Good Enough To Eat! 6 Food Art Inspiration Kids Will Love

Plates of food cut up to look like animals.

Not only is food art a great way to get your little ones involved in cooking, but it also works wonders with encouraging picky eaters to try out new things.

Not to mention - it's so much fun to make. We've rounded up our favourite food art recipes and ideas that you can recreate at home, check them out below!

Relaxing Rice Teddy Bear in a Curry Bath

Absolutely adorable and so tasty to eat, this teddy bear in curry is a fantastic food art idea - and will make for a dinner that your kids will never forget!

1) Start off by whipping up whatever curry your family loves most, and cook your rice separately. We'd recommend using sticky rice for this recipe if you can, to keep the bear in the best shape possible.

2) Using clingfilm, spoon in a large mound of rice and wrap this up - rolling it around the form a circle, this will be the teddy bear's head.

3) Repeat this twice with a much smaller amount to form the ears. Then, use the same method to make longer circular arms.

4) Place your curry into a bowl, and gently begin placing your head, ears, and arms on top of the curry - so that it looks like your teddy bear is relaxing in a bathtub.

5) For decoration, use whatever you can find to give the teddy bear eyes and a nose. Dried seaweed tends to work well!

The whole family will love this creative treat, and you can be proud of your food art creation!

Fruit Plate Peacock

This deliciously healthy snack is super simple to make, but still so creative. Your kids will love it, and they can get involved in the making of it too!

All you need is half a pear, some red and green grapes, and some blueberries - although if you have any strawberries or bananas laying around, you can slice these up and incorporate them too.

1) Start off by placing your half a pear in the middle of the bottom of your plate - this will be the body of the 'peacock' of the dish.

2) Begin layering fruit around it. Start with a layer of green grapes, then red, then blueberries, and repeat until the plate is full of wonderful fruit and colours, and resembles the tail of a peacock.

3) For added effect, you'll want to create eyes, a nose, and two little legs for your creature. You can do this either by carving out bits of fruit or using paper - whatever is easier.

4) Finally, tuck in and enjoy your healthy snack!

Fruit fish

Unicorn Pancakes

If you're up for a creative food art challenge, this unicorn pancake recipe would be absolutely perfect for either breakfast, dessert, or a just tasty snack. Your kids will be in awe of you, especially if you've got little unicorn lovers in the house.

For this recipe, you'll need pancake batter (you can find a recipe here), chocolate powder, three disposable piping bags, a small (clean) paintbrush, and some food colouring gel (pink, purple, blue - or whatever colours you'd like to include in your unicorn).

1) Divide your pancake batter mixture into three separate bowls.

2) Stir 1 tbsp of chocolate powder into one of the bowls, and then put the mixture into a piping bag.

2) Dip your paintbrush into your choice of food colouring gel, and use this to draw lines on the inside of another piping bag. Do this a few times, using different colours.

3) Fill the piping bag with your second bowl of pancake mixture. When this is eventually piped, the coloured lines will create a gorgeous rainbow effect on your pancakes.

4) Pour your third bowl of pancake batter into your third piping bag, and you're reading to get cooking.

5) Heat up your frying pan on low heat with a little oil, wiping off any excess.  

6) Use your chocolate pancake mixture to pipe a thin outline of a unicorn's head, making sure to create a horn and a mane if possible.

7) Use your rainbow mixture to fill in the horn and mane.

8) Fill in the rest of the outline with your third piping bag full of plain batter. Leave it to cook on that side until set, then use a spatula to carefully flip it over.

9) Leave for about a minute until the pancake is cooked - and repeat for as many unicorns as you'd like to make.

Optional: You can decorate your little one's plates with sprinkles, edible glitter, or stars and hearts before placing your pancakes on top. It'll look so magical!

Spaghetti Nest

This adorable food art idea will have your kids loving their spaghetti and meatballs like never before, and is one of our favourite ideas!

1) Begin by cooking your spaghetti, and your meatballs separately.

2) When done, position the spaghetti on the plate in the shape of a nest - a round pile with a dent in the middle.

3) Place two or three meatballs (or however many your little ones would like) in the centre of the nest. These will become adorable little birds!

4) You can use either googly eyes or sauce to create eyes, and you can cut out a small triangle of carrot to form a nose.

5) Optionally, you can garnish with salad leaves. The end result will have your kids so excited about their dinner you won't believe it!

Spaghetti Monster

Hot Dog Mummies

This super delicious food art can be eaten as a snack, or as part of dinner - and will give your kids a right laugh. Hot dog mummies are so easy to make, and lots of fun to eat. If your kids are learning about ancient Egypt at home, they also make for a great themed snack and a creative teaching moment!

All you need is hot dog sausages, ready to roll puff pastry and tomato ketchup.

1) Roll out your dough and cut it into thin strips - these will be your mummy bandages.

2) Carefully wrap the 'bandages' around each of the hotdogs, and don't worry about keeping it neat. When the pastry overlaps - it just adds authenticity!

3) Make sure you leave gaps for the eyes and so that you can see small bits of the 'sausage' body underneath.

4) When you're done with your wrapping, simply bake in the oven following the pastry instructions.

5) Use your ketchup to dot eyes on the mummy, and to dip your delicious snacks into!

Pizza People

This super simple food art idea is a great way to get your kids involved in the cooking process and is so much fun to make. Besides, who doesn't love a pizza?

All you'll need for this is: ready-to-go pizza bases (or if you'd like to make your own, you can follow a recipe here), a pizza sauce, grated cheese, and your choice of toppings to decorate (also a great way to incorporate different veggies to make the dish more healthy!)

Get started by spreading the pizza sauce over the bases, and sprinkle with as much cheese as you'd like. You can then let your kids get wild with decorating. You could use pepperoni for eyes, olives or sliced peppers to form a mouth, a mushroom for a nose, and sweetcorn for hair. The choice really is up to you. For added fun, why not turn your pizza-making into a competition? Whoever makes the best face wins!

Pizza people


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