70+ Food Trivia Questions (And Answers) For Budding Foodies

Test yourself in this food quiz with answers.

Food provides us the nutrition we need to survive.

Different food categories have grown in popularity throughout the years, ranging from pasta and bread, to vegetables, eggs and sweets. Humans should always aim to eat balanced diet, enjoying food from each food group.

The five main food groups are fruit and vegetables, starchy foods, dairy, protein and fats. Eating a large  assortment of fruit, vegetables and grains, and a reasonable measure of unsaturated fats, dairy, and meat also leaves a little room for the less healthy (but equally delicious!) candies and sweets that we all love.

Learn more about what we eat with these easy food trivia questions and answers. This trivia about cookery and food will truly test your knowledge! Encouraged by the success of our cooking trivia and travel trivia in the past, we decided to come up with this set of difficult food and beverage trivia questions to test the memory of food fans across the globe. Read on to take up the trivia about cooking and answer these restaurant trivia questions and answers, good luck!

Fun Food Trivia Questions

Here are some good food questions! Do you have enough knowledge about fruit, vegetables, candy, or cheese? This food trivia for kids will let kids gain more knowledge about trivia on food and make them feel excited to eat more. To know more, why not play our food trivia game now?

1. Question: What vegetable is also called a 'courgette'.

Answer: Zucchini.

2. Question: What shape is the pasta called 'chiocciole'?

Answer: Shell.

3. Question: What term is used slow cooking meats like duck or pork to slow cook any fat out of them?

Answer: Rendering.

4. Question: Which dish from Spain traditionally includes saffron rice, seafood, chicken, chorizo and peas?

Answer: Paella.

5. Question: Which country did brie cheese originate from?

Answer: France.

6. Question: What is the name of the first book by chef Anthony Bourdain?

Answer: 'Kitchen Confidential'.

7. Question: What manufacturer introduced Pringles potato chips in 1969?

Answer: Proctor and Gamble.

8. Question: What is the most commonly used oil in Chinese cooking?

Answer: Peanut oil.

9. Question: What is the the biggest supermarket chain in the US?

Answer: Kroger Co.

10. Question: What ingredient makes bread rise?

Answer: Yeast.

11. Question: Shell steak also goes by what name?

Answer: Kansas City Strip.

12. Question: What year did the first Taco Bell open?

Answer: 1962.

13. Question: The 'Iron Chef America' TV shows were based on the 'Iron Chef' show that originated in which country?

Answer: Japan.

14. Question: Who invented Jell-O?

Answer: Pearle Wait.

15. Question: What is meant by the term 'al dente'  in Italian cooking?

Answer: It means "to the tooth", it describes the perfect texture of cooked pasta.

16. Question: What fast food restaurant sells the Big Mac?

Answer: McDonald's.

17. Question: An enchilada is from which cuisine?

Answer: Mexican.

Foodie Trivia Questions And Answers

Test your knowledge with a couple of general fun food questions. Enjoy this funny food quiz!

18. Question: "100% squeezed sunshine" is which company's advertising slogan?

Answer: Tropicana.

19. Question: What type of trout is most commonly available in the US?

Answer: Rainbow trout.

20. Question: In cooking, what is cutting herbs or vegetables into very fine strips called?

Answer: Chiffonade.

21. Question: What is Marsala?

Answer: A sweet wine.

22. Question: Before opening Wendy's, what fast food franchise did Dave Thomas work at?

Answer: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

23. Question: "Better ingredients, better pizza" is the advertising slogan of which company?

Answer: Papa John's Pizza.

24. Question: In cooking, what would you use a dredger for?

Answer: To sprinkle flour or sugar lightly.

25. Question: Stilton cheese is native to what country?

Answer: England.

26. Question: What is the main ingredient in falafel?

Answer: Chickpeas.

27. Question: Black Forest cake originates from which country?

Answer: Germany.

28. Question: In which year did Coca-Cola release New Coke, with a reformulated recipe?

Answer: 1985.

29. Question: Which country does the chorizo sausage originate from?

Answer: Spain.

30. Question: What type of liquid is used to marinate raw fish in Mexican ceviche?

Answer: Lime juice.

31. Question: How many curries usually accompany rice at traditional South Indian festivities?

Answer: Seven.

