17 Fun Frog Activities For Preschool

Little boy and girl looking in their fishnet playing and learning outdoors.

Frogs are fascinating creatures, and there are lots of different frog-themed activities that your preschool kids can do, make and play with.

We have gathered some of the best crafts and activities with a frog theme, including how to make lily pads for the bath, how to turn your water table into a froggy sensory bin and how to explain the frog life cycle to preschool frog fanatics!

Frog Crafts

Make your very own froggy friends with these fun and simple crafts for kids!

Paper Plate Frog Faces

Paper plate frog face with big googly eyes and its tongue sticking out.
Image © Fireflies + Mud Pies

What You'll Need:

Paper plates.

Sheets of coloured card and/or paper (green, white, red).



Paints and brushes.


1.Paint the paper plate green and then set it aside to dry.

2.Next, get your kids to draw around their hands, cutting them out and attaching them to the back of the paper plate (at roughly five and eight o'clock).

3.Make two white paper circles - add black dots to turn them into frog eyes - and glue them onto the plate.

4.Add two dots for a nose and draw a semi-circle for the frog's mouth. Using a thin strip of red paper for the tongue (roughly an inch wide) then glue this onto the plate. Roll the paper into a spiral to make a 3D frog tongue.

Croaking Frog Craft

What You'll Need:

Two jar lids - with safety buttons.

Masking tape.

Ice lolly sticks


Glue gun or strong glue.

Green tissue paper - torn into small squares.

PVA glue.

Pot and paint brush.

Googly eyes.

Permanent markers.


1.Tape the two jar lids together to make a solid shape (similar to a yo-yo).

2.Snip the sticks to about three centimetres long, then use the glue gun to attach them to one side of the taped together jar lids - about one centimetre apart.

3.Next, cover the whole thing in a layer or two of tissue paper, using the PVA glue and paint brush.

4.Once dry, attach the googly eyes to the ice lolly sticks, and add two black dots for the nose and a big smile using a red marker pen.

The Egg Box Frog

Egg box frog with googly eyes on a checked cloth.
Image © Crafts by Amanda

What You'll Need:

Empty egg box.

Styrofoam cup.

Green pipe cleaners.

Green paint.

Googly eyes.

Small piece of red ribbon.

Glue Gun.



1.Cut two egg cups out of the egg box, then snip the styrofoam cup to about four to six centimetres high and paint all of the components.

2.To make the back legs, bend a pipe cleaner into a B shape. Leave one to two centimetres extra to poke into the sides of the styrofoam cup to secure them onto the body.

3.Next, make the front legs by bending the pipe cleaner into an L shape and poke them into the front of the styrofoam cup.

4.Glue a small piece of red ribbon onto the inside of one of the egg cups. Then glue the two egg cups together at the back, making sure to leave the mouth open.

5.Next, glue the egg cup frog's head to the styrofoam cup, and finish by glueing the googly eyes onto the top egg cup.

Toilet Roll Frog

Frog made from a toilet roll and painted green.
Image © Apple and Eve

What You'll Need:

Toilet roll inner tube.


Googly eyes.

Paper and pens.



1.Flatten and staple one edge of the toilet roll tube, adding on two paper frogs legs whilst stapling.

2.Paint the tube and legs green, adding dots for a speckled frog.

3.Glue on the googly eyes at the open end of the tube, and paint the inside of the mouth pink.

Easy Frog Eye Glasses

Easy to make frog eye glasses.
Image © Teaching Everyday

What You'll Need:

Empty egg box.


Ice lolly stick.

Glue gun or strong glue.

Paints and pens.


1.Cut the egg box into strips, keeping two egg cups attached.

2.Snip away any excess cardboard, so that the egg cups can be worn as glasses, and make a circular hole in the bottom of each egg cup.

3.Glue the ice lolly stick onto one side of the egg cups, and then get creative turning the egg cups into frog glasses, using green paint and adding scales, spots and any other froggy details to make speckled frogs glasses!

Water Proof Lily Pads

Water-proof lily pads made by pre-school child
Image © Color the Moon

What You'll Need:

Sheets of green craft foam.


Plastic flowers.

Plastic frogs.

Glue gun.


1.Cut a large circle from the sheet of foam, then snip an indent into the circle to create a classic lily pad shape.

2.Leave the lily pads plain, or using the glue gun add a plastic flower.

3.This is a great way to encourage kids to enjoy bath time,  by turning the bath into a frog pond! Simply float the lily pads in the bath tub, and get them playing with plastic frogs!

Frog Eggs Sensory Bin

Continue with the frog theme with this sensory bin idea complete with lily pads, pebbles, and frogs of course!

Large tub filled with water, glass marbles, lily pad and toy frog making a sensory bin.
Image © Play Create Explore

What You'll Need:

Water beads.

Large tub or container.

Plastic frogs.

DIY lily pads (see above).


Blue food colouring.

Stones or large pebbles.

Glass marbles.


To create a sensory bin, simply fill the container with water, and adding a few drops of blue colouring. Next add in the pre-soaked water beads, as well as the marbles and stones. Next into the sensory bin is the home-made lily pads, along with any plastic frogs and other pond themed toys that you have in the house. This preschool frog theme activity is great for young kids who love playing with water, or who already enjoy playing with their sensory bin or bottle.

Frog Activities And Games

Frog activities and games to play using your toddler frog crafts!

Make Your Own Frog Food

One great frog themed activity is to craft some flies from black paper, which you can use to feed your paper plate frog. Screw up small pieces of black paper, or get crafty by cutting out more detailed fly shapes, then take turns throwing them onto the plate to see who is best at feeding the frog. You can also try this activity with the toilet roll frog too, seeing who can get a fly into the frog's open 'mouth'.

Make a Paper 'Water Table'

Paint a large sheet of paper with blue paint to create a paper frog pond. Add waves, ripples and other details, like lily pads, then use the pond as a setting for all your fun frog-themed activities. Why not use your egg box frogs to jump across the lily pads, counting as you go?

Preschool Frog Themed 'Snakes and Ladders'

Create a snakes and ladders game as part of your frog-theme activities. Using circles of green card as the lily pads, glue these circles onto a large sheet of paper (which you can paint blue to look like a frog pond). Roll the dice, and get your kids to move their frog-theme 'player' from the first to the last lily pad. The egg box frog is a great frog for kids to use in this activity.

Create A Speckled Log For The Fun Frog-Themed Nursery Rhyme

Why not make a group of speckled frogs so that you have toys to play along with the classic nursery rhyme 'five speckled frogs'? Using the cardboard tube from the inside of a kitchen roll, create a 3D log. Simply paint the tube brown, adding details like bark, knots and bugs with a black marker pen.

Diagram of a frog life cycle.
Image © Tes.com

Crafting The Whole Frog Life Cycle

These are great science-based frog crafts for preschoolers, which will teach them the life cycle of a frog from egg through to adult. You can make some or all of these science-themed crafts, which are perfect activities for your at-home lesson plans for art and science. Read on for instructions on how to make frogspawn, a tadpole, a froglet and an adult frog. You can also make some flies to show what adult frogs eat as part of their life cycle.

What You'll Need:

Water beads (pre-soaked) or tapioca (cooked).

Small styrofoam ball (roughly the size of a ping pong ball).

Sheet of green craft foam.

Pipe cleaners.

Glue gun.

Green paint.

Brown marker pen.

Two dressmaker pins.

White paper.


Permanent marker pen.

Make The Frog Eggs:

Place the water beads or cooked tapioca into a water table or a clear container, and let your child play with this slimy, squishy stuff as you explain that these eggs will turn into adult frogs over the course of their life cycle.

Make A Tadpole:

Paint the styrofoam ball and then cut a long leaf shape from the sheet of foam, attaching it to the ball using the glue gun. For the eyes, make two small circles of white paper and attach them to the ball using two pins. Add a smile using the marker pen.

Make A Tadpole With Two Legs:

To show the next stage in the frog -theme life cycle, simply use the scissors to reshape the tail, making it a bit slimmer and shorter than before. Then create two short legs using the pipe cleaner, and push these into the styrofoam body near the tail.

Make A Tadpole With Four Legs:

Add another two legs to the tadpole, placing these two closer to the frog's face and pushing them into the styrofoam. Using the scissors, reshape the tail again to make it shorter and slimmer.

Make A Froglet With A Tail:

Bend the pipe cleaner into the shape of the number '2'. Make two of these and replace the small back legs with these larger frog's legs. Add some spots on the frog using the brown marker pen, and cut the tail to a smaller size.

Make An Adult Frog:

Snip the frog tail off entirely, then make some larger, longer front legs for the frog using the pipe cleaner. Add four small foam 'hands' and glue them onto the bottom of the frog legs. Add some more brown spots on the frog to complete this frog-themed life cycle.

These educational frog-themed activities will teach children how frogs change throughout their lives.



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