100 Forgotten Boy Names You Might Not Know

If you are looking for old-fashioned names for your baby boy, then check out our list of forgotten boy names.

Life has a funny way of coming  to a full circle, right?

The things we used to love to wear, say or do, that were written off as old fashioned, are now becoming all the rage again among younger generations. Just like the fashion, many formerly popular baby names that previous generations used for their kids are now back in vogue.

Trends come and go, but some really old fashioned names like James, John, or even Alistair, will remain strong baby name forever. These old-fashioned baby boys' names are making a comeback. Here is a list of 100 forgotten boy names that we want to come back to popular use.

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Baby Boy Names From The 1700s

If you want to give your son a powerful and different name, then check out these old-fashioned boy names from the 1700s.

Opting for a unique and unforgettable baby name for your son which has been very prominent throughout history is a wonderful idea. It might even honor your heritage and history, giving your son a legacy that he can pass on to his children and their children for generations to come. Here's a list of old fashioned boys' names that were popular in the 1700s.

1. Aldous (German origin) means “old and noble”. Famous name bearer: Writer Aldous Huxley

2. Alistair (Scottish origin) means “defender of men”. Famous name bearer: Cricketer Alastair Cook.

3. Alton (English origin) means “river settlement”.

4. Apollo (Greek origin) means “to destroy".

5. Aristotle (Greek origin) means “superior". Famous name bearer: Greek philosopher Aristotle. We all know Aristotle, but it's one of the rarest boy names today.

6. Armani (Persian origin) means “freeman". It is also the name of the finest Italian clothing brand.

7. Arrow (Roman origin) means “projectile fired from a bow".

8. Auden (Danish and English origin) means “old friend".

9. Baxter (Anglo-Saxon and Scottish origin) means “baker”.

10. Benedict (Latin origin) means “blessed”. Famous name bearer: Actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

11. Bertram (Germanic origin) means “bright raven”.

12. Blade (English origin) means “macho and unconventional", both at the same time.

13. Bobo (Spanish origin) means “bright fame". It will also make a perfect and uncommon nickname for your new baby.

14. Boaz (Hebrew origin) means “swiftness”.

15. Caspar (Hebrew origin) means “treasurer”.

16. Clifton (English origin) means “cliff settlement”.

17. Clovis (French origin) means “famous warrior”.

18. Dietrich (German origin) means “ruler”.

19. Eleazar (Hebrew origin) means “God helps”. Once a common name, it isn't as popular anymore.

20. Elmer (Germanic British origin) means “noble”.

21. Elton (English origin) means “settlement”. It was a common baby name in England. Famous name bearer: Singer Elton John.

22. Everton (English origin) means “wild boar settlement”.

23. Fenton (English origin) means “marsh settlement”. It can also be used as a surname that will define the character of your son.

24. Gabe (Hebrew origin) means “God is my strength”. It could also be used as a nickname.

25. Hamlet (English origin) means “literary name".

26. Hemming (Swedish origin) means “shape changer”.

27. Ivor (Old Norse origin) means “bow warrior”.

28. Janus (Roman origin) means “gateway”. In Roman mythology, he is the God of beginnings. A strong name with strong roots.

29. Lambert (English origin) means “bright land”.

30. Lazarus (Hebrew origin) means “God is my help”. Again, one of the baby names that aren't as popular anymore.

31. Morten (Latin origin) means “ancient”.

32. Oswald (Anglo-Saxon origin) means “divine ruler”.

33. Prewitt (English origin) means “small and brave”.

34. Prosper (English origin) means “fortunate”. Such cute and unique names should make a comeback soon.

35. Quade (Irish origin) means “descendant of Uaid”.

36. Stirling (English origin) means “dwelling of Melyn”.

37. Styles (English origin) means “steep ascent”.

38. Sylvester (English origin) means “woodland”.

39. Waldo (English origin) means “rule”.

40. Zadok (English origin) means “righteous”. You may think this rare name has been almost forgotten, but it is making a comeback.

Baby Boy Names From The 1800s

Have the feeling your child will stand out from the crowd? Check out these baby boy names, and pick something less traditional.

Names from the 1800s may be perceived as old names for men today, but they are every bit as unique, free-spirited, and cool as the more modern names favoured by parents today. These names have class and many of them will help your child stand apart when they start school. If you are bored with commonly used names, then check out this list of forgotten baby names.

41. Archie (English origin) means “genuine". Famous name bearer: Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's son.