32. Question: Where was the first macaroni factory established?

Answer: Brooklyn, New York.

Trivia Questions About Food And Drinks

Kick off your amazing food and drink trivia night with these fantastic fast food trivia questions and answers.

33. Question: Who is said to have been the founder of classical French cooking?

Answer: Marie-Antoine Careme.

34. Question: Where was the Caesar salad invented?

Answer: Mexico.

35. Question: A pimento is what type of vegetable?

Answer: Pepper.

36. Question: The fast food concept came from which country and when?

Answer: USA, White Castle in 1921.

37. Question: When did the first Starbucks open?

Answer: 1971.

38. Question: Which fast food franchise has spread furthest in the world?

Answer: Subway.

39. Question: What is the national dish of Scotland?

Answer: Haggis.

40. Question: Which food is considered to be family food in the USA?

Answer: Spaghetti.

41. Question: Which soft drink is the oldest soft drink in the USA?

Answer: Doctor Pepper.

42. Question: Which soft drink was the most sold drink in 2018?

Answer: Coca Cola.

43. Question: What is the most widely eaten food in the world?

Answer: Rice.

44. Question: Pizza Hut originated in which country?

Answer: The USA.

45. Question: What is the most widely eaten meat in the world?

Answer: Pork.

46. Question: What does Violet Beauregarde transform into in the movie 'Charlie And The Chocolate Factory'?  

Answer: A blueberry.

47. Question: Which fictional character is credited with increasing spinach consumption in the US by a third?

Answer: Popeye.

48. Question: What is the best selling flavor of ice cream in the United States?      

Answer: Vanilla.

This food and drinks quiz is perfect for foodies.

Random Food Trivia Questions

Are you ready for some epic food trivia facts and foodie quiz questions? Why not go around the world in ten dishes? We've collected ten lip-smacking interesting food questions about meals and delicacies from across the globe. Go ahead and play our foodie trivia game to test your knowledge about popular fruit, vegetables and the many types of main dishes made worldwide!

49. Question: Jambalaya is a dish with influence from multiple cuisines including Caribbean and Spanish. It first became popular in the US in which city?

Answer: New Orleans.

50. Question: Biryani is a famous dish from which countries?

Answer: Pakistan and India.

51. Question: Bobotie is the national dish of which country?

Answer: South Africa.

52. Question: Which flower does the spice saffron come from?

Answer: Crocus.

53. Question: Gruyère is a cheese from which country?

Answer: France.

54. Question: Shirley, Ailsa Craig and Mr. Stripey are all types of what?

Answer: Tomato.

55. Question: Eccles cakes originated from which county in England?

Answer: Lancashire.

56. Question: Bouillabaisse is a fish stew that comes from which French city?

Answer: Marseille.

57. Question: Cheesecake is believed to have been served at the first what?

Answer: Olympic Games.

58. Question: Which Mexican food has a name meaning "little donkey"?

Answer: Burrito.

59. Question: What is the most stolen food in the world?

Answer: Cheese.

How many of these questions related to food did you get right.

Hard Food Trivia Questions

Here is some really hard trivia in our food knowledge quiz!  Go ahead and play these cooking trivia questions quiz on food and brag about your high results to your friends! These are some fun American food trivia questions and answers!

60. Question: What do you make by whipping egg whites?

Answer: Meringue.

61. Question: What is the most common food allergen?

Answer: Nuts.

62. Question: Peanut butter was turned into which mineral by scientists?

Answer: Diamond.

63. Question: Where and when was the first chocolate chip cookie invented?

Answer: Massachusetts, 1930.

64. Question: Which President brought mac and cheese to America?

Answer: Thomas Jefferson.

65. Question: What is the best selling flavor of soup in the UK?

Answer: Tomato.

66. Question: In which country was ice-cream invented?

Answer: China.

67. Question: What is the most popular food in the world?

Answer: Pizza.

68. Question: What is a person with a particular interest in food called?

Answer: A foodie.

69. Question: What beans are used to make baked beans?

Answer: Haricot beans.

70. Question: What is the most expensive spice in the world by weight?

Answer: Saffron.

71. Question: What is an example of a leavening agent?

Answer: Yeast.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly trivia for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our funny food trivia questions for kids, why not look at our candy trivia or animal trivia for more?



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