15 Creative Ways To Make A Family Tree

Making a family tree can get some interesting conversations going.

Every family has it's own unique history and heritage and whether your family is big or small, it's an important part of who you are and where you have come from! We've found a range of ideas to create - whether you're looking to include your ancestors or just your immediate family. So, show off your family pride with one of our DIY family tree ideas for children - from cutting and sticking old family photos to painting trees - exploring your family history can be a fun bonding activity for all family members!

Chalkboard Family Tree

Print some pictures or use clipping of old family photos to stick onto a chalkboard of your choice. Allow kids to draw and decorate the board as they wish as well as writing their name! Also, make sure to leave room at the top if your family is expanding! This is one of our easiest family tree ideas as you can rub it out and start again - meaning that it would suit younger children well.

Picture Wall Family Tree

Have you got a picture wall at home already? Then try painting a tree behind it to create your own giant tree mural! All you will need is some framed family photos to hang on the wall and some paint! If this is in a hallway or living space - consider buying or making a stencil first to make sure you're happy with the finished result. Or, if your teenagers are budding artists, allow them to unleash their skills on your wall by painting freehand!

Love Letters Family Tree

Using a paper shredder or scissors, you can make a beautiful tree out of historic family documents! We all have a box of things in our loft that we feel we should keep but don't really need... why not dig out those sentimental pieces of paper and make it into something you can display in your home? From love letters, to photocopied certificates, to newspaper clippings and street maps - they can all make wonderfully meaningful family trees! Whilst this idea is a little more abstract than the normal tree, it is much more resourceful and subtle!

Thumbprint Family Tree

Whilst many people use this as a wedding guest book idea, it can also be used as a personalised family tree! Fill in your own fingerprints next to your name and use different fingers to create your ancestors' spaces. Try using your little ones' pinky finger for their own and a thumbprint for their ancestors - this way there will be a clear size difference and will help to illustrate the age difference!

Bottle Caps Family Tree

Bottle caps can make the best miniature frames for your family photos and can also easily be hung or stuck onto a background! Print small circular photos of all the family and stick them on the inside of the caps - in true DIY and upcycling style. If you love and your family love reusing materials, then this can be a fun and cheap way to make something really beautiful.

Quilted Family Tree

Do you have blankets leftover from when your children were little? If you're good with a needle and thread, try and make a quilted family tree blanket, using parts of their childhood blankets. If you don't want to cut these up, perhaps get your children to pick a patterned fabric that they like in a shop and use those to create their 'leaves' or 'branches' on the tree. When you're done, throw it over your sofa or your bed and enjoy your completely unique quilt!

Family Tree Wreath

Who says wreaths are just for Christmas? Look for online free templates on how to make a wreath, but instead of using Christmas items, use sentimental family items! Ask your children which small items they would like to contribute to the display and hang it with pride all year round!

Heart Family Tree

Home is where the heart is - so why not show that with a heart-shaped family tree? For this, either create the shape of a tree and use heart shapes as your leaves, or create an abstract tree with different size hearts for each family member. Hearts are easy to make using pieces of coloured card or by downloading free templates online. When you're done creating hearts, label every heart with each persons name and frame the finished result!

Family Lotus Flower

In many cultures, the lotus flower represents birth and regeneration, making it perfect as a template for a family tree. If you want to create something a bit alternative and a little less cliche, then a lotus flower might be for you! To make your own, cut lots of lotus petals in a range of sizes and colours - you can find what these look like online. Label each petal after a member of your family and start building your flower!

Shadow Box Family Tree

To make a 3D family tree, try using a shadow box! For anyone who doesn't know what that is, a shadow box is just a picture frame that is slightly deeper than usual. Start by drawing a tree in the middle of the background and create 3D leaves or flowers etc. to represent each member of your family. Label each shape and organise them to create a beautiful 3D display. If you want to use a shadow box but don't like the standard family tree format, try mixing it with one of our other suggestions to design your own!

Ceramic Family Tree

If you love creating things using alternative materials - try working with ceramic tiles and plaques to create your family tree. Either buy personalised plaques or make your own by using blank tiles with acrylic paint. Tiles are easy and cheap to work with - you can pick up some tester tiles in a tile shop for as little as 99p. When you're done - ask your child how they would like to see them displayed - perhaps as coasters, on a shelf or added to your kitchen or bathroom tiles if you're happy with them being permanent!

Delicate 3D Family Tree

If you like to create more delicate displays, try making a family tree by hanging family photos on branches of a tree made of twigs. You can carefully craft a miniature tree as an ornament or within a frame and hang photos from it with little wire hooks. If you love the vintage look - why not print out your pictures using a vintage filter?  Whichever way suits you, this tree will be sure to be a focal point in your home. If you are wondering how to get your young child involved in such a delicate project, then perhaps encourage them to make their own by watching you create yours!

Snowy tree

A Photo Within A Photo...

This one is a really fun idea for anyone lucky enough to have grandparents and great-grandparents! Start by taking a picture of your grandparent holding a picture of his child, holding a picture of their child and so on as far as the generations go! You can either do it for each generation or for each of your kids in age order! This photo frame idea is such an amazing way to show off your family when it's finished and it's sure to catch peoples' eye!

Diamond Shapes Family Tree

If you have an ultra-modern home but you're looking to personalise it with a family tree - try using our diamond shape idea. Print a photo of each family member in black and white and cut it into a diamond shape, then arrange the photos next to each other in an abstract design with even spacing between them. You can decide how big to print the images based on the size of your wall or your desired look! This can be a task for children of all varying ages, depending on their job roles! Some kids may have an interest in photography, whilst others may enjoy cutting using the guillotine.

Family creating

Family 'Tee'

Instead of making a family tree - why not create a washing line with hanging t-shirts... get each of your family members to design their own paper/card t-shirt with a photo of themselves and their name. Then, when they're all finished, peg them up to a washing line and display your 'family tee'. When people question it, they're bound to enjoy the play on words that you and your family have created.

For more sweet family activities to remember the wonderful moments spent together, take a look at how to make a memory tree and foot print ornaments.



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