10 Beautiful Flower Delivery Ideas For Your Teen's Celebrations During Lockdown

A teenage girl celebrating her birthday with flowers.

We know that even with our top tips to celebrate your teenager's birthday in lockdown, it'll probably still feel a bit strange.

Make their day special by ordering some birthday flowers to be delivered. Plenty of florists are still offering delivery with bouquets for special occasions and other beautiful gifts. Have a look at a few of the best ones to order from online, all of these florists deliver nationally so you can get fantastic flowers wherever you are.

Bloom & Wild

Bloom & Wild are one of the UK's most loved online florists. They deliver nationwide with beautiful flowers coming through your letterbox still in bud and blooming after their arrival. We love the process of arranging the bouquet ourselves and all flowers come with a card of top tips to make sure your blooms look their best. They also offer bigger hand-tied bouquets which make a really special gift, perfect to help make a birthday a proper occasion. They have flowers for less than £25 and a few potted plants if you're after something with a bit of a longer life.


This is a company that know all about occasion flowers. Appleyard offer nationwide delivery and beautiful bouquets that are the perfect mix of impressive and naturally gorgeous. They've selected their best birthday flowers so you don't need to worry about going through the whole website (although you might want to after seeing what they have to offer) and can just order the ones you love the most. They deliver seven days a week so you can ensure the flower delivery happens on your teenager's actual birthday. Their hampers are another great gift option and they've got a whole range, perfect for lots of different types of teens.



Interflora are a bit of an institution when it comes to delivering impressive flower bouquets. They deliver nationally and work with local florists in your area so it's a good way to help smaller businesses if you can't order directly from them directly. Interflora have slightly limited their stock to ensure their florists can make all the deliveries whilst remaining distant but they've still got some brilliant options for birthday flowers. Each bouquet is made to order so you select a price rather than specific flowers which means you won't know what it's going to look like. We love the exciting element of surprise!


If your teen loves really pretty flower bouquets then Bunches are a brilliant option to order their special birthday gift from. Their bunches are bright, colourful and packed full of beautiful classic flowers like lillies and roses. They offer free delivery anywhere in the UK when you order online and ten percent of their profits go to charity which is particularly important at the moment. As well as their hand-picked birthday flowers, their website has a range of letterbox flowers and other brilliant bunches that'll make a great gift.


Similarly to Interflora, Floom work nationally with specially selected local florists to make sure you get the most beautiful bunches. This means that the birthday flowers available will vary depending on where you live but all of their options are gorgeous and unique. We love that Floom's flowers look so impressive, they definitely make a brilliant gift and are very different to what you'll find in your local supermarket. Whether your teenager has received flowers before or this is their first delivery, they're bound to be impressed by whatever you choose from Floom. They're also delivering groceries at the moment if you don't fancy facing the supermarket.

Bramble And Willow

London based but delivering nationwide, Bramble and Willow are really striving to make sure all birthday flowers and occasion bunches are delivered to the right place at the right time. They're offering a next day delivery service if you order before 1pm which means you can get your teenager's birthday flowers at the last minute. Their florists put together their bouquets based on their best stock, you just need to choose the size and colour scheme!


Haute are a brand that feel like they're all about luxury. Their black and white sleek packaging mean they're the perfect flower delivery service for any teenagers who love a bit of glamour. They offer next day delivery across the country if you order before 5pm and have twenty percent off some of their gifts and fresh flowers at the moment. Haute's big bouquets will definitely help your teenager's birthday feel like a special occasion.

Waitrose Florist

You probably notice the flower selection when you head to the supermarket, but you might not know that Waitrose Florist offer online delivery too and have plenty of options available. They deliver nationally and stock everything from letterbox flowers to orchids and other plants, you can even add gifts to your order like their beautiful crockery designed in partnership with Emma Bridgewater. If you buy flowers that have a Waitrose Foundation label you're giving back to the Kenyan communities who grew and transported the flowers, a gift for your teenager and a helping hand for someone else.

Online flower bouquets

Flying Flowers

Flying Flowers are a classic flower delivery service. They offer next day delivery across the UK if you order before 4.30pm, their bouquets have a seven day freshness guarantee and are incredible value for money. They've got some lovely flowers for under £20 so you can treat your teenager even if you're on a budget. Bunches from Flying Flowers are fun and colourful, perfect to brighten up any birthday during this strange time.


Another florist that are delivering nationally seven days a week, Pentalon are a great option because you know the flowers you're ordering are really unique. Depending on what is available, they create two bunches each week to ensure your flowere are in the best and most fresh condition possible. It's a great idea that means very little goes to waste and your teenager's flowers will be really special. The bouquets available are announced every Saturday but if you want to be organised, you can order ahead of time and Pentalon will get in touch to see which of the week's bouquet you prefer.

Whether it's the first bunch of flowers your teenager will recieve or they're a classic present in your house, there are plenty of options to order from online to ensure your teen's birthday celebrations are blooming lovely. Getting their gift from a florist is a great way to support some smaller businesses and receive something a bit more exciting in the post. Once you've sorted the presents, make sure you tick off everything else on our lockdown birthday checklist and share any pictures of your flowers with us!

For more birthday ideas for teens, take a look at our suggestions for 13-year-olds and 14-year-olds. We've got plenty of other suggestions too in our birthdays section.



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