5 Fantastic DIY Chore Chart Ideas

Kids sat at a table doing crafts to make a DIY chore chat, focus on one girl who is smiling.

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We might have to admit it - doing household chores doesn't tend to come at the top of the fun list for kids.

However, teaching kids from an early age the importance of chipping in on the household chores is a great way to give them a sense of responsibility. Not to mention it will give them a small idea of how much parents do to help them out!

But never fear, chores don't have to be boring. And with a fun homemade chore chart, kids will love getting those daily chores crossed off. So we've put together a list of instructions for our favourite chore chart ideas so your kids can have a colourful and interactive way of crossing off each chore. For children of different ages, having age-appropriate chores and suitable rewards for them (such as screen time or pocket money) can be a great way of motivating the whole family to get involved with the chores chart.

The Clothes Peg Chore Chart

This super easy kids chores chart is a great way to remind the kids of those daily or weekly tasks that need to get done.

Ages: 4+

Materials: One rectangle of card or wood, coloured paint, wooden craft letters or coloured paper and card to cut letters out of, wooden clothes pegs, pens, piece of string, glue or sticky tape.

How to make the chore chart:

  1. Paint your wooden or cardboard rectangle a fun, bright colour.
  2. Attach the string on the back so it can be hung up.
  3. Using your letters, write 'Chore Chart' at the top, then 'To Do' on the left-hand side, and 'Done' on the right-hand side.
  4. Write one chore on each clothes peg (you can do pictures if your kids are too young to read)
  5. Now simply attach the pegs on the 'To Do' side, and show your child how to move them over to 'Done' once they are completed.
Close up of someone cutting a piece of red card to make a DIY chore chart.
Image © andreycherkasov, under a Creative Commons license.

Magnetic Baking Tray Chore Chart Ideas

This fun DIY chore chart is bound to get your kids helping around the house.

Ages: 4+

Materials: Shallow metal baking tray, several magnets, paint that can be used on metal, card, coloured pens and pencils, glue, string

How to make the chore chart:

  1. Paint your baking tray a fun, bright base colour. Once that's dry, in another colour paint your kids name at the top.
  2. Beneath the name, paint a line down the middle with 'To Do' on the left and 'Done' on the right. If you have more than one kid you can either do one baking tray each or paint on different sections for each child.
  3. Next, on your piece of card, draw symbols for different age-appropriate chores. These could be a broom for sweeping the floor, a bed for making the bed, or a t-shirt to symbolise washing.
  4. Glue these pictures onto your magnets. Tip: if you have a laminator, why not laminate your symbols before glueing them on.
  5. Attach a piece of string to the back so your baking tray chore chart can be hung on the wall.
  6. The chore chart is ready to use! Place the magnets in the 'To Do' side of the chart and then move them one by one over to the 'Done' side once each chore is complete.

Tip: If your chart is for weekly chores, make multiple copies of the magnets for chores that need doing every day. For example, have seven magnets for making the bed.

Kids sat at table making DIY chore charts, their mum smiling at the girl sat at the front.
Image © seventyfour, under a Creative Commons license.

Mini Clothesline Kids Chore Charts

One of these cute DIY chore charts for kids is ideal for encouraging them to help out with the chores around the house.

Ages: 7+

Materials: Wooden picture frame, drawing pins, string or wire, small envelopes, mini binder clips, card, coloured pens

How to make the chore chart:

  1. Use the drawing pins and string or wire to make little washing lines going across the width of your picture frame.
  2. Make a title for your chore chart using the pens and card. Why not try something like 'Alice's weekly chores' or 'Ben and Hayden - Chore Chart'. Clip this onto your top washing line.
  3. Now use the binder clips to attach the mini envelopes to your washing lines.
  4. There are different chore chart ideas for how to use your washing lines. You could either label the envelopes with the days of the week, and then put a little card in each envelope listing which chore should be done that day (some envelopes could have treat cards in like 'Take a break and eat a cookie!'). Or if you wanted to you could label the envelopes with age-appropriate chores and then put a reward (such as small amounts of money or screen time) inside the envelope that your kids can access once they have finished the chore.
Young boy sat by a table in front of a living-room tent making a DIY chore chart.
Image © yaoinlove, under a Creative Commons license.

Chalkboard Chore Charts For Kids

Using blackboard paint, this DIY chore chart transforms an old clipboard into a kids chore chart.

Ages: 4+

Materials: Clipboard (or piece of wooden board), blackboard paint, white or coloured paint, chalk

How to make the chore chart:

  1. Paint your clipboard with blackboard paint.
  2. Once that's dry, use your white or coloured paint to put your kid's name at the top of the chore chart.
  3. Use the same paint to write a list of age-appropriate chores, painting on a little checkbox to the left of each chore.
  4. Once that's dry, you are ready to use it! Simply use the chalk to cross each chore off the list each week.

Chore Stick Rewards

This is one of those DIY chore chart ideas that is so simple it's barely even a chart - it's more like a rewards system to encourage kids to complete their chores.

Ages: 4+

Materials: Lollipop sticks, two pieces of card, coloured pens and pencils, coloured paint

How to make the chore chart:

  1. Dip the ends of your lollipop sticks in coloured paint to decorate them. These are your chore sticks and they are like a currency.
  2. On one piece of card, write a list of all the chores and then write how many chore sticks they are worth. For example, 'Doing the washing up = 2 chore sticks'
  3. On the other piece of card, write a list of rewards and how many chore sticks they are worth. For example, '30 mins of TV = 3 chore sticks'.
  4. Now encourage your kids to earn chore sticks by doing their chores, then trade them back with you in exchange for rewards.


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