40 Funniest Bro Names For Your Characters

Bro names are all very cool and trendy right now

A bro is someone who’s hip, laid back, and carefree.

A word that is now used for all genders, 'bro' is usually attributed to someone who is always out there to help. Ask a bro for some assistance, and he or she will never say no.

Bro names can be used to name characters in your latest book, or to tag all the dudes in your life. Bro words are easy to find; you just need to learn to be inspired. These names listed will give you enough inspiration for your next book. Use one of these trendy names or make your own. The only rule is to make it as catchy as possible. The usual rules about nomenclature do not apply here. That's just not how the 'bro code' works.

Here is our comprehensive collection of bro nicknames and the funniest names for bros. Why not also check out our list of TryHard Names And Nicknames and Girl Names With Boy Nicknames?

Funny Bro Names

Let’s start with some funny bro names that are either ‘punny’ or straight-up hipster. Make your character look like a laid-back American from Brooklyn with these bro names.

1.Brochachos: Derived from the Spanish word ‘muchacho’ which means a young male.

2.Brohaha : A variation of ‘brouhaha.’

3.Brojamas: Add some casual fun to the mix.

4.Brokelyn: Is your bro both broke and from Brooklyn?

5.Broman: For the manliest bro you know.

6.Bromerang: If your bro always comes back to you like Larry in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

7.Chad: The Internet’s favorite name for an alpha dude or bro.

8.Orb: A bit of wordplay with the main word 'bro.'

9.Sir Bros a Lot: Why not a bit of history?

Gender-Neutral Bro Names

Sometimes you need gender-neutral bro names too. These could be for a TV skit like How I Met Your Mother or for a quirky Simpson bro character for your funny novella. Here are nine best bro nickname options.

10.Bob: Also Bobby, for a casual yet perfect three-letter name. An alternative to just 'bro.'

11.Bob’s Law: Also stylized as Bobslo or Bobslaw, this is an excellent option for cynical characters.

12.Broding School: Does your character sound like a didact? Or does he mansplain?

13.Brody: Easy to name and call.

14.Brodybuilder: Is your bro character all beefed up? Name them this.

15.Brofessor: Applies to everyone.

16.Bromosexual: For all those LGBTQI bro characters.

17.Brotato: For those dudes and dudettes who behave like a couch potato.

Bro Names From Popular Culture

A bro is a man or woman who is your friend and for whom you have big love

Pop culture has had a lot of influence on how the world speaks and acts. So, it is a great idea to take inspiration from the vast culture machine around you to name names. Here are some of the best examples. Go through these and let your imagination run big and wild.

18.Brobocop: Who doesn’t know the maverick, RoboCop?

19.Broce Wayne: For dudes and dudettes who show traits of the Batman.

20.Brohemian: Rhapsody or not, this is a fabulous ethnic name for your character.

21.BroJack Horseman: From the popular Netflix show.

22.Brometheus: Is your dude friend gigantic?

23.BroTube: Is your character a vlogger or an influencer?

Names Inspired By Popular Celebrities

As with pop culture, celebrities, historical figures, and stars also have some influence on life. So, here are some examples inspired by popular men and women.

24.Adrian Brody: Can’t believe this is also a real name?

25.Bro Cruise: Action hero Napolean.

26.Bronaparte: You know who.

27.Brohamad Ali: Is the character a fighter?

28.Bro Jackson: For the Michael Jackson fanatic.

29.Brozart: For those who have a heightened taste in classical music.

30.Edgar Allen Bro: For a writer character whose favorite bird is a crow.

31.Yoko Brono: The Beatles fan or a social activist.

Weird Just-Name-It Bro Names

Finally, here’s some random names if you want your characters to sound or look hip. Use these names in your novel, and make those characters look fancy and unique.

32.Brah: Also 'bruh', this is just a variation of the word 'bro.'

33.Broseph: Inspired by 'Joseph.'

34.Brô: Bro with an accent. Replace with all types of the letter ‘o.’

35.Brodeo: Is your character a rodeo?

36.Bronco: Just another bro name.

37.Broski: A Russian import and great alternative to the main word.

38.Bross: As in for brass or if your character has a split personality (it’s a plural of the main word, yo)

39.Brotastic: For fantastic folks.

40.Super Bro: For the characters who are a bit extra.

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