60 Frieza Race Names From The Show, Plus Ideas To Inspire You

Frieza race members' have names associated with low temperatures

The Frieza race is a mysterious race that King Cold, Chilled, Cooler, Frost, Kuriza, and Frieza belong to.

The race was introduced for the first time in the ‘Namek Saga’ series. All the embers of this race come from Frieza's family.

The species is also often referred to as Friezas and Frost Demons colloquially. Other than Kuriza, their name structures have been derived from things associated with low temperatures, just like the Arcosian names.

In this article, we have provided a list of Frieza race members' names. If you like this list, you can check out other articles from Kidadl, like the ultimate list of Dragon Ball names or all of the Super Wings names.

Main Members Of Frieza Race

There are some members of the Freiza race who are the main characters and appear frequently. Check them out.

1. Chilled, the main antagonist of ‘Episode of Bardock’.

2. Cooler, the eldest son of King Cold and Frieza's brother.

3. Freiza’s mother, mother of Freiza.

4. Frieza, youngest son of King Cold. He is a prodigy among the Frieza's race members and is the emperor of Universe 7. There are five Frieza forms. All of Frieza's forms are extremely powerful. However, out of all forms of Frieza, the Golden form is by far the strongest.

5. Frost, emperor of Universe 6 and a member of the Frieza species.

6. Froze, an earthling who used advanced time travel technology and became a member of Frieza’s race.

7. King Cold, the former emperor and king of Universe 7.

8. Kuriza, Frieza's son. He is the main antagonist in Nekomajin.

9. Rezok, an earthling who used advanced time travel technology and became a member of Frieza’s race.

10. Xeno Frieza, an incarnation of Frieza in a world that is separate from the main timeline.

Minor Members Of Frieza Race

Below is a list of the minor members of the Frieza race who make frequent appearances.

11. Ahms, robotic Artificial Intelligence made by Sealas. Later, he became a Bio-Android.

12. Android 21, a new form of Android that is created after transforming an earthling female into a Bio-Android.

13. Bekkon, a tailless member of the Frieza race who has a well-trained physique and fights fair.

14. Bio-Androids, a species in the Dragon Ball online who are Android enemies.

15. Calao, a member of the Frieza race and a lecherous old man.

16. Cell, made by Dr. Gero, has been created using cell recombination.

17. Cell: Xeno, an incarnation of Cell in a world that is separate from the main timeline.

18. Cell Jr., an offspring of Cell who was asexually produced from Cell’s tail.

19. Celluza, the EX-Fusion of Frieza and Cell.

20. Clone Frieza, created using Dr. Gero’s technology, the Red Ribbon Army copy of Frieza.

21. Coolieza, also called Fooler is the EX-Fusion of Cooler and Frieza.

22. Frieza Clan Berserker, an earthling who became a member of Frieza’s race after using the advanced time travel technology.

23. Future Warrior, the main protagonist and a custom character in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

24. Ginyuza, an S-Rank fusion made from Ginyu and Frieza.

25. Iaas, Taino Force member, and Frieza race time patroller.

26. Jierra, a descendant of Chilled who appears in the Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.

27. Meta-Coolers, created by the Big Gete Star, are the artificial duplicates of Cooler.

28. Meta-Cooler Core, made after Big Gete Star absorbed Cooler and fused him into its main computer.

29. Reso, a time patrol member of the Frieza race.

30. Percel, a member of the Time Patrol of Frieza’s race.

31. Shabbat, a villain hunter and alien Frieza race member.

32. Tumeric, a reliable and tail-less member of the Frieza race.

33. Ultimate Ultra Fusion, the result of Cell and Frieza tricking Paprika, Pinich, and Wanta into fusing with them.

Food-Inspired Frieza Race Members' Names

Some of the Frieza race members have a name inspired by food. Check these Frieza names plus ideas for more.

34. Abo, a member named after the ‘avocado’.

35. Aka, created by the fusion of Abo and Kado, his name is also an ‘avocado’ pun.

36. Appule, a  Frieza member named after the fruit ‘apple’.

37. Blueberry, a Frieza race member’s name that comes from the fruit.

38. Cui, an interesting frost demon name inspired by the fruit ‘kiwi’.

39. Dodoria, a cool name for Freiza race members that is a pun on the word ‘durian’.

40. Freeza, a pun on the word ‘freezer’ and ‘Frieza’ will make a cool name.

41. Frost, a fun name idea for the Frieza race that comes from ‘frost’.

42. Kado, another Frieza race member named after ‘avocado’.

43. Namole, a member named after the ‘guacamole’, a food dip.

44. Napple, a fun name for members of the Frieza race that comes from the fruit ‘pineapple’.

45. Orlen, a cool name that is a pun on the ‘orange’ fruit.

46. Raspberry, a Frieza race member named after the fruit.

47. Shisami, a pun on a rearranged word ‘sashimi’.

48. Sorbet, a member named after the frozen dessert of the same name.

49. Tagoma, a Frieza race member’s name that is a pun that means ‘egg’.

50. Zarbon, a Frieza race name idea that comes from the Japanese name for the fruit ‘pomelo’.

Frieza race members are also called frost demons.

Frieza Race Name Ideas

If you want to name your own Frieza race member, here are a few ideas that are inspired by ice and cold temperatures.

51. Antifreeze, an interesting, ice-based and scientific name for a member of the Frieza race.

52. Arctic, a fun name for a Frieza race member inspired by the ocean of the same name.

53. Cold Shoulder, a cool and ice-based name that you can use.

54. Cool Whip, an interesting and unusual name for a member of the Frieza race.

55. Gelato, a food-based name for your Frieza race member.

56. Glacier, another ice-based, fun name you can use for a Frieza member.

57. Lord Frostbite, a royal and fun name for a Frieza member.

58. Polaire, an interesting name for a Frieza race member.

59. Sub Zero, a possible fun name for a Frieza race member.

60. Snowy, another one of the cold-inspired frost demon names for a Frieza race member.

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