45 Positive Affirmations For Kids

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Positive thinking is key to getting through lockdown with everyone's sanity in tact. Our list of positive affirmations for kids can help children get through lockdown smoothly by encouraging resilience, hope, self-motivation and confidence.

Lockdown can feel like an emotional rollercoaster sometimes. One day you're full of the joys of spring - baking, doing arts and crafts with the kids, catching a tan in the garden...others, it can feel like you're under indefinite house arrest with advanced cabin fever, surrounded by the most annoying people in the world. Keeping mind and body healthy is essential.    

We can all benefit from bringing more mindfulness into our lives right now. We're living in extraordinary times and circumstances most of us had never even imagined to be a remote possibility. This is a great time to surrender to living in the moment - as they say, don't worry about tomorrow, as tomorrow will take care of itself. No one can ever know what the future will bring, but today we can focus on ourselves and how we react to our individual situation and surroundings.

For kids, lockdown can be overwhelming and disconcerting. Missing friends, routines, sports, family and school, the world can suddenly feel unsafe and kids can end up feeling insecure and adrift. By demonstrating positive thinking to our kids, by voicing positive thoughts and staying away from depressing and alarming news and rumours around them, we can help our children ride out this challenging time with a positive mindset.

Regular use  of affirmations can help to cultivate a growth mindset, where children believe that their innate abilities can be developed with dedication and focus in order to achieve their dreams and aspirations. A growth mindset will enable them to trust that they can do anything they put their mind to. Cultivating a growth mindset in your children will also result in their realising that their capacity to cope with new and challenging situations can be strengthened.

Positive affirmations can be a real help in keeping kids focused on what they can control in the present moment. Affirmations are a powerful tool for manifesting positive change in our lives, keeping the inner critic at bay and focusing ourselves on our strengths, capabilities and possibilities. We have made a list of our favourite positive affirmations for kids  which should help keep kids positive, mindful of how unique they are, and hopeful for the future.

How Can We Use Affirmations?

Parent-Child Affirmation Relay

A great way to start your children's affirmation practice is to go through the affirmations with them verbally. Pick out some positive affirmations that resonate with your child, sit down with them face-to-face, and repeat the affirmation back to each other.  For example, you can take your child's hands in your own and say to them: "You are free to make your own decisions. You can be whoever you want to be." They repeat back, "I am free to make my own decisions. I can be whoever I want to be." You can do this several times a day, every day, until it becomes a habitual thought for both your child and yourself.

Affirmation Board

This is a great way to keep kids reminded of their affirmations as they go about their day. Simply write your affirmations on a white board or write them on bits of paper and pin them up on a cork board. Keep your affirmation board somewhere the kids will see it constantly, such as the kitchen or living room. Every time they see their affirmation on the board it will reinforce the mantra.

Mirror Notes

Another way to make sure your children are reminded of their positive affirmations is to write them down on post-its and stick them to their mirrors. They can also write these phrases on their mirrors with coloured pens so that their positive affirmations are one of the first things they see when they get up.

Art Class

Have an arts and crafts session and get the kids to make their own bookmarks featuring positive affirmations of their choice. They can also do posters for their positive affirmations to put up in their room or around the house. The whole house will soon be overflowing with positive thoughts and positive vibes.

Simple Affirmations For Younger Kids

  1. I am kind
  2. My friends and family love me
  3. I bring joy wherever I go
  4. I am an amazing friend
  5. I am brave

Affirmations For Self-Respect

  1. I am free to make my own decisions. I can be whoever I want to be
  2. I can make a difference in the world
  3. I deserve to be loved and respected
  4. My future is unwritten, and I will write it my way
  5. There has never been and there never will be anyone exactly like me. I am here to just be me

Affirmations For Challenging Times

  1. This too will pass
  2. The best way out is through
  3. Every difficulty I go through makes me stronger and wiser
  4. I learn from my challenges and I always find ways to overcome them
  5. I am a lighthouse, waves crash around me but I stand strong

Lockdown Affirmations

  1. I am safe at home with my family
  2. My family and friends are staying home and keeping safe
  3. Thousands of people all over the world are working on the solution right now
  4. I choose to use this time to better myself and develop my talents
  5. I am grateful for this opportunity to spend time with my family and to enjoy some time out

Affirmations For Physical Health

  1. My body is strong and beautiful just the way it is
  2. I love myself and my body
  3. My body is my most prized possession and I treat it with love and respect
  4. I am young and healthy
  5. Every day I make the choice to nourish and exercise my body so I can be healthy and happy

Affirmations To Release Stress and Anxiety

  1. I choose to remain calm when people around me get stressed
  2. What scares me today, won't scare me tomorrow
  3. I am my own best friend. When bad things happen, I have my own back
  4. I am always in the right place at the right time
  5. I trust my intuition to guide me

Affirmations For Learning

  1. Anybody can learn anything
  2. I can learn and succeed at anything I am interested in
  3. My lessons help me understand the world and how I want to live in it
  4. There is no time limit to learning. What I don't learn now, I can learn later
  5. The more I learn, the more powerful I get

Affirmations To Start The Day

  1. This is my day and I choose to enjoy it, no matter what
  2. Every day and in every way I get better and better
  3. There is no limit to what I can think, learn and create today
  4. I hold all the seeds of my future success in my hands right now
  5. I allow myself to make mistakes today and learn from them

Affirmations To End The Day

  1. I am grateful for what I have learnt and experienced today
  2. Today I brought joy to my family just by being me
  3. I am wiser now than I was this morning
  4. I choose to rest my mind and body, ready for a new day
  5. Tomorrow is a new day, with unlimited potential


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