Use Your Lucky Pennies With These 7 Fun Coin Games

kids games pennies coins

Having spent so much time at home recently, you and your family may have found yourself becoming increasingly bored, and money activities probably aren't the first things on the kids' minds.

Luckily at Kidadl, we've put together a list of fun activities and games that use different types of loose change to help kids learn about counting, numerical values, and much more! Trust us, there are plenty of games that you can play with just a few pennies that you find at the bottom of your purse. Take a look at the seven fun coin games that you can play at home!

Throw The Penny

Otherwise known as 'pitching pennies', this game is super fun for kids of all ages to play and is also a great way to win a little bit of pocket money. How does it work?

Kids will need to line up an equal distance away from a wall and take turns throwing their coins against it, with the aim of the game being to land your coin as close to the wall as possible. After everyone has had their turn, whoever has managed to land their coin closest to the wall gets to keep them all. Alternatively, you can gather up all of the coins and play another turn ad infinitum!

The Penny Stacker

kids games pennies coins

A game of both speed and accuracy. This game is a great way to help children improve their coordination. Kids over the age of five will have a blast with this fun money stacking activity!

To begin, you'll need to give each of your children at least twenty-five pennies to play with. Their goal will be to stack as many on top of each other in a pile as they can within one minute, with one hand behind their backs. At the end of the minute, whoever has managed to make the tallest stack (or whoever has managed to keep theirs standing) is the winner!

Sliding Pennies

kids games pennies coins

Simple, exciting, and easy to play, your kids will be occupied for ages with this fun money game!

All you need for this one is a table or a flat surface, and a few coins for each of your children that are playing. Begin by having one child seated at either end of the table, and let them take turns using the palm of their hands to slide their coins across the table in turn. The aim of the game is to get your coins as close to the edge of the other side of the table as possible, whilst also being careful not to let them travel too far and slide off. The winner will be whoever has the most coins close to the edge!

Find A Penny, Pick It Up...

A little bit like hide and seek but with some great educational value, this game is not only incredibly fun but will also help your kids with their counting!

Start off by hiding coins all around the house - you can use pennies for younger players or a variety of different coins if you've got slightly older children that already have some experience with counting money. When you're ready to play, let the kids go on the hunt for as many coins as they can find. You could even use a timer if you wanted to make it that little bit more exciting! At the end of the game, help your little ones to count up the values of the coins they've found - whoever has made the most wins! This game is great for helping younger kids learn different values, while using real money like they will when they're older.

The Unlucky Penny Game

Unlike the popular saying, you actually don't want to pick up the last penny in this fun money game. In fact, the aim of the game is precisely to not end up with the last coin on the table during your turn. How does it work?

You'll need at least 15 coins - and at least two other kids (aged five and over) to make this game really fun. Begin by laying out all of the coins on a table or flat surface. Each player, in turn, will then pick up either one, two, or three coins from the table (whichever they choose) - using strategic thinking and a little bit of maths to try and make sure that whatever happens, they don't end up being the one with only a single coin left. The loser is ultimately whoever is left with the last remaining coin at the end of the game.

Money Toss

kids games pennies coins

This super fun money game will certainly become a favourite amongst your kids (aged four and over, and will also help them with their counting and money value skills.

Reminiscent of games you may have once played at the fair, the objective of this one is to toss (and land) as many coins as you can into a bowl. Using a variety of coins of different values and a separate bowl each, your children can take turns (we'd recommend a timed thirty seconds) tossing their money in. Whatever lands in the bowl, the player gets to keep - but whatever falls out of the bowl will go to the other players. At the end of their turns, you can help each of your little ones to count and add up their money to see who has won the most. The winner gets to keep all of their change!

Hit The Coin

Another simple yet addictive game, 'Hit the Coin' is so much fun for the whole family, and your kids will love battling it out to be crowned the winner.

To be played in pairs, the aim of the game is to knock the other person's coin off of the table. Begin by sitting your kids at either end of a table, and let them take turns flicking and sliding their coins across the surface in attempts to knock their opponents off of the edge. It may take several turns, but whoever manages to do it first can not only keep both coins but also battle it off against another player until they've conquered the whole family!

Top Tip: An alternative version of this game can be played where instead of knocking each other's coins off of the table, players can attempt to knock each other's 'targets' off using coins. These could be lego people, toy soldiers, and so on - and make for another fun activity!



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