50 Food Riddles For Your Little Chefs

A little boy is carefully carrying a hot tray of food.

If you love food and you love riddles, these fun riddles might be right up your conveyor belt.

A good way to get kids thinking creatively, and great fun, kids will have a good time eating their way through these funny riddles about food. We've picked the best food riddles for kids of the lot, with answers too - see how many answers you get correct!

As kids will already know, food is a very important part of everyday life: from fruits to vegetables to snacks to home-made treats and BBQs, we literally cannot live without it! Use the categories for the food riddles as clues, so you can find the answers for each riddle, one by one.

Fruity Riddles For Kids

How many different fruits do you know? You'll need them to solve these fun food riddles.

1. I am a fruit that is always sad. What am I? Answer: A blueberry.

2. I am something yellow but not a light. A citrus fruit that's a flavour in Sprite. What am I? Answer: A lemon.

3. I am a fruit that can be used to sip water. What am I? Answer:  A strawberry.

4. I'm made of two words combined and I go on pizzas from Hawaii. What am I? Answer:  A pineapple.

5. I can be red or green and I grow on a vine. I'm dried to make raisins, or squeezed to make wine. What am I? Answer: Grapes.

6. What has an ear but can't hear? Answer: Corn.

7. I'm a fruit that lies a lot. What am I? Answer: A lychee.

8. You carve me more than you eat me. People think I'm the longest fruit there is. What am I? Answer: A pumpkin.

9. I look green but what you eat is red, and what you spit out is black. What am I? Answer: A watermelon.

10. I'm red and small, and I have a heart of stone. What am I? Answer: A cherry.

11. I am the sweetest fruit. What am I? Answer: A honeydew melon.

12. I am the father of all fruits. What am I? Answer: A Papaya.

13. Remove the outside, cook the inside. Eat the outside, throw away the inside. What am I? Answer: Corn.

14. I'm as famous as a company and you know the sound of the letter 'a' because of me. What am I? Answer: An apple.

15. My name sounds like there might be two of me, and in a Christmas song there is a partridge in my kind of tree. What am I? Answer: A pear.

16. I'm a friendly fruit that likes to meet people. What am I? Answer: A date.

17. I am a bird, I am a fruit and I am a person too. What am I? Answer: A Kiwi.

18. I'm wrinkled and people treat me in a different way: they chew or pick out and throw away. What am I? Answer: A raisin.

19. There's nothing you can grow that's wackier than me. What am I? Answer: Bananas.

Two girls wearing chef hats are baking some food together with their mum.

Funny Food Riddles About Vegetables

Love them or not, you'll need vegetables to solve these riddles, at the least. These are some food riddles about veggies that kids certainly want to throw away...

20. I am a veggie that grows eggs. What am I? Answer: An eggplant.

21. I have eyes but I cannot see. What am I? Answer: A potato.

22. You cut me, chop me, dice me and cry over me. What am I? Answer: An onion.

23. I'm a room that you can eat. What am I? Answer: A mushroom.

24. I'm the vegetable that adults with jobs look forward to getting every month. What am I? Answer: Celery.

25. I'm a vegetable that loses every competition, but I rap very well. What am I? Answer:  Beets.

26. I'm a bell that you can't ring. I sound hot but I'm not. What am I? Answer: A bell pepper.

27. I'm a type of vegetable that everyone loves to hang out with. What am I? Answer: Fungi.

28. I'm the vegetable that you can find all sorts of animals in. What am I? Answer: A zucchini.

29. Rabbits like to eat me when I'm in the field. I'm an orange vegetable that tastes best when peeled. What am I? Answer: A carrot.

More Food Riddles For Children

Here are more of the best food riddles to get young minds thinking about what they eat in a different way. Some can be solved easily, while others will need a bit more brain work to find them out.

30. I always try my best to keep up with barbecue sauce and mustard. What am I? Answer: Ketchup.

31. I have no beginning, middle or end, but somehow people manage to eat me. What am I? Answer: A doughnut.

32. I'm long and lean, and by my name, you'd think I could tie your shoelaces. What am I? Answer: A string bean.

33. I'm a popular evening treat, and even as a leftover, I'm hard to beat. What am I? Answer: Pizza.

34. I'm a cheese that is made backwards. What am I? Answer: Edam.

35. I am the richest nut of all. What am I? Answer: A cashew.

36. I keep a low profile until the end of the year - at Thanksgiving and Christmas, I really shine here. What am I? Answer: Turkey.

37. From me you get milk, leather and steak. I'm always giving but I rarely take. What am I? Answer:  A cow.

38. You have to break me before you can eat me. What am I? Answer: An egg.

39. I'm a stick stuck in a ball of sweetness. What am I? Answer: A lollipop.

40. I get chewed and chewed but never swallowed or eaten. I'm always thrown away. What am I? Answer: Chewing gum.

41. I'm a food that loves to make noise. What am I? Answer: Ice cream.

42. I'm a drink that loves an earthquake. What am I? Answer: A milkshake.

43. I'm tasty food but I find it hard to be on time. What am I? Answer: Choco-late.

44. I'm the favourite bread of elves and dwarfs. What am I? Answer: Shortbread.

45. I'm the favourite food of mummies. What am I? Answer: Wraps.

46. I come as a small grain, but not sugar or sand. You use me when cooking so that the food you eat doesn't taste bland. What am I? Answer: Salt.

47. I have red and white stripes, and kids love to lick me, even though I look like a hockey stick. What am I? Answer: A candy-cane.

48. I give you the meat you so love to eat and dine. From me comes tasty bacon and sometimes I'm known as swine. What am I? Answer: A pig.

49. I can sometimes be a stick but I'm not from a tree. I love to be spread on toast, and I'm a product that is dairy. What am I? Answer: Butter.

50. I'm tasty and I'm popular, but people seem to think I'm fearful and always running away. I'm even used as an insult for fearful people! What am I? Answer: A chicken.



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