Explore King's Cross On Foot And Drop By Platform 9 ¾

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Thanks to a certain bespectacled wizard, King’s Cross is well-known worldwide, bringing flocks of tourists to the area who want to explore the station made famous in the legendary Harry Potter franchise. But there’s more to see than just Platform 9 ¾! We've joined forces with Go Jauntly to give you the best experience of King’s Cross and the surrounding area. Using their recommended King's Cross and Coal Drops Yard walking route and our suggestions of extra things to see and do, this whistle-stop tour is short but mighty.

Go Jauntly King's Cross Coal Drops Yard route map

To get the full experience on your phone, why not view the walk on the Go Jauntly app?

Platform 9 ¾

It’s not a trip to King’s Cross without a visit to Platform 9 ¾, is it? Queue up and have your photo taken pushing your trolley through the wall, and when you’ve finished why not head next door to the Harry Potter shop and grab a souvenir or two?

Craft and Graft: Making Science Happen

The Francis Crick Institute is just behind St Pancras International, which makes it the perfect place to drop into if you’ve got any young STEM lovers in tow. Explore the eye-opening Craft and Graft: Making Science Happen exhibition, where you’ll find out what the 1,000+ scientists do at the institute’s laboratories.

Scientist in a lab looking through her microscope

British Library

Make sure to check out the British Library when you’re in the area. There’s usually a free family event taking place, like the Brave and Bold Family Workshop. At this drop-in storytelling session you’ll learn all about the heroic children throughout literature who dared to stand up for what’s right!

The Fountains at Granary Square

When the weather gets a bit warmer, there’s no better spot to cool down than at the Granary Square fountains. With over a thousand choreographed jets just waiting to be run through, this splash zone is great for families. On colder days it's still a good spot to check out, especially at night when the fountains are lit up with brightly coloured LEDs. There are always food stalls and events taking place on the square throughout the year, so it’s great to visit whatever the weather.

People looking at Granary Square fountains at night, lit up with purple LEDs


Is all this walking making you feel a bit peckish? Dishoom is the perfect place for a family brunch. With everything from Bombay omelettes to chilli cheese toast, it’s a great place for foodie families to take a break and tuck into some tasty Indian food.

Coal Drops Yard

Coal Drops Yard is a wonderful spot to explore, with knick-knacks galore to be found in the numerous shops. You can expect everything from fancy high-end stores to a huge charity shop, meaning there’s something for everyone.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

As the final stop on your walk, you’ll return to King’s Cross station. Why not hop aboard a luxury coach and head to the Warner Bros. Studio Tour? It’s not the Hogwarts Express, but it’s still a pretty magical way to travel to the studio. You’ll get to uncover the mysteries behind the famous franchise, and you’ll even be able to fly on a broomstick and try butterbeer!

Slytherin robes on a mannequin at Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour

Congratulations, you’ve completed a mini tour of King’s Cross! Have a look at our Go Jauntly guide to find out which walking trail you should embark on next.



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