61 Family Activities For The Easter Holidays

The Easter holiday is, in many ways, the best school break.

The Easter holiday is, in many ways, the best school break. The Christmas pause can be intense and (let’s admit it) stressful, while summer holidays seem to outstay their welcome. Easter, meanwhile, is hassle-free, filled with chocolate, and bursting with all the promise of spring.

To get you going, we’ve put together a bevy of fun family ideas on an Easter/spring/chocolate theme, then thrown in some longstanding favourites for good measure. Sign up to the Kidadl newsletter for more great activities throughout the Easter break (and beyond).

Easter-Specific Ideas

1. Pin the tail on the Easter Bunny!

2. How about some Easter bunting? It’s easy to make. Cut out shapes from coloured card, decorate however you like, and then attach to a length of string.

3. Make clay-based Easter egg cups

4. Print out these egg-shaped designs, colour them in, and place them in your window.

5. Try one of these creative ideas for a garden Easter egg hunt

6. Alternatively, host an indoor Easter egg hunt

7. Have an egg-rolling race, like they do at the White House

8. An egg-and-spoon race is the natural extension of this idea

9. Create mini Easter Bunnies using old toilet roll tubes

10. Have a go at the ‘egg drop challenge’ - can your kids make a cushioning cradle that’ll allow an egg to fall without smashing?

11. Headband, hair clips, cardboard? Make yourself some Easter Bunny ears

12. Learn how to empty the contents of an egg, then paint the empty shell

13. Make fingerprint chicks. Daub your finger in yellow paint, print it onto paper, wait for it to dry, the ink in some features

14. Check out these amusing quotes about Easter

15. Design your own Easter cards and send them to friends and relatives

16. Make an Easter ‘tree’ from scavenged twigs and branches, and decorate it with painted eggs

17. Make an alternative Easter feast for your Sunday dinner

Everyone enjoys an Easter egg hunt.

Yummy Chocolate Ideas

18. Ever tried a chocolate fondue? Ridiculously easy… and messy

19. Chocolate nest cakes, an old Easter favourite

20. Make your own chocolate eggs. You’ll need an Easter egg mould, which can be easily purchased online if you can’t get one in the shops

21. Try this homemade chocolate tiffin recipe

22. Make a cake using all your kids’ favourite sweets and chocolates. Just don’t tell your dentist

23. A giant Jaffa Cake, you say?

24. Careful how you eat this sumptuous chocolate hedgehog cake

25. Why is Toblerone triangular? So it fits in the box. Just one of these 49 chocolate jokes to munch your way through

26. And the icing on the cake? A mouthwatering list of novelty cakes and how to make them

Back To Nature

27. Entice more birds into your garden by making a bird feeder

28. Or help the little ones find a nest with a DIY bird box

29. Turn your garden into a bee paradise with these seven apian-friendly ideas

30. Or else get busy with these bee-inspired craft projects

31. Alternatively, make like a ladybird with these preschool craft projects

32. Everybody likes a mud kitchen, right? (Well, everyone except the person who has to do the laundry.)

33. Get the kids to help out in the garden, planting seeds and other educational tasks

34. How to make the perfect outdoor den

35. How to host a teddy bears’ picnic

36. Go on a hunt for fairy doors. Then, tell us where they are and we’ll add them to our map

Other Top Ideas With A Spring Twist

37. Make these spring-themed decorations to freshen up the home

38. Try this spring-themed quiz

39. … or these spring-themed jokes. Warning: you will groan…

40. … or these spring-tastic trivia facts

41. Weather not cooperating? Bring outdoor activities inside with these ideas

42. Seen Disney’s new squirrel-based film, Flora and Ulysses?

43. Brighten your lounge with these beautiful 3-D paper flowers

44.  ... or how about making some from pipe cleaners?

Easter holidays is a time of reflection, easter egg hunts and lots of family fun.

And Some Favourite Crafts and Activities For Any Time Of Year

45. How to make the best paper planes

46. Our favourite slime recipes

47. Try our special colouring-in pages. Print out pictures on any theme and unleash the crayons

48. How to make Monster Spray to help flush out any nasty beasts

49. Knitting and crochet tips for kids

50. Craft projects that recycle your old rubbish

51. The best fairytale craft projects

52. How to make your own board games

53. Try these potion recipes, and put on your best Professor Snape voice

54. How to make, and craft with, salt dough

55. The best ways for kids to keep fit indoors

56. 15 creative ways to make a family tree

57. Try these historically themed craft ideas

58. Browse this epic list of science projects you can do at home

59. Invent your own superheroes, then dress up as them

60. Simple recipes using store cupboard items

61. Make up your own card games



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