42. Bowie (Gaelic origin) means “blond". This Gaelic name meaning "charm" was popularized by English singer-songwriter David Bowie.

43. Bram (English origin) means “father of multitudes".

44. Casimir (Polish origin) means “destroyer of peace".

45. Caspian (English origin) means “cutting edge". This is one of the rarer names for boys today.

46. Cassidy (Irish origin) means “curly headed".

47. Callum (Scottish origin) means “dove".

48. Cedar (English origin) means “beginning".

49. Chester (English origin) means “fortress or walled town". An Old English boy name used commonly in England.

50. Constantine (Greek origin) means “steadfast". It is also the name of the comic character that appeared in the DC comic named 'Constantine'.

51. Cosmo (Greek origin) means “order and beauty". A perfect, cool, and creative name for your baby boy.

52. Darian (English origin) means “possessing goodness”.

53. Dex (English origin) means “right-handed".

54. Ellington (English origin) means “Ellis’s town".

55. Eustace (English origin) means “fruitful and productive". Famous name bearer: St. Eustace of Norway.

56. Everest (English origin) means “geographical names".

57. Ferri: (English origin) means “rock". This is another old boys' name.

58. Fischer (Alsatian origin) means “fisherman".

59. Fitzgerald (English origin) means “son of Gerald", we think this name will work great as a middle name for your baby.

60. Fraser (Scottish origin) means “strawberry", this was highly popular in Scotland many years ago, it is now seeing a resurgence.

61. Fabian (Roman origin) means “Fabius".

62. Harlow (English origin) means “army hill", Harlow has been in use as a last name for centuries.

63. Ignacio (Spanish origin) means “fire".

64. Lennon (Irish origin) means “descendant of Leannán".

65. Noah (English origin) means “rest" or "comfort".

66. Niko (English origin) means “victory of people".

67. Fulton (English origin) means “fields of the village".

68. Griffith (Welsh origin) means “strong lord".

69. Gryffin (Celtic origin) means “Griffin".

70. Hannes (Celtic origin) means “God is gracious".

71. Hart (English origin) means “stag".

72. Hawk (English origin) means “eagle".

73. Huxley (English origin) means “inhospitable place".

74. Inigo (English origin) means “fiery".

75. Jansen I(English origin) means “Jan’s son".

76. Lev (English origin) means “heart".

77. Maguire (English origin) means “son of the beige one".

78. Penn (English origin) means “enclosure".

79. Roscoe (English origin) means “deer forest". Such a name needs to make a comeback for adventurous parents.

80. Scout (English origin) means “outstanding qualities".

Baby Boys' Names From The 1900s

Picking a unique baby boy names can be a lot of fun. You can ask your friends and family to look for forgotten baby boy names and help you bring them back in fashion. We hope that one of these baby names will be perfect for your son!

81. Albert (Germanic origin) means “bright and noble". One of the baby names loved by parents in the 1900s.

82. Arthur (English origin) means "bear". Famous name bearer: The legendary King Arthur.

83. Charles (English origin) means “free man".

84. Clarence (Latin origin) means "one who lives near the River Clare". Forgotten names for boys like these need to make a comeback.

85. Edward (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "wealth, fortune; prosperous" and "guardian, protector".

86. Frank (Germanic origin) means “free man".

87. Fred (German origin) means "peaceful ruler".

88. George (Greek origin) means "farmer, earth-worker".

89. Harold (Old English origin) means "army" and weald "power, brightness".

90. Harry (English and Germanic origin) means "power, ruler". Famous name bearer: Prince Henry of Wales is commonly known as Prince Harry.

91. Henry (English origin) means “ruler of the homeland".

92. James (Hebrew origin) means "heel" or "supplanter".

93. John (English origin) means “gracious". Famous name bearer: Actor John Wayne.

94. Joseph (Hebrew origin) means “he will add'.

95. Paul (English origin) means “rare" and "small". Famous name bearer: Paul the Apostle.

96. Raymond (English origin) means "counselor, protector or wise protector". The name has been popularized through the lead character of the TV show 'The Blacklist'.

97. Robert (Germanic origin) means "fame" and "bright".

98. Thomas (Aramaic and English origin) means "alike looking man".

99. Walter (German origin) means "power", "brightness".

100. William (Germanic origin) means “will or desire" and "helm". It is also the name of the famous poet and writer William Shakespeare. Once a hugely common name, it isn't as popular anymore but is still loved by many parents.

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