Fun Fairytale Craft Ideas For Preschoolers

Little girl sat at the table doing fairytale arts and crafts.

Get crafty with these simple, yet creative fairy tale activities and crafts for kids that will be fun and educational. We love fairy tale crafts at Kidadl!

It can be hard for your kids to focus sometimes, but we think by making learning fun and creative by doing some fairy tale crafts, kids are able to entertain themselves while also exercising their creative side. We love fairy tales and fairy tale crafts are the perfect way to explore them further.

Make Your Own Beanstalk From Jack And The Beanstalk

This easy fairy tale craft for kids is the perfect introduction to the Jack And The Beanstalk fairy tale.  This could be a lovely decorative piece, or even something to add to your fairy tale toy collection, kids will be sure to love it.  

You'll Need:

Green paper.

Empty kitchen towel roll.

Paper plate.

Cotton balls.



Green pipe cleaner.


Hole punch.


Begin glueing the cotton balls to the paper plate, (to resemble clouds).

If you're feeling extra crafty, colour in the plate a light blue to resemble the sky.

For extra fairy tale flair, draw a picture of castle to add to the plate.

Wrap the green paper around the kitchen towel roll and cut it to fit perfectly around the roll and glue it.

With the extra green paper, cut little triangles to look like leaves.

Either using a hole punch or scissors (this one's definitely for the parents and carers!) make small holes in the leaves you've just cut.

Now you can thread the leaves through the green pipe cleaner.

Glue or wrap the pipe cleaner around the green roll to make the branches of this beanstalk and glue the plate to the top of the roll.

Father and daughter sat at the table doing crafts together. Dad in handing his daughter glue.

Cinderella Princess Hats

This easy fairy tale craft can be a great costume addition to any princess party games and fairy tale activities. Cinderella is a wonderful fairy tale that kids can have so much fun with.

You'll Need:

Paper hats.

Decorative embellishments; different types of paper (wrapping paper, construction paper etc), stickers, fabric (tulle, lace), any other fairy tale flare you want to add.

Scissors and glue.


Unfold and flatten one of the party hats to use as a template for the decorative paper. Once flattened, cut out the decorative paper to match the shape of the flattened party hat.

Now you have your template, you can use it every time without having to flatten more party hats. Cut as many pieces of decorative paper as the number of party hats that you want to decorate.

Mark lines on the decorative paper matching the flattened party hat and cut so the lines so you can fold the paper around the cone shape and glue it on.

Then all you need to do is decorate and embellish the fairy tale cone with stickers, pens and as much tulle as is necessary for a princess party hat (we think lots!).

Snow White's Sleepy Apple

In this simple fairy tale crafts idea, we show you how to make a red apple for kids which you can use as a prop to help tell stories and for decoration purposes.

You'll Need:

Paper plate.

Green card.

Red paint.

Craft stick.



Cut out a bite mark shape from the paper plate.

Paint the plate red.

Cut out a leaf shape out of the green card and glue to the top of the paper plate.

Glue either one or two craft sticks to the back of the plate so you can hold it up and there you have your fairy tale fantasy apple!

Make Your Own Princess And The Pea Bed

Have you ever slept and felt a pea under your bed? It's certainly very annoying, but if your bed looks pretty it makes it so much better. Check out this fairy tale Princess and the Pea bed, one of our favourite fairy tale crafts for kids.

You'll Need:

Strips of scrapbook paper (for the blankets).

Card (to stick your bed onto).

Craft sticks (for the bed frame).


Begin by cutting six (or more depending on how big you want your bed) stripes of scrapbook paper in rectangle strips, big enough to see the pattern of the paper. Make each strip the same size.

Assemble the scrapbook strips on top of one another to form the bed sheet and then glue the craft sticks on the outside for the bed frames.

Then draw on your own princess, (or use a printout or sticker).

For that extra fairy tale flair, glue or draw a pea onto the bed.

Open box of colouring crayons for fairytale crafts.

Bring Goldilocks' Three Little Bears To Life

For this fairy tale creation, your kids can make Goldilocks' three little bears come to life! This would be great for fairy tale activities involving mime and storytelling.

You'll Need:

Craft stick.


Pens or paint.

Googly eyes.


Cut out circles for the bears' heads and paint them brown or use brown paper to cover them.

Stick the googly eyes on the paper heads and draw on a nose with dark brown or black pen or paint.

Glue the craft stick to the back of the head and voila! This fairy tale craft for kids is easy and fun. We think it will make any kid love fairy tale crafts!

Makes Rapunzel's Mini Tower

This fun fairy tale craft is a dream, it's so simple and easy kids could do it all day whilst they wait for Rapunzel to let down her hair.

You'll Need:

Toilet roll tube.

Paint or wrapping paper.


Stickers, gems and other embellishments (optional).

Yellow string.



Paint the toilet roll tubes and let them dry.

Cut a slit into the middle of the tube to make a circle or square window.

Curve the paper round in a cone shape on top of the tube to look like a roof and glue it on.

Embellish the castle in any way you want: painting or sticking on a door and adding windows.

Gather a few pieces of yellow string, cut them and plait them to resemble platted long hair (you can make this as long as you want).

Glue the hair so it dangles from the window you have made.

Three handmade Rapunzel towers standing in front of a blue sky background.

Make Your Own Little Red Riding Hood

This fun, simple fairy tale craft will inspire kids to love fairy tales and storytelling, which we think is an important aspect for young learners.

You'll Need:

Different coloured paper.




Cut a circle in red paper, and a smaller circle in skin coloured paper.

Glue the smaller skin-coloured circle onto the red one so you have a red hood and a face.

Draw on eyes, mouth and nose.

Cut a rectangle out in some red paper, and fold the two top corners in towards each other so it resembles Little Red Riding Hood's cape.

Glue the cape underneath Little Red Riding Hood's head that you just created and you can glue your fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood onto another piece of paper to create a background and draw in trees and a forest.

Hansel and Gretel As Wooden Spoons!

Kids will love this, it is one of the most simple fairy tale crafts.

You'll Need:

Wooden spoons.


Stickers, googly eyes and other embellishments.


Paint the wooden spoons to look like Hansel and Gretel.

Embellish with stickers, googly eyes and paper (optional).

Alice In Wonderland Card Soldiers

This is a great multi-purpose fairy tale crafts idea for kids as you'll be using playing cards and making little card soldiers out of them! This would be a fantastic way to practise counting with your kids in a fun and easy way using crafts.

You'll need:

A deck of cards.

Red and black card.  

Spare paper.

Pipe cleaner for the arms (optional) in red and black.

Pens or paints for details.

Glue and scissors.


On a piece of spare paper, outline a heart shape, spade shape, diamond shape and club shape.

Then using the templates created, cut out as many heart and diamond shapes in the red paper, and spade and club shapes using the black paper.

Cut the pipe cleaner to a short length so it can resemble arms.

Now the glueing can begin! The red arms will go on the diamond and heart suit cards, while black pipe cleaner arms can be glued on the spades and clubs. Then glue on the card shapes to the cards.



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