forest (French origin), meaning ‘woodsman or woods’.

15. Henry (German origin), meaning ‘ruler of the home’.

16. Packy (Irish origin), short for Patrick, meaning ‘nobleman’.

Charming Baby Elephant Names

Cute elephant names for floppy-eared and trunk-adorned creatures in any habitat.  

17. Berry (Old English origin), meaning ‘grape-shaped fruit’.

18. Bubble (Middle Dutch origin), meaning ‘small vesicle of water’.

19. Floppy (Old English origin), meaning ‘inclined to flop’.

20. Lucky (Middle Dutch origin), meaning ‘happiness, good fortune’.

21. Mel (English origin), short for Melvin, meaning ‘gentle lord’; (Latin origin), short for Melanie, meaning ‘dark’.

22. Mouse (Middle English origin), meaning ‘small rodent’.

23. Peanut (Turkish origin), meaning ‘husk’.

24. Rain (German origin), meaning ‘wet’.

25. Silly (Old English origin), meaning ‘happy, fortuitous, prosperous’.

26. Tiny (Middle English origin), meaning ‘very small’.

27. Trumpet (Old French origin), meaning ‘to proclaim, extol’.

Your baby deserve an adorable name inspired from these huge and awesome mammals.

Famous Elephants

Here are several famous elephant names who are memorable figures in cultures throughout the world.

28. Abdul-Abbas (Arabic origin), meaning ‘lion’; Abdul-Abbas was a loyal companion of the Frankish king, Charlemagne.

29. Hanno (Greek origin), meaning ‘gullible person’; Hanno was a strategically planned gift sent to the pope from the king of Portugal to win his support.

30. Jumbo (Old English), meaning ‘very large’; Jumbo was the iconic bull elephant in P.T. Barnum’s popular circus.  

31. Kandula (Hindi origin), meaning ‘medical plant’; Kandula was a friend of King Dutugamunu of Sri Lanka.  

32. Lin Wang (Chinese origin), meaning ‘forest or trees’; Lin Wang was a builder of World War II monuments who later called Taipei City Zoo home.  

33. Mahmud (Arabic origin), meaning ‘praise’; Mahmud is an icon in Islamic culture for being the one creature who disobeyed rival orders to destroy an Islamic shrine.  

34. Surus (Carthaginian origin), meaning ‘the Syrian’; Surus was Hannibal’s companion in battles throughout Italy.  

Cartoon And Puppet Elephants

Delightful characters from children’s books, movies, and television shows. Which is your favourite cartoon about elephants?

35. Babar (Persian origin), meaning ‘tiger’; the star of the children’s books and the television series, 'Babar the Elephant'.

36. Dumbo (English origin), meaning ‘an unintelligent person’; despite the negative denotation, Dumbo is the adorable star of the Disney film with his name.  

37. Elmer (Old English origin), meaning ‘noble and famous’; the namesake of the Disney animated short titled 'Elmer Elephant'.    

38. Hathi Jr. (Hindi origin), meaning ‘having a trunk’; Hathi Jr. is the baby of the herd in the Disney movie 'The Jungle Book'.  

39. Heffalump (fictional word); the name of each cuddly elephant in the Disney classic, 'Winnie the Pooh'.  

40. Snuffleupagus (fictional word); the name of the prehistoric, elephant-like puppet on 'Sesame Street'.  

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