Fantastic Minibeasts Activities and Where to Find Them In London

Three children with magnifying glasses looking for minibeasts in the mud

What is a minibeast? Also known as an invertebrate, "minibeast" is a term used to describe animals that don't have a spine, eg snails, spiders. Minibeasts make up about 97% of the population on Earth with approximately 25,000 different species in Britain alone!

The diverse underground world of these creatures is fascinating and can be uncovered right outside your door.  These interactive summer time activities will capture your child's imagination while also teaching them about the wonderful environment we live in.

Inspect The B.U.G.S At London Zoo

Praying Mantis on a leaf, inspiring fantastic minibeasts activities

Check out the B.U.G.S (Biodiversity Underpinning Global Survival) exhibition in Regent's Park to see some amazing minibeasts in action. With an educational emphasis on the importance of ecology and environmental awareness, it this is a perfect activity for learning and fun.

Why Kids Will Love It: At the B.U.G.S exhibit there's 140 different creepy crawlies on view. From domestic minibeasts like ants, to more exotic invertebrates such as jellyfish, there's so many creatures to see and learn about.  

Why Parents Will Love It:  There's nothing more classic than a family day at the zoo. After the children have enough minibeasts, you can spend some time in the cafe for a relaxing lunch.  

Become A Minibeast Explorer At Whipsnade Zoo

Young boy plays in the mud, enjoying the fantastic minibeasts activities

Get your hands dirty with Whipsnade Zoo's Minibeast Explorers workshop. Suitable for 5-7 year olds, this afternoon activity will bring the children right into the underground world of insects and bugs with real scientific methods.

Why Kids Will Love It: This minibeast search is active and engaging, the children will get to use different tools and worksheets to find and identify local creepy crawlies.

Why Parents Will Love It: Short and sweet, this outdoor activity lasts 40 minutes and introduces important ecological concepts such as food chains and habitats.

Enjoy Nature With Sally's Adventure Club

Boy walking along tree trunks to discover minibeasts, like at Sally's Adventure Club.

Immerse the family in nature with Sally as you take a trail in Highgate Wood. Her woodland tours vary with every season, but fun minibeast activites are always guaranteed.

Why Kids Will Love It: With storytelling and singsongs, Sally Bailey has it all. Her forest trails are full of lively exercises that delights the senses and encourages the imagination.

Why Parents Will Love It: A fun, easy going excursion that everyone will enjoy.

Prepare For Mission Invertebrate

Some fantastic minibeasts activities could be looking in the grass with your magnifying glass like this boy, at Mission Invertebrate

The perfect summer event for bug-loving kids, Mission Invertebrate is a touring event that visits the Royal Parks.

Why Kids Will Love It: With professional storytellers, arts and crafts to make and a trip in the Bugmobile in store, there's something here that every child will find enjoyable.

Why Parents Will Love It: A free outdoor activity, you and your child will get some fresh air and have fun at no extra cost.

Experience Minibeast Magic At London Wildlife Trust

A family goes through tall grass with a net to look for minibeasts.

Join the London Wildlife Trust in Crane Park Island to unearth the mysteries of residential minibeasts.

Why Kids Will Love It: This practical workshop will have the children exploring deep in nature on a search for worms, insects and other local minibeasts. Learning about the environment while on a natural scavenger hunt, what could be more fun?

Why Parents Will Love It: An opportunity for all the family to learn about your local habitats, this free activity takes place on the first Sunday of every month.

Please Note: This event is for Richmond upon Thames residents.

Bugspotting At The Natural History Museum

Bugspotting at the Natural History Museum, like this boy looking through a museum, is one of our fantastic minibeasts activities.

Want to get up close and personal with the minibeasts without feeling squeamish? The Natural History Museum has what you need.

Why Kids Will Love It: From crustaceans to centipedes, the Natural History Museum houses a vast amount of invertebrates. All of these creatures are displayed safely behind glass so even the most bug-phobic child can enjoy some time with the minibeasts.

Why Parents Will Love It: After admiring the insects at the Creepy-Crawlie Gallery, pop into the Wildlife Garden for some fresh air and to find minibeasts in nature.  

Flutter Around The Horniman Museum

A child holding a beautiful butterfly, like the fantastic minibeasts that can be found at The Horniman Museum

Walk amongst free flying butterflies in the Butterfly House, an indoor tropical garden and discover new things about the life cycle of these fascinating minibeasts.

Why Kids Will Love It: There's nothing else like this opportunity for one-one interaction with nature . The chance to hold and admire these butterflies up close will have them feeling like a Disney princess.

Why Parents Will Love It: At just £6 per ticket this experience will create lasting fun memories with the children as well as inspiring a love and appreciation for these minibeasts.

Hunt For Bugs In The Back Garden!

Children hunting for bugs in their back garden to put them in a jar for viewing is one of our fantastic minibeasts activities.

Summer minibeast activities can happen right at home! You can create your own minibeast hunt by printing off some worksheets or writing a checklist of creatures to look for.  There are many websites and online resources to use that have tips for finding insects in nature near you.

Why Kids Will Love It: Bringing education to the home with a fun and interactive activity, this self driven search for minibeasts will show them that nature is truly all around them.

Why Parents Will Love It: It's a simple activity that gets the kids off the couch and out into fresh air. It'll be the easiest treasure hunt you'll ever organise!



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