Free Fun For January!

Winter family fun

There’s no denying that Christmas and the festive period in general isn’t an expensive time, especially for families, so we’ve rounded up our top, free events and activities in January because why shouldn’t family fun continue into the New Year? We’ve got everything from museums to interactive cookery classes, to ghost stories and singalongs, so you can save your pennies and kick off the 2020 by getting stuck into some seriously good family fun!

1. Get crafty with Cake Collages

Celebrate the end of the festive season in the best way - with cake! Learn about cakes from around the world; from Banh Bo Mut in Vietnam to Stolen in Germany, there are so many different ways to enjoy this sweet treat. Use your creative skills to bring all of these cultures together with your very own cake collage! The Museum of London is always putting on brilliant free workshops and we’re sure this one will be no different, so don't miss out on the sweetest free workshop in town.

2. Get spooked at the Museum of London with Victorian Ghost stories

Did you know in Victorian times, it was tradition to tell ghost stories on Christmas Eve? It’ll be just after Christmas Eve but the Museum of London are till honouring our ancestors with this free storytelling session. Join the mysterious Governess as she tells you some spine-tingling tales!

victorian ghost stories for kids free workshop in london

3. Head straight for the Kids’ Table at Boxpark Wembley

Forget iPad’s and tablets at the table - how about glitter, felt tips and paint? With the Kids’ Table at Boxpark Wembley, mini artists aged 3-10 are free to experiment with their creativity and get stuck into some serious craft. Under the watchful eye of the Kids’ Table entertainers, your mini artists can go craft crazy whilst the grown-ups get some much-deserved me time. Bliss

4. Bake your own bread to celebrate Dia de los Reyes

Who knew you could bake at the Museum of London? Head down to this sensory experience to learn about the ingredients and make your own sweet bread dough, then take it home to be baked so you can enjoy it fresh! Día de los Reyes falls on 6 January this year and what better way to honour Epiphany than to make the traditional sweet bread, Rosca de Reyes?

5. Fly on over to the RAF Museum

Jet over to the Royal Air Force Museum for a fun day out that’s sure to pass with flying colours! Check out loads of life-sized aircrafts - from fighter planes to war planes - try a flight simulator and set little imaginations soaring!

airplane museum free for kids activities in january

6. Treat your under 2s to Rhymetime at the Barbican

Rhymetime is the perfect storytelling, musical activity for your tiniest humans.You'll listen to stories, learn nursery rhymes and sing songs, spending quality time together in a relaxed atmosphere. These sessions are very popular, so you'll need to arrive before the start at 11.30am to collect a (free) ticket for you and your child, as there are limited spaces each week. When you're finished at the library, why not head to the free Squish Space nearby for some playtime? It's the perfect activity to follow storytelling if you've got time to spare.

7. Make some noise at the Museum of London with the Magic Singalong

Go on a journey around the world with Charlie and her magic ukulele! Keep the Christmas spirit going by singing along to some classic holiday tunes and learn some new ones from different countries. Don’t worry about how musical you actually are, this session is all about turning up and having fun with your family! No need to book, just turn up 5-minutes before to get settled.

family singalong christmas free things to do in january


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