Excellent Girls' Names Beginning With X

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It can be so tricky finding the right name for your baby girl, and if you're looking for something that's unique and special, it can be even harder.

So here at Kidadl, we have compiled a list of the most excellent girls names beginning with X. There are so many wonderful names with wonderful meanings that start with X, and this list contains names from all over the world and with all different meanings.

It's important to choose a name that not only you connect with,  but that you think is right for your baby girl. So whether you're looking for something traditional, mythological, meaningful and more, our diverse list of girls names beginning with X should help you out. Looking for a middle name to match? Check out our enchanting list of girl names starting with E, or incredible girl names starting with I here.

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Meaningful Baby Girls Names Beginning With X

There are lots of girl names beginning with X that have amazing meanings. These girl names for the letter X will tell the world just who your baby girl is. From some celestial origins, to compassionate endeavours, the meanings of these girls names may just come to shape who your baby becomes.  

1) Xanthia (Greek origin) meaning yellow, blonde.

2) Xavia (Arabic origin) meaning bright, or splendid, also related to the name Xaviera.

3) Xanthe (Greek origin) variation of Xanthia, meaning yellow, blonde.

4) Xaviera (Spanish origin) meaning the new house, feminine version of Xavier.

5) Xavienna (Arabic, Basque origin) meaning bright, splendid, new house, feminine version of Xavier.

6) Xaiya (Albanian origin) and means loved, to be loved.

7) Xylah (Native American origin) meaning humility, also spelt Sila, Silah.

8) Xylia is a variation of Xylah, meaning humility.

9) Xoe (Greek origin) variation of the name Zoe, meaning life.

10) Xina (Greek origin) variation of the name Xenia, meaning hospitality.

11) Xara (American origin) meaning princess, a variation of the name Sara.

12) Xayla (American origin) meaning sophisticated child.

13) Xiou (Chinese origin) meaning dawn, respectful, reverent,  a unisex name.

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Wondrous Baby Girl Names That Start With X

This is our list of wondrous names for girls with the letter X, because we know how tough it is to decide on a name. But the meanings of these girl names might help you out with naming your special and memorable baby girl. This excellent list of girls names will pleasantly surprise and inspire you.

14) Xena (Greek origin) meaning hospitable. This name is also featured in the TV show Xena, Warrior Princess.

15) Xochitl (Aztec Nahuatl origin) meaning flower, mostly used in central Mexico.

16) Xenia (Greek origin) meaning hospitality and is used throughout Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Greece.

17) Xiao (Chinese origin) meaning respectful, little, dawn and reverent and heaven.

18) Xantha (Greek origin) variant of the name Xanthe, meaning yellow, blonde.

19) Xzoria (Ukrainian origin) meaning shining star.

20) Xitlali (Native American origin) meaning star, a variation of the name Citali, an Aztec girls name.

21) Xavianna (Spanish, Basque origin) form of Xavier, meaning new house.

22) Xavière (French origin) form of Xavier, meaning new house.

23) Xanthis (Greek origin) unisex variant of Xanthia, meaning fair, yellow, blonde.

24) Xeilila (Latin origin) meaning blind to one's own beauty, another form of Cecilia.

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Nature Baby Girl Names Starting With X

Nature is something we must always remember to appreciate, and what better way than naming your baby girl after the world's surroundings? This list of girl names starting with X have connotations and associations to do with nature and our planet. Check them out to see which girls names for the letter X is your favourite.

25) Xeni (Guatemalan origin) meaning protector of plants or flowers, variant of the Greek name Xenia.

26) Xylia (Greek origin) variant of Xylina and Xyla, similarly meaning woodland or wood dweller.

27) Xanthippe (Greek origin) feminine form of Xanthippos, meaning yellow horse.

28) Xylona (Greek origin) meaning from the forest.

29) Xamira (Iranian, old Persian origin) meaning diamond.

30) Xylina (Greek origin) meaning from the woods.

31) Xuan (Vietnamese origin) meaning Spring, a unisex name.

32) Xochitl, Xochi (Aztec origin) meaning flower, used in central Mexico.

33) Xyra (Arabic origin) meaning lovely moon.

34) Xia (Chinese origin) meaning glow of the sunrise.

35) Xanti (Portuguese origin) meaning saint. This is considered a unisex name, meaning flower.

36) Xyla (Greek origin) meaning wood dweller, variant of the name Greek name Xylia.

Powerful Baby Girl Names That Start With X

Every baby girl has the potential to do great things and be powerful. These girls names starting with the letter X have powerful and strong meanings behind them. Check them out to see if these girls name with the letter X inspires you.

37) Xiomare (Spanish origin) a variant of Guiomar, from the German name Wigmar, meaning battle-ready or battle.

38) Xandria (Greek origin) meaning defender of mankind.

39) Xuxa (Portuguese origin) meaning queen or lily.

40) Xabelle (unknown origin but used globally) meaning beautiful leader.

41) Xandra (Greek and English origin) meaning defender of the people, feminine form of Alexander.

42) Xander (Greek origin) unisex name meaning defender of the people, unisex form of Xandria.

43) Xandri (Greek origins) variation of Xander and Xandria meaning defender of the people.

44) Xantara (American origin) meaning protector of the earth.

45) Xiomara (Spanish origin) variant of Xiomare, meaning battle-ready.

46) Xiamara (Aramaic origin, meaning famous in battle.

47) Xian (Chinese origin) meaning refined, elegant, used both as a boy and girl name.

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Religious Baby Girl Names That Start With X

These girl names starting with the letter X have religious origins, spanning many religions and cultures, with one constant - faith. The letter X uniquely modernises some of these traditional names, often playing on a variation of other spellings of girls names. This is a great way to name girls so they have their own sense of self and meaning through names.

48) Ximena (Spanish origin) derived from the Hebrew boy's name Simeon, meaning one who hears.

49) Xaiyla (Aramaic, Jamaican origin) means God never fails.

50) Xristina (Greek, Hebrew origin) variation of the name Christina meaning follower of Christ, Messiah.

51) Xuriah, Xuriya (Arabic origin) meaning angel of heaven, sometimes spelt Huriya.

52) Xhuliana (Roman origins) meaning sacred to Jupiter, as a variation of Julia, Juliana.

53) Xhesika (Hebrew origin) meaning God beholds, variation of the name Jessica, also featured in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.

Unique Baby Girls Names Beginning with X

These girls names starting with X are really unique, as is with the case with the letter X. Some of these girls names derive from video games, other cultures, stories and more. There's so much variation for baby girl names for the letter X.

54) Xaida (Spanish origin) the highest recorded use of this name was in 2012, at 6 babies.

55) Xalma (Arabic, Persian origin) variation of the name Salma, meaning safe, healthy.

56) Xosha (South Africa) meaning fierce, name deriving from the Xhosa ethnic group.

57) Xion (Japanese, Hebrew origin) from Japanese writer Tomoco Kanemaki, meaning I won't forget you, and from Hebrew as variation of Zion which means highest point, a unisex name.

58) Xiola (Italian origin) variation of Viola, meaning violet.

59) Xhivani (Indian origin) meaning follower of Shiva, variation of the name Shivani.

60) Xyzah (Modern origin) meaning Warrior of Saradomin in the RuneScape games.

61) Xhanell (French origin) meaning canal, variation of the name Chanel, after designer Coco Chanel.

62) Xe'Nedra (English origin) from the major character in Belgeriad and Mallorean series by David Eddings, meaning below the earth.

63) Xeona (Latin origin) variation of the name Leona, meaning lion, can be unisex.



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