Family Fun in One! 5 Reasons Why You Should Take The Kids To Golf Kingdom

Woman playing golf on a golf course like the one at Golf Kingdom.

Calling all mini golfers! Golf Kingdom is a one-stop-shop, golf paradise for players of all skill levels, and it doesn’t take itself too seriously either, so none of that stuffy old ‘members only’ vibe here. It’s a world of ways to enjoy loads of different variations of golf, including FootGolf, crazy golf and mini golf, as well as the more traditional game - the fun is seriously endless and it is great for all ages and abilities! We must admit it can be a little overwhelming for first timers so here's a little about what you can expect from a day out at Golf Kingdom.

1. A course fit for a king 

They don’t call it Golf Kingdom for nothing - the beautiful 18-hole Masters Course is one of the best in UK when it comes to quality, design and playability. You’ll find it in the Cranfield section of Golf Kingdom, which is created especially for keen golfers who want to take on a traditional game while they’re there. You don’t need to be an expert to get round this course, but you’ll certainly find it tricky enough to challenge you in a very enjoyable way. Perfect for taking a bit time off to play a proper game while your little ones are having fun on the crazy golf course.

golf fun at best golf course golf kingdom

2. Watch out for the whale!

Head over at the Moby Golf Course where you can play a much more family-friendly game with the kids on the UK’s largest adventure golf course. This Moby Dick themed 18-hole course is truly inspiring, with a 60-metre lagoon, an 8-metre waterfall, a 24ft whale ship, and a sperm whale as well! Needless to say it’s easy enough for little ones to be able to play alongside adults, and there are plenty of photo opportunities to be taken as you make your way around this craziest of crazy golf courses. 

whale and pirate ship fun golf course

3. Throw a curveball with some FootGolf 

And now for something completely different - FootGolf! A cross between football and golf, FootGolf is a sport that’s been around in the UK for a few years now, but is only just getting its well-deserved reputation as one of the best family days out you can have. Golf Kingdom is all set up for FootGolf, with a totally bespoke course made just for this hybrid game. You can play a whole 18 holes as a group, and with all the rules mirroring regular golf regulations it’s really easy to pick up for beginners.

foot golf fun at golf kingdom

4. No good at regular golf? No problem!

If you want to play golf because it looks like fun, but you’re too bad at it to make it feel like fun, Fun Golf is the answer. With massive holes, inflatable warm-up targets and bright tennis-style balls, Fun Golf is the colourful alternative to formal golf. It's so much easier than the traditional game that you might be able to get a hole in one even if you’ve never played before. Now that’s a feeling you don't wanna miss.

inflatable fun at golf kingdom

5. All back to the Club House

When you’ve worked up an appetite playing whichever form of golf you fancy, you can always retire to the club house for a bite to eat and a nice sit down. Sandwiches, ice cream, and that all-important coffee to fuel your next game - they’re all on the menu in this membership-free club. 



